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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pottery and Life

March is nearly gone.
 Joe and I have had an eventful month. 
We are happy when the yellow house has guests and we have had guests.
We have one right now that has kept us vigilant all weekend.
I cannot really talk about this special guest but it has been fun. 
Nevertheless we still awoke at o'dark thirty and went garage salen.
This vintage hanging planter was Joe's mother's. 
It has been in one of our sheds covered in dirt. 
It needed to make it's way inside don't you think?

We picked up this Italian bowl this morning at a sale. 
It is signed by the artist and depicts a part of the Italian coast we have visited.

 Sweet hands in Pencil Sketch.

Now we are off to supper with friends who recently returned from a mission trip to Honduras for three weeks.

I fear I may never catch up in commenting, please forgive me.

joy and peace


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying all of your company, and that planter is gorgeous! So is the platter, and how cool that it is of a place you have visited!

    Kat :)

  2. The platter you found is lovely!!
    Sounds like you & Joe are having fun entertaining all your guests!
    Let's hope March goes out like a lamb!!

  3. I am the one who will never catch up from commenting Olive. Love your plates. Enjoy! We have company too.

  4. I love Joe's mother's planter, along with the lovely Italian plate with the lemons. I am very curious about your houseguest !!

  5. Love the planter! Enjoy your dinner and have a great weekend:@)

  6. Love the plates and so glad you are having a great guest and some fun. Just check in when you can. I am so far behind, I just give up. Hugs, Marty

  7. Yes, Olive, that beautiful green planter needs to come inside and be enjoyed!
    Mary Alice

  8. Hello Olive... your green planter is absolutely beautiful!... what will you plant in it?... and I love the Italian plate you found... how fun it brings back memories of your trip there... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I think commenting is a never-ending thing. Nothing to forgive dear. We all do the best we can. Love your finds especially the big bowl. Happy Sunday Olive!

  10. Is this planter an unmarked Mccoy maybe?

  11. Great planter. Enjoy your weekend. Don't worry about catching up on commenting, I'm always behind. ALWAYS! lol

  12. The planter is lovely - I wonder what you will put in it?

  13. That looks like a McCoy planter. How have you kept it hidden in the shed all this time? Hope you had fun with the friends. I imagine they had an amazing time on the mission trip!

  14. That green planter is fabulous and definitely needs to be enjoyed. I love the platter and how wonderful that you found something that brought back memories of a place you have visited...what fun!
    Enjoy your guests and the first full week of spring. XO

  15. Love the hanging planter bowl - gorgeous!!

  16. I just had to come back to this post to say what a treasure the hanging pot is. So glad it's in the house now!


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