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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flowers and Bird Feeders

I took this most strange photo last evening.
No planning of the image.

 I feel as if I am behind in my gardening chores.
 I may be ahead.
The weather is confusing the matter greatly. I have decided to quit worrying about it. It very well could be 105 degrees by June 1st and everything will be burned to bits any way. I will endeavor to enjoy each day, each minute in the garden. It has rained for two days and the squillion day lilies we planted are rejoicing. I was to mow the lawn. Now I am going to iron.
Guess which one I like better.

The bird bath and bird feeders viewed through another empty bird feeder.

I see this and think CUPCAKE.

I am getting ready for basil, tomatoes, and olive oil.

Flowers, some overtaking the roses, are all over the place. 
I finally got the large black planters filled with begonias.
Begonias are perennials here.

Clovis basks in this warmth.

 This is the view from the chaise lounge.
 I can frequently be found here.

Mystery flowering shrub. 
Love it, but it remains unidentified.

Amaryllis, a gift to us from a customer of Joe's.

I find peace among the flowers and while digging in the dirt.
I heard and then saw our first hummingbird on April 2.
They are incredibly entertaining if not demanding.

#4 of the Hold Everything Lightly Series is below, just scroll down

Wishing you beautiful flowers and sunny, sunny days my friends.

joy and peace


  1. I don't know where you live but I'm also expecting things to be crispy dry and burnt before long. Dreading those 105 degree days so badly :/
    I put the hummingbird juice out but haven't gotten a visitor yet. They are usually staring in the windows before I get it done.

  2. It was warm here yesterday but we expect a bit of a cool down today. I didn't have a chance to comment yesterday but I am enjoying your hold it lightly series. It still amazes me how adults can behave like children when children need them the most. Patty

  3. I have been wondering if my hummingbird will come early this year? since my Iris and the wisteria is already blooming! It was in the 90's here yesterday but it rained last night and it is finally cooler.

  4. What beautiful pictures you shared today. Clovis looks happy with the warmth, and I can't believe how FAR ahead your spring is -- we are still a long way from blooming roses, that's for sure.
    I used to like gardening more -- now it's more a cause for Advil. But I do love to be outside!
    Happy Wednesday, my friend!

  5. Olive,
    Digging in the dirt is indeed peaceful and restorative. Your blooms are beautiful. We are at the tulips coming into bloom phase. (Although we do not have any tulips anymore. The bunnies ate them) We've got daffodils and grape hyacinth blooming.
    Wonderful view from the chaise lounge. I am a chaise lounge fan. Someday I'll have a fainting couch or chaise in the house.

  6. Your gardens are looking just beautiful Olive!... that first photo is really intriguing!... Clovis looks so happy enjoying the sunshine... and my how your basil has grown!... basil, tomatoes and olive oil... YUM!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Lovely post for us today, Olive. I just love Basil, Tomatoes and Olive Oil! That pink flower does look just like a cupcake. I also love seeing photos of Clovis. It has turned really chilly here again in Devon, after a really warm couple of weeks. As you say, I think, in the garden, it's a good idea to just take one day at a time. That way, we can really enjoy it and live the moment.

  8. That is a cool photo....looks like you are going to have a beautiful garden!

  9. Beautiful photographs as always. I can smell the basil, yum!

  10. I can't begin to imagine what 105 feels like. Enjoy the spring, your garden looks fabulous now.

  11. Lovely photos. The one through the empty bird feeder is amazing. We have had snow and high winds today after being spoilt with all the lovely sunshine we had last week.

  12. Beautiful photos Olive and I love your way of thinking! I haven't started any outside projects yet. The pollen here has been terrible! I hope you are enjoying your day, Gail

  13. I know what you mean about the weather being confusing. With it being so hot this early in the year, I'm scared to think of what it will be like this summer! Your flowers are so pretty. You obviously take the time to take care of them and it shows.

  14. Your photos are lovely. Spring is wonderful. I always enjoy the blooms of so many different flowers. I wish it go on forever.

  15. Dear Olive - your plant looks like Jasminum humile Revolutum - common names - Italian Jasmine, Yellow Jasmine, Himalayan Jasmine, Florida Yellow Jasmine - it should have a lovely fragrance if it is!

  16. Olive~ I would garden over ironing any day~ even if it's blistering hot! I'm looking forward to tomatoes & basil season too :) Happy Gardening to you & Clovis!

  17. Don't know, but your mystery shrub sure looks like a yellow jasmine to me... nothing to base that guess on though. Clovis is one lucky cat, he always looks very content! Happy Easter Olive:@)

  18. Your garden will be so pretty very soon. That photo is really strange, a big orb. You have a ghost!...Christine

  19. Olive, Spring is my favorite time of the year and I have been busy working in the garden. Enjoy our gardening and spending time with Clovis.
    Hugs, Sherry

  20. Your blooms are so beautiful! I really need to get out and work on my flower beds.....
    Happy Easter!

  21. I'd say you are right on target with your gardening! I can't wait to get some basil going but it will be another month at least here. ~ Maureen

  22. It always seems like there is so much more to do in the garden Olive. Yours is coming along beautifully!

  23. Thanks for sharing, Happy Easter, take care and enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  24. I find comfort just reading abvout your experience .... the kitty shot warmed my ❤

  25. Please send the rain down to poor, parched Orlando! I hear it's coming today. My grass will be green with happiness I hope. Lovely shots of your garden and I think I once had that mystery plant, but can't remember the name. It resembles Jasmine in a way. Ann

  26. The weather IS crazy!
    Your flowers are beautiful, and I hope that you find out what the pretty yellow flower is.
    Princess Posie cat sends a big Texas purr to Clovis.


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