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Monday, January 6, 2014

Broome Closet Booths At Ridge Antiques

Hey ya'll.

How are you doing on this cold Monday?
 I realize many of you are hunkered down in snow, ice, and cold that I cannot imagine. 
I pray you are safe and warm.

Since I last showed you our Broome Closet Booths we have acquired a third booth. 
We are busy. And blessed.

Lots of images to follow. 
If you stay with me you are a peach.

Beth painted this French Country coffee table. 
I love it.

Our back booth is chock full of vintage mirrors. 

You know I must have some cloches.

My back is aching from moving this large old dining table last Saturday.
 I feel like I have been moving furniture for days. 
That's because I have been moving furniture for days:}

Please  come see us any time Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday.

Ridge Antiques
Highway 23
Ridge Spring, South Carolina

Next post will be about a folk art male bust that I was fortunate to find.

joy and peace


  1. Everything looks fabulous Olive!... I hope you didn't hurt your back moving all of that!... I would LOVE those Amish baskets!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I am a peach!!!...

  2. So many things I love, like the barn door, spoon cut mirror, silver bowls, decanter, chairs . . . So much! What fun, wish I lived near you . . .

  3. Love your place! Wow, have you moved up in the business! I really like a couple of the mirrors. Email about where you are located again. I'll have to make a trip in a couple of weeks.


  4. Oh, I wanna shop there!! I love the little chippy stool!

  5. You have been busy.Well, it can keep you warm.

  6. Wow, three booths and I don't even have one, but sure do need one.

  7. Fabulous pieces! I love the blue table, fireplace, mirrors, paintings, and of course the barn door!! I think it's all going to go fast. :)

  8. Business must be booming!! Love your booths, Olive!
    Mary Alice

  9. Wish I was closer too. I love the blue table, little stool, that bench. Your spaces look great.

  10. Hello Olive! I'd love to step into your booths! What you've shown on this post, what awesome treasures!!

    Wish I were closer to you too!

  11. Your booths look fantastic!, you really have them full and that's great for business. Wishing you the best of luck!

  12. Olive, you have some wonderful offerings. Wish I lived close enough to stop in and shop. Happy New Year to you!

  13. I see so many things I love...starting with that chair...XOXO

  14. Gorgeous images, Olive. I would love to visit!

  15. Thanks for the tour. Lots of eye candy! I guess you're becoming a business mogul now :)

  16. So many wonderful things to see! Wish I lived closer so I could come visit! Business must be good.

  17. You have a lot of pretty things for sale. Congratulations on your business being so successful that you opened another booth! My back would hurt too if I moved all that furniture. I wish your antique shop wasn't so far from me.

  18. Oh Olive wish I lived many pretties!!

  19. I don't know how you do it with three booths! I'm having a hard time keeping up with one....LOL. Love your spaces will all your beautiful treasures!

  20. Looks like you've been busy and we're only one week into the new year! I love that tufted brown velvet cane chair...lovely! Stay warm!

    xo Kat

  21. Dear Olive,
    Just pack it all in a container and send it off to me !!!! haha
    Hope that your weather is OK ….. we are getting the end of the weather that hit New York causing high winds and torrential rain !!
    Hope that you sell lots and, many thanks for your lovely comment today.
    Lots of love. XXXX

  22. You've really been busy! I see so much that I love....especially those baskets! I still think about the pretty throw pillows you had when I was there. I hope Mary Ann is feeling better. I am keeping her in my prayers. Sweet hugs!

  23. i wanna come shop!! I see SO many things I love!!

  24. So many things that I would love to have! I love that trunk too! Stay warm....

  25. Oooo so many great pieces, would love to shop there. Laura

  26. Congratulations on your successful business!!!! Sooooo many wonderful goodies....I wish I could come shop there!

  27. OK, it seriously is a good thing I do not live in your area because I could buy everything you just showed in your photographs! Vintage mirrors, cloches, beautiful furniture and those blue paintings?! *swoon*

  28. That elaborately carved Mirror has me Swooning!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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