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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Old Doors

So I bought old doors. 
Heavy old doors. 
The blue one has six intact window panes in it.

They are heading to our booths. 
One day. 
When my shoulder recovers from lifting pine trees:}

By the time you read this Joe and I will be on the road. 
I will tell you our destination later.

joy and peace


  1. The blue one is so pretty - enjoy your road trip :-)

  2. Olive Y*O*U have acquired quite the EYE for a chippy paint patina!*!*! Doors like this make will make such a fab backdrop for your displays!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  3. Safe trip Olive. I can't wait to see the doors in the shop. Kris over at Junk Chic Cottage is a door nut. LOL.... I just saw a potting bench made from an old door. Loved it. xoxo,Susie

  4. Happy travels, and look for some more of those old doors! They are very cool.

  5. Love old, chippy doors. Have a great trip and travel safe.


  6. Be still my heart! You had me at the first photo! (You're such a tease-ha! Have a good trip ;)

  7. Nice!
    I found the easiest way to create that finish! Are you ready? Sit down.
    Leave them in the front yard in the sun for a year. Yup. Nature. Plus, I was too lazy to bring them in earlier.
    Just today I finished decoupaging the chips I want to stay on the doors. I have 15 to fuss with, which are becoming pocket doors.
    Dead flat matte finish and they're integrity is PERRRRRFECT!
    I love those. Think we could trade? I'll make a chippy white one for you. Or one that's chipping white with yellow chippies underneath, on a ebony colored door?
    Where ARE you going!?

  8. The doors will look fabulous at the Ridge! Safe journey to all. I know you are excited.

  9. Old doors are wonderful! I've had two resized to use in the interior our my house.

  10. Yummy colors and patina on those doors!!!!
    Mary Alice

  11. Love your old doors. You better not let Kris (JunkChicCottage) know they are untended while you are gone or they might "disappear". lol Have a fun time on the road! xo Diana

  12. Oh this great buy caught my eye! Old doors are irresistible.Wish I lived closer! Bon voyage!

  13. Oh,you're coming up to Columbus to visit me!!! I'll get the coffee ready :)

  14. Love the old doors! I bet those will sell quickly. Hope you're having a good time on your trip.

  15. I'm heading to a really great shop this week (only open 4 days each month) and I'm hoping to find a door or two. Sure like yours! Blessings, Cindy

  16. Olive -- I know what you mean about your shoulder recovering lol. We bought an old door for our backdoor (replaced in the 50's or 60's with a crappy door of the times) -- it is solid oak with the exception of the full beveled glass and that sucker is heavy, lol. I also took an old door from in our house (1920's craftsman style) and made the greatest desk top for my study with it. I really dig old doors :)


    P.S. I haven't been a visitor in a long time -- enjoyed the visit :)

  17. Sooooooooooooooo pretty. I wish Tim liked this sort of stuff - but you know he is great in so many other ways - I just go with it. :)

    I am stiff and sore but that is because I've switched from winter treadmill-weight-maintenance workouts to summer let's-lose-weight workouts...

  18. You know how I love old doors. I am in search of a tall narrow one if you find one:)

  19. Olive, I'm crazy about your doors!!!Some one is going to just have a fit over them!! Well, I can't wait to hear where you are two kids are headed or where you've been!

  20. Love your you site .....where are you located .....just found you!!!!
    blessings Lorraine

  21. love your doors and your flowers, I do dream of flowers and my garden. Thanks for the inspiration.


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