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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage Sewing Notions

I do not sew however I am attracted to vintage sewing notions. 
I recently found this vintage ironing board cover at an estate sale for fifty cents
 and you would have thought I had gotten a diamond ring. 
I was excited.

I pick up sewing boxes with wooden spools of thread all the time. 
I do hand sewing and mending of vintage linens for myself and for resale.

Joe bought a set of scissors, made in Germany, at a flea market.
 I have taken these little scissors above for my mending.

I told a man, I was buying wooden spools of thread from, that they would be photographed 
and he did not understand why. 
He must have asked me five or six questions about why I would photograph a spool of thread. 
I kept saying I found them beautiful. 
I find that answer enough.

Linking with darling Debra @ Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

joy and peace


  1. Olive..the more I read your blog, the more we have in
    I have vintage sewing items stored away in boxes and I do actually sew when I can get to my sewing machine....need to get them out and make a vignette....or something...maybe an antique booth is in my future....too many pretty things here to keep them in boxes or under piles of other stuff...
    Love, Mona

  2. Well, you know what they is in the eye of the beholder! I love those scissors your husband bought. They are so pretty. I would leave those sitting out. Glad you were able to find what inspired you!

  3. I have your same addiction. I love old sewing, crochet and knitting items because they are so beautiful. Love your scissors!

  4. I think your old spools of thread are beautiful too Olive and I just love those scissors!... Jack has gotten used to me photographing all the old things I love... infact, sometimes he points things out to me that I should photo!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Girl I always buy sewing notins I love them , and your little sissors are so special

    I have a few large coffee cans full of old spools, there is nothing like them.
    I have been trying to think up how to use them in a necklace?

    It was fun to see that you like them , the picture is great

  6. Olive, you have the prettiest collection of all sorts of things!

  7. I think vintage sewing goodies are things of beauty, too, Olive...and it IS reason enough!

  8. Oh wonderful! A person who loves sewing notions as much as I! I am so happy you found my blog for now I can follow and enjoy yours!!

  9. Olive, If it had been nuts and would have made sense to that fellow.:):) I like the graphics on the ironing board cover. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  10. Cool pics! Love the spools, maybe I'll get inspired to finish a small quilt topper I made:@)

  11. Some people just don't get that there is beauty in everything!

  12. Yes, Olive, they are beautiful. Beauty in the commonplace. The rest of us get it!

  13. Hi Olive!
    I LAUGHED SO HARD when I read about you telling the guy you were going to be photographing the thread! I "THINK I KNOW THAT GUY"!!! HAHAHA, I certainly KNOW the look he gave you because I get it ALL THE TIME TOO!!! WOW, do we all think alike! Thank GOODNESS we have our Land of Blog where we all love and share such things. Wouldn't life be boring,hehe......
    LOVE your wooden spools and I buy them too! I DO sew BUT those I would just retire and let them LOOK PRETTY!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  14. They are beautiful, not like the old plastic ones you get these days.

  15. I'm amused by your "man and the spool of thread" story. I find that blogs take a lot of explaining. LOVE your spools!

  16. I'm with you - I find them beautiful too. Plus they remind me of when I was a little girl and would look at my mom's collection of threads in her sewing box. Love that you collect sewing notions - what a wonderful collection you must have!

  17. I love the graphics on wooden spools of by gone days~ they remind me of my grandmother! Your scissors are wonderful :)

  18. I love your wonderful finds! I love that vintage ironing board cover!


  19. Your enhanced photo of the spools and scissors is so cool, Olive. I've always liked the wooden spools of thread. Isn't it funny when we try to explain anything to the non-bloggers? LOL They just shake their heads, I know.....

  20. Hi Olive, Your spools and scissors are wonderful. Great photos. I often find myself trying to decide whether or not to explain my blogging to those who don't. Now I have to explain what an etsy shop my 32 year old nephew...who is a Yale grad. He just doesn't get it! :-)
    Mary Alice

  21. Olive,
    Wonderful photographs. I love vintage sewing items - actually, I love most vintage. I have a lot of my grandmother's and mother's and really should do a post!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  22. I completely understand your passions. :)

  23. Oh, I do love your ironing board cover! The graphics are perfect!

  24. I feel the same way! I get so excited to find old spools of thread or buttons! And I love small sewing kits...they really give me a thrill! heehee! Some things we only understand as friends!

  25. I'm giggling at the picture of you explaining your spool photography to the man. Those scissors are pretty fancy. I love the handle. Hope you're having a fun weekend!

  26. I remember being quite enamoured with wooden spools when I was a child. I think there may have been a "necklace" made from some at one point...

  27. It is without a doubt - answer enough.

  28. So glad you stopped by - what a fabulous blog! Love all your vintage finds and your garden!

    What a perfect answer to the man selling the spools! I pinned a fabulous wreath made from vintage spools - now just need to find hundreds of spools of thread!


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