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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Southern Farm House

The farm house at Magnolia Ridge in Ridge Spring, South Carolina is a splendid southern home with a large barn and several outbuildings.

A double gliding swing is on the front porch. I have not seen many of these.

These gates were for sale. How about that?

One of the outbuildings has red chippy paint.

The barn is large and tall for the South.

To see vintage toys from the farm sale click here.

To see one of the vendors vintage items click here.

I also took many pictures on Instagram.
I am oliveout there.
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Pray for the people of Oklahoma
 Donate to the Red Cross for Oklahoma

joy and peace


  1. Love the chippy paint! Thanks for your concern for Oklahomans. Up here in Tulsa it has stormed for days. But no devastation such as it is in central OK.

  2. WOW! I've actually SEEN that beautiful home! We drive right through Ridge Spring on our trips between FL and NC! I'll try to take photos of it next time, too! Sweet hugs!

  3. What a beautiful farmhouse - was everything for sale because the people had died or were moving on?
    My heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma and especially those who have lost friends and family - it must have been a terrifying experience to live through.

    1. It was an antiques and art sale with about 30 vendors scattered around this house. Tornadoes are scary and cause loss of life in those areas with flat topography. it is heart breaking.

    2. Thanks - I understand now ♥

  4. The photo of the flag on the side of the old barn is stunningly beautiful.

  5. Wonderful photography, Olive, of the house and the swing!

  6. That's a really cool glider:@)

  7. Beautuful old farm house. Love the double glider swing . . .

  8. Dear Olive,
    I just LOVE American houses with all of that gorgeous trim .... and, the porch too..... I always think of mint julep when I see a house, porch and swing like that !!
    ..... and, such a devastating tradegy in Oklahoma. I have been so moved by the images we are seeing. I just hope that they get all of the help that they need to get their lives back together and as quickly as possible . XXXX

  9. The glider is awesome. I would have bought the gate for sure.

  10. What a great old farmhouse! That would make a wonderful backdrop for family photos.

  11. Beautiful farmhouse! I've never a double glider on a porch before. My husband built a free standing one for a client several years ago. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Olive, I love this old farmhouse with its barn and outbuilding, love the red chippy paint. Love that gate too. Did you get to go inside? I love touring old homes but I haven’t seen one like this. The sweet American flag hanging on the side of the barn is “perfect” great photos dear...............
    Hope your long holiday weekend is great Olive.

    The French Hutch

    1. We did not get to go inside. Plus we were busy shopping the sale.

  13. Olive what a great house, and I love the barns. Instagram? I have never checked it out?

  14. What a grand old farmhouse. I love the screen door and the gate. What a fun place for a sale.

  15. Olive, That is a beautiful old farm the two porchs. I do love old signs. I just found out that the man down the road let a sign that said the farm was est. in 1889....burn down with the barn ...when he let the fire dept burn it as a fire fighting exercise. geech, what a loss. xoxo,Susie

  16. Gorgeous! I love the colour of the siding!

  17. Pretty place for sure!
    I have one of those double swings :) bought it from the Mennonites.
    It is really fun to sit in. Even the chickens think so, which
    reminds me...I need to scrub it :(


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