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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yellow House: Spring Front Yard

Hello my lovelies.

 It was 85 yesterday. I have broken out my shorts for the season.
 The maple outside our window has leafed out.
 I placed a geranium by the door as it can take the heat.

Look here-a grim little Gremmie in the dogwood tree. 
She weighs ten pounds now y'all.
I'm chubby, my mama's chubby, and my cats chubby.

Our wide expanse of monkey grass (lilirope) is sprouting. We had a million pine cones before the storm. Now we have about five million. I ignore them pretty much.

Easy care sedum on the front stoop that survived the winter unscathed.

Finally, our sweet boy Sheldon. 
Shelley is one hundred pounds and suffers gladly the mischievous cat.

In Olive Out news today is mine and Joe's anniversary.
 Ten wonderful years. To find love again, we think, is a most splendid gift. 

I am going to physical therapy twice a week for shoulder therapy. 
We continue to clear debris from the storm (I basically rake). 
I am carrying on with spring gardening in spite of the extra chores.
 I must have flowers.

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  1. Beautiful yard, Olive! Have a wonderful day and Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! Love your photos too!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And oh, how I agree! We've been married almost 20 years now and how wonderful to have a happy marriage! The warmers temps are welcome here and I love your pretty Spring blooms! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  3. Your home and yard are so beautiful. It looks like a very peaceful place to live. I have the teeniest front yard you can imagine, with the street right in front of that. And neighbors on top of us. Oh, 85 degrees and flowers...I can't wait! Still in the 30's and 40's here and bare trees. I saw my orthopedic dr the other day and had a MRI last night. He thinks I now either have a tear or frozen shoulder. Will meet w/him next week to find out. Are you allowed to be raking? Happy anniversary to you and Joe. :-)

  4. Have a wonderful Anniversary, sweet friend. Please do something fun besides raking!!

  5. Hello Olive,

    Happy Anniversary! To find a loved one who can be a soul mate in Life is indeed a gift. May you and Joe enjoy many more happy years together.

    Your garden is really springing into bloom. The first fresh growth is always so exciting to see. Hope and promise for the year ahead!

  6. Dear Olive - it all looks lovely, and don't your windows sparkle?
    Sorry to learn about your shoulder, take care, and don't go raking too much.
    A very Happy Anniversary to you and Joe♡

  7. Happy, happy anniversary! Beautiful photos as always. My house is yellow today, but from pollen not paint. Love Gremmie in the tree and Shelley has turned out quite handsome!

  8. Oh how beautiful it is looking at your house this spring!!! Happy anniversary to you two. It is wonderful to have this love in your life for sure! I was awing over your photos and noticed how sparkling your windows are in the first photo...and now I am out to wash mine so they can look that pretty. thanks for shaming me into it. hahahaha What are friends for? :)))
    sending love your way....

  9. Sheldon is so beautiful! I'm glad you are having spring too. It has been wonderful here.

  10. Oh...I loved these photos around the yard and the house looks so pretty. We are just getting started on Spring here. The redbuds in my yard are blooming. I love those but I have not started putting out plants yet. Probably will next week. Shelly is gorgeous! What a big boy! He is so handsome. The cat is so pretty too...what a life you've got going there. Hope the shoulder gets better. I haven't been around as much lately. I started a new job selling furniture. Mama has to make more money to take care of all the weenies!

  11. Everything is just beautiful! You