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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thrifty Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets galore. 
These are purple petunias by the way and look blue via some camera trick.

I have complied four of these baskets for little money. 
The wire baskets were a mere one dollar each at a garage sale on Saturday and we buy petunias in flats.  Each hanging basket, with flowers, cost about three dollars to make.
Why petunias?
 They take our extreme heat {think 103 degrees} and once they become leggy in late summer I cut them back and they bloom again. 
I find them beautiful as well as economical. 
They are virtually the only annual purchase we make. 
We prefer to purchase perennials. 
Some annuals act as perennials here, begonias and dianthus are two of them.

We have started another section of flower garden here in the back yard.
 We will be able to see it out of the large kitchen window. 
We also divided our day lilies last fall and six of them are popping out here now.
We planted a Mini Penny hydrangea to the right of the tree too.
I am pleased as chocolate pie to say I have successfully layered and transplanted three Nikko Blue hydrangeas from our large old specimen. 
I am watering them and hovering over them rather like a mother hen.

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  1. Am I ever going to get my back yard as tidy as yours? Sigh. Too early for planters here yet but I mostly do perennials as well. ~ Maureen

  2. Love the shot of your yard and house... it reminds me of our backyard when we were in Maryland... so pretty.

    I could use a basket like that too for the always empty hanger in my yard!

  3. Petunias are my fav Olive. I usually have good luck with them. Here is my new URL, hope you add it back and hope it works.

  4. Wow!! Layered and transplanted - you wouldn't happen to have one of those Master Gardener certifications? Would you?

    I like petunias too. :)

    The baskets were a steal!!

  5. Your baskets of Petunias are so pretty Olive, I love purple ones... (or any color for that matter)... I always have a hanging basket out front, they really thrive here... blooming steady clear until frost... of course, I deadhead them daily all summer long...I also LOVE your yellow house! Happy Spring to you, today is MY official first day of Spring, and it is warm and sunny and beautiful here... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Hi Olive. Like you, I love petunias, especially the purple and plum coloured ones. I love hanging baskets and have quite a few around the place from May onwards. You certainly got a good bargain there my friend!

  7. Beautiful Olive! I love petunias too and when I plant...I plant them. They do very well here. Hope you have enjoyed your day, Gail

  8. so pretyy! I use my same planters every year too. last night the rabbit or dear ate all my spring flowers! augh!!!
    I am your ewes follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy spring!

  9. I have that exact same hanging basket and shepherds funny! LOVE the blue.

  10. Very nice!! I have a mini petunia in a basket on the front of my many annuals are perrenials in our area I just plant seeds for those that aren't...I love collecting the seeds in late summer to plant in the Fall! Wonderful pictures!!

  11. So nice to see everything greening up and your flowers are very pretty-enjoy:@)

  12. I admire you so. I'll have to take a stab at some petunias.

  13. Very pretty! I had no idea Petunias could take the extreme heat?!?! I will have to try them in my planters this year.

  14. have a green thumb! I am always saying I am going to divide my lily's and never do! The petunias are just gorgeous, they do almost look blue!


  15. Beautiful flowers in your baskets. What a great yardsale find.

  16. Very springy! We are having lovely weather here in NJ. Now I want to start buying flowers...

  17. Love your petunias, the baskets will be really beautiful, when they fill out. In Charlevoix where our cottage is, they line the main city streets with petunia. You are right they are hardy but still pretty. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  18. I love hanging baskets too, but it's hard to maintain them here in AZ.Your petunias are perfect in them.

  19. I have some hanging pots just waiting for me when I get back from the big show. Cannot wait to dig in the dirt instead of wearing it.
    Do you have any luck finding the older strain of petunias with scent? One of my favorites on a breezy day.
    Snapdragons are some that for me are semi-perennials in our heat.
    Now I'm off to google Mini Penny!

  20. Don't you just love this time of year when you can go outside and start playing in the yard again? (I prefer to call it playing rather than working.) Your basket turned out great. I like petunia's too. They do well with the GA heat. Pansies don't last very long. I need to divide my day lilies too. I've never done it, but desperately need too. They are too thick and need to be thinned out.

  21. I like hanging baskets, but find they dry out just too quickly here to be successful. Will just have to enjoy watching yours grow this summer.

  22. I buy flats, too, and use them in my pots that are on the porch.

    I love the phrase, "pleased as chocolate pie!"


  23. Love hanging baskets because the bunnies can't get to them! Can't believe you scored those lovely baskets for a $1. Way to go! So pretty.
    Mary Alice


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