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Monday, May 27, 2013

Vintage Suitcase and Fishing Tackle Box

A vintage white suitcase and a small fishing tackle box are two unlikely items to pair together. 
But I think they work when stacked like this. 

The metal fishing tackle box is brimming with fishing tackle too. 
I am selling it just in time for Father's Day.

To see another set of my thrifted vintage suitcases click here.

I hope all of you had a lovely long weekend. 
Thank you to all veterans who sacrificed for our freedom.

joy and peace


  1. Olive,
    love your tool box/suitcase combo! Suitcases are one of my favorite things! I started collecting them years ago before they got popular and used to pick them up for a buck or two. You don't even want to know how many I have, you might think I was a hoarder!

  2. How I love this vignette! The tackle box and the suitcase make a lovely pair.

  3. The similar colors work well together, love the tackle box and can only imagine what's inside! Happy Memorial Day:@)

  4. Lovely pairing. Great looking suitcase and tackle box. Hope you had a lovely long weekend.

  5. Neat! A few suitcases are on my list to find. They can be used for so many purposes plus they look so nice. :)

  6. You know will all my estate saleing, I still havenot found any suitcases. I am still looking for that, and...and then theres....and can't forget...oh, the list just goes on and on!!

  7. Heck, I think that tackle box would be cute in the kitchen holding kitchen cooking gadgets! I'm sure that will sell quickly.

  8. Hi Olive! Oh, this is a great idea! You always do the neatest things. Thanks so much for popping in to see me. God is good!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Hope your weekend was relaxing. Lots of yard sales around here. Not a lot of "good" yard sales though.


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