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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Zero to Two Booths In One Hour

This is a story of two booths but more importantly of two friends. 

Several weeks ago:
Sunday night: The Talented B asks me to partner with her in her booth, The Broome Closet At Ridge Antiques, in Ridge Spring, South Carolina.

Monday: Jean from The Rusty Gate calls and says she is closing her store where I have consigned at for several years. Jean is also my friend and this was awful news

Monday: Minutes after above phone call The Talented B calls and says the owners of the antiques store approved me joining her booth.

Monday later: Jean and I talk and she encourages me to open a booth at a local flea market at Hidden Treasures in Sandersville, Georgia where she will be in July. My partner there is my SIL Sue.

 I know God had his hand in this flurry of phone calls and sudden changes. I am blessed to have wonderful loyal friends like these.

Two weeks ago Joe and I set up the flea market booth. Essentially I have been getting items and shopping for two booths simultaneously . 
It's been fun, crazy, and exhausting. These two booths are one hundred miles apart by the way. The saving grace is our houses are near each one.

These images are all from Ridge Antiques. Our booth is named The Broome Closet.  Talented B had a store with that name and the owners of this business invited her into a booth here. The Broome Closet is on Facebook here.

 She's something serious. She restored this dresser. She also paints furniture beautifully. I will be sharing her painted furniture on this blog.
 Oops my iPhone is not for sale.

Talented B has an enormous stash of monogrammed linens in the booth.
 I love vintage monograms.

I have some questions for you all who have booths. 

When do you do laundry?

Where do you find time to blog?

When do you vacuum?

I am curious, yes I am :}

Just to add to all these "goings on," as my mama would say, I have two spider bites resulting in severe cellulitis. Also our daughters from Alabama are arriving Friday and bringing the darling Mini Wee's who are staying for two weeks!

{next post is hydrangeas arranged three ways}

joy and peace


  1. Isn't God's timing perfection? I don't know why we doubt that so much - or at least I do.

    Congratulations on your two booths. Your finds are so spectacular that I know you'll do great.


  2. How exciting, and I think you've found your calling! I hope the spider bites improve, and have fun with the wee ones!


  3. I absolutely adore craft booths. How fun. The universe loves you and will make all the time you need.

  4. You are a busy lady, but what fun! Your booths look amazing!
    If you find out the answer to your questions, let me know.

  5. Olive,
    CONGRATS on your two booths!!! Time for cleaning? Are you kidding me? You should have seen me after church Sunday whipping this place into shape for company. I do love a clean house but I love my business more. I wish you the best and would be happy to answer any questions for you.


  6. Oh Olive, I'm so excited for you! WOW two booths, I can only imagine how busy you are going to be! I am as busy as I can be with just one booth. I'm sorry to hear about the spider bites. I hope you're feeling better soon, Gail

  7. i love the owls & the monogram towels. so neat!! ( ;

    i do laundry when i need to. for ironing & all that ... when? when it is necessary that is. ha. ha!! vacuuming is right there too. if i know i going to have guests (folks for dinner, whatever) more of a in depth cleaning. the MIL always seems to find something i missed or should have done a bit different in her opinion.

    i blog when i have the time & energy. some times ideas come to me & i do it then. because another time i might be too lazy.

  8. I would think having a booth would be like having a job. It cuts into blogging and housework. Sounds fun for you!

  9. I like the old Ridge sign with the horse on it, very well suited to the store. How neat one door closed and TWO doors opened. God provides very well.

  10. Oh Wow..two booths, you sure are gong to be one busy lady! Have fun!

  11. Congrats on your new little businesses! I wish you much success with them. Too bad they're not close to me, or I would come check out your booths!

  12. This is wonderful Olive! There was surely a higher power involved in how it all worked out. I look forward to seeing all the goodness in upcoming posts - don't work too hard! And have fun with all the little ones. Ann

  13. I am so excited about this new business venture for you, Olive!! You always find the most amazing things at your estate sales, so I'm sure you'll have great success at these two antique shops.
    For me, it's the daily cooking that I can't seem to fit in for hubby and me...but there are restaurants for that, and we're keeping them in business!!
    Mary Alice

  14. Wow, two booths. I just need one and have to get on a waiting list. I hope one doesn't take up all my time.

  15. Cleaning the house!?! Not with two booths! I am so happy for you with the new ventures. I hope you will love it as much as I do. I love the purse you found at the estate sale.

