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Monday, June 10, 2013

White Window White Crib

In searching for  my teenage haunts in Murphy, North Carolina Joe and I ran across this house that was having a moving sale. It is part photo studio and the owner was gracious enough to allow me to photograph this beguiling window and crib.

The view is charming. The whole street has houses like this one. I used to visit an old Victorian house  here with my cousins.

All of these items pictured were for sale but were quite expensive.

I did make a few modest purchases but not of the white variety. I bought vintage chicken feeders.

joy and peace


  1. When I saw that bassinet in the thumbnail, I thought you had an announcement for us!
    It is gorgeous!!

  2. Yes it is lovely, but CC is only just starting out in life and you look too young.

  3. That is very pretty! I cracked up when you left me the message that y'all are counting calories. We are counting Weight Watchers points.

  4. GORGEOUS Olive! just gorgeous!

  5. Really lovely. It made me smile when you said you purchased vintage chicken feeders! :)

  6. I saw the photo and thought for sure you were having a baby! Hahaha. I would much rather have the beautiful bassinet than another baby!!! So charming. I'm sure you had fun visiting.

    1. I never thought that anyone would think that because I am way past babies y'all.

  7. So sweet and charming
    all wrapped up in one : )
    That is the kind of street
    I always dreamed of living

    The Moses baskets are such
    a lovely southern tradition.
    Someone gave me one when
    my son was born {we were
    living in Virginia} and I am
    now sad that I passed it on
    to another new mom at some

    Happy Monday!

    xo Suzanne

  8. Oh, I read the comments and Lord, that would be scarey to have a baby now. don't know how Sarah did it!
    Beautiful bassinet. The photos are lovely.

  9. beautiful..and the lighting is perfect! and I didn't think you were having a baby...LOL
    love, Mona

  10. That street looks like the Desperate Housewives street lol - just gorgeous!
    and your photos are beautiful - loving that bassinette
    Visiting from Coastal Charm -

  11. Such a lovely setting for a lacy bassinet.

  12. Hi Olive. I loved the little white cradle and you took some pretty photos of it by the window. I didn't think you were having a baby for one single moment!! Hee Hee!! What are these people like?!

  13. The crib and whole setting are quite charming.
    Mary Alice

  14. The crib and whole setting are quite charming.
    Mary Alice

  15. No babies here, but that crib is about as special as they come. I can see how a photographer would use such a setting. What parent wouldn't want a photo of their new infant in this beautiful crib. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  16. That bassinet is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing that gorgeous view with us.


  17. So beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with your chicken feeders!
    Have a great week :o)

  18. So beautiful Olive... I love the bassinet, but I of course thought you were going to buy it for Shelley... Tessy would love to sleep in it!... what a beautiful home and neighborhood from your childhood... xoxo Julie Marie

  19. Olive, I loved your pictures. They made the house seem perfect. Looking out the window to the basket of flowers on the porch rail, loved it. Somme things are just right. xoxo,Susie

  20. Olive,
    what a beautiful photo, the perfect setting to have a special picture of your newborn baby! The window is amazing and the floors are gorgeous, how lucky you were to get to wander through!

  21. I think that is the most beautiful bassinet I've ever seen!

  22. Beautiful photography of the bassinet. I can just imagine all the babies who had their formal photo taken here. Chicken feeders? Is there a pic?

  23. Those drapes were beautiful and looked especially so against the wood floors. We have an old wicker bassinet in my hubby's family that has been around for 70+ years. Three of the four siblings in his family used it, then the nine grandchildren, and most of the great-grands. It has been decorated in many ways over all these years, but never as elegantly as this one. Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. I like the rather romantic looking drapes in these photos and imagine that the homes on this street must be beautiful!


  25. Beautiful, Olive! I love that first picture especially. Now, you are going to post pictures of the chicken feeders, right? Ann

  26. Oh my what a beautiful bassinet. That VIEW! It looks like the All-American street. Love!

    I would love for you to post this at my Linky Party Home{work} Wednesday.Home{work}

    Thanks for sharing, Barb (newest Bloglovin' follower)

  27. Beautiful photos Olive. Our girls were placed in a vintage bassinet like the one you photographed, but ours wasn't as beautifully dressed. So glad she let you take the pics.

  28. What lovely photos...looks like a beautiful house!

  29. That picture of the crib is a showstopper! And yes it would make a lovely photo shoot for babies. But no one would dare use it anymore, not and leave the baby unattended. Things are so different now. When my granddaughter was born last summer I learned that blankets are not allowed or bumper pads. Babies are not put down on their tummies anymore either. The mattress is firm with only the sheet stretched tight over it. All of this to avoid babies smothering. And it is back to swaddling days for young babies now and I was amazed at how it soothes them down so their arms don't flail about. A different world for young parents today but yes that crib would make a lovely keepsake portrait.

  30. What a great Victorian crib! It's like in the movies.

  31. ahhhh makes me want to have a baby

    only a baby puppy LOL

  32. Wow what beautiful airy pictures. I always get super shy when I want to snap some pictures like you did. I need to get braver!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  33. Beautiful! Amazing how you walked into the perfect photo are so good with the camera!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...


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