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Friday, December 20, 2013

Bottlebrush Trees Take Two

Bottlebrush trees have been placed on the three drawer antique chest. 
The gallery wall has had some additions since you last saw it.

This bottlebrush tree is likely from the early 1950's.
 I picked it up at a garage sale. It was a fabulous find.

Gremmie is sitting in front of the "nekkid" tree with not enough lights. 
She is more important to us than a decorated tree.

This bottlebrush tree is new and I am not crazy about the base. 
I have placed it in a tarnished monogramed bowl.

I recently purchased this tree at an antique store in Madison, Georgia
It was not expensive. I placed it in an old piece of pottery.

You can see more of my bottlebrush trees lashed to vintage trucks here

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Thank you for your sweet sweet comments about South Korea Girl in my last post.

Happy Christmas


  1. I,o e all your trees. I hope to find some this summer when I garage sale.

  2. I am really on the bottle brush tree wagon this year. Seems like I seen some of mine at my daughters house also LOL guess she borrowed them? LOl
    Love the old vintage 1950's
    and looks like some precious kitty is very comfortable. I am looking forward to being home with my cat Shirley for 5 days starting tomorrow yeah
    Oh and I wish I had some of your sunshine in your house I have too many shade trees around my house
    liking your gallery wall again

    Merry Christmas

  3. love the old bottle brush trees and yours look so cute in the different containers Merry Christmas Olive.

  4. I love the trees, but I absolutely adore your wall collage. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. All your trees are adorable! Love Gremmie the best :)

  6. I remember bottle brush trees. They were sweet little things.

  7. Love all your darling bottlebrush trees Olive!... and I really LOVE sweet little Gremmie... Hello Kitty!... wishing you a very Merry Christmas dear friend!... just think... after tomorrow the days start getting longer again... as I know you are dreaming of Spring like me!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Hi Olive! I love your bottle brush trees! I would love to find a big one like yours! I love your olden trucks with the bleached trees in them! Darling beyond darling! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  9. Love those trees, I remember my grandmother having them set out during the holidays too! Merry Christmas, Olive!

  10. Olive, Love those bottle brush trees. Your gallery wall is looking very nice !! I really like it. Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo,Susie

  11. I want some bottle brush trees! I don't have any. I'll have to keep my eyes open for them since I'm seeing them everywhere and really like them. Yours are very pretty and I like how some of them are actually vintage.

  12. I love your house of antiques. Of little bottle brush trees. And of kitties that are more important than all of it combined.

  13. Gremmie is still waiting for Santa I see. A nekkid tree? Oh, no, not here. For some reason not one of the two cats or two dogs pay any attention to the trees or decorations. I did catch Scout steal a snowman from a tool caddy, but I took it away and he did not bother it again. Speaking of stealing, next time I visit that beautiful old green chair and the 1950's bottle brush tree just may go missing. I'm just saying! Love the gallery wall.

  14. The bottle brush trees are fun - I recall my mother used to have some very small ones that she always put on our christmas cake.
    Wishing you and Joe a very happy christmas holiday Olive, and thanking you for all of the lovely comments you have made over the past year on my blog.

  15. I love bottle brush trees! Olive that whole space looks beautiful!

  16. Bottle brush trees are so cool. I love the vintage one that you found in a garage sale!

  17. Very sweet bottle brush trees you have! Lucky finds for you and each is so unique and adorable too, xox

  18. Great old bottlebrush tree from the 50's! I used to see them all the time at estate sales. Now they're the first things to sell, so you need to be at the head of the line!

    Merry Christmas!

  19. I'd love to have a whole forest of nothing but bottlebrushes. Never get tired of looking at them...or kitties!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine!

  20. Hi Olive. I love it that Clemmie is more important to you than a decorated tree! Gosh, your little bottle brush trees really took me back to my childhood (and that's a long, long way!). I must see if I can pick some up for next year. They're so pretty. Lovely post, as always.

  21. Hellooooo Olive!*!*!
    FINALLY catching up ON-YOUR-BLOG...
    Nothing says Old Fashioned HoLIDAYs like BOTTLE BRUSH TREES & YOU have them... Gremmie has really settled in!!! & "CC's" far away adventures... Hope your health is good now...
    HaPPy HoLiDays to Y*O*U & Joe!*!*!

  22. Love your bottlebrush trees! I like using them, too, because I can tuck them in anywhere ~ like the whites cabinet in the kitchen. Your gallery wall is looking great! I think that's why I like them. You can add to them over time. In case I don't get around again before the day, Merry Christmas! : )

  23. Miss Olive and Joe God Bless You Both.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
    Thank-God for YOU, Miss Olive. You Bless so MANY and do not know it. XOXO

  24. Love all forms of bottle brush trees and yours are no exception! Your gallery wall is looking fantastic. Hope you, Joe and the furry kids have a wonderful holiday. And CC too! Hope she's enjoying her time in Korea!

  25. I have a love for bottle brush trees. Your home is beautiful. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!.Thanks for uplifting me on my blog with your sweet words.

  26. Looking good there Olive..I think we have the same decorator.. :-)
    Merry Christmas..
    Love, Mona

  27. Christmas is gorgeous at you house missy! Your trees all look so pretty in your beautiful home.
    Have a Merry Christmas and throughout this holiday season.
    much love...


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