  16. Welcome to the world of crazy, Olive. LOL At some point, you will find balance. I haven't had a mall space in quite a while. However, I still have quite a few balls in the air. Something has to give. You have to prioritize and modify.

  17. Oh Olive... isn't it amazing how things work out... so happy for you, and I love the name of your booth... your photos are all fabulous!... love (and want) it all!... as for your questions, I blog when I feel like it, have laundry going while I am doing other things... vacuum often (Tessy sheds ALOT!)... but never pressure myself to do any of those things on any given day or time... life is too short... don't worry... the housework will keep and the world won't end if you miss vacuuming or dusting... funny... the older I get, the more I see what really matters in life... and the "perfectly manicured" home doesn't make my list... I am a very neat and clean person... but a little dust never hurt anyone... making sure my family knows how much I love them tops my list of "to do's" along with fixing a healthy, delicious dinner every night no matter what... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. How fabulous! You will have a busy summer ahead! And now I have something to look forward to the next time we travel through Ridge Spring! I can't wait!!!

  19. Two booths definitely sounds like you've got your hands full! Busy, but I hope very rewarding in many ways.

  20. I'm excited for you, this is a great time in your life doing what you love to do. Don't worry about the other things, just have fun!


  21. Aren't you a busy girl!!!! I wish you have much success!!! I know you will do very very well!

  22. Craziness but excitement all at once! I bet you'll have fun with this. The housework can wait. ;-)

  23. Yeah two booths do take up some brain space. I haven't been blogging so much since I got my second one, but I think I'm just wasting time. I do laundry without even thinking about it these days after doing laundry for nine people for twenty five years sometimes without even a washer at home. YIKES! Vacuuming???? Um, oh yeah. I think you will find your rhythm. Congratulations! Have fun!

  24. Hey Donna; many Congrats on your Wonderful new ventures!!!! I pray that everything will work out well for you, with both of these new booths!
    I would be thrilled if I had one to tend to, so that I could weed out some of my Antiques and Uniques. LOL.
    I hope that the spider bites will heal very soon. Please Take Care :-)

  25. How exciting Olive! My retail days are behind me but there are days I still get the itch and I always feel compelled to rearrange when I shop :) I would love to pop in if I find myself in the Columbia area!

  26. Oh my . . . I wish I was near so I could drop in to see your booths . . .
    Not happy about your spider bites . . . Heal up soon Olive!

  27. Olive..first I am so sorry about your spider bites..yuk!! But I am seriously needing to hunt down your new booths and go shopping..beautifully done!!! When I had my booth, it consumed so much time that I never could balance life the way , I wanted to....lots of I appreciate how much work goes into a successful booth....or two...remember to take care of YOU! Love, Mona

  28. How fun
    I had a booth for 5 years at a local Market Place antique and gift shop here in town, until the horrible back problems started and I could walk little lone tend to a booth, I miss it , I was all surprised what sold and what didn't

  29. You should get to know my blogbuddy Joy over at She does some lovely things on her blot.

  30. I just started following your posts.

  31. Hi Olive,

    I actually visited that store when my husband and I were there for their big yard sale at the beginning of the month - great little town. We ate at Juniper for lunch and loved it!

  32. Congratulations, you little business woman! That's fantastic. I think you will have an excuse not to vacuum now. Just make sure you still feed the dog and husband and you'll be fine. Hope your bites clear up. They sounds painful. And btw, do not google cellulitis images. Saw a few body parts I was not expecting to see.

  33. I just finished drawing a diagram of your phone calls, and now I understand! Wow. Busy woman, but what a head for business!

  34. That's funny, Olive, my husband has been asking me the same questions {about laundry and vacuuming anyway}! : ) You've had some wonderful opportunities come your way ~ enjoy it all.

    I'm still looking for the perfect solution, but I try to plan my week ahead so I know when and if I'm going to my booth with stuff, cleaning/doing laundry, having my daughter and granddaughter over, and going to yard sales. Some weeks I skip the yard sales if there is no movement at the booth. I will just go in and move things around. Laundry I try to keep going every other day as needed so this way nothing piles up.


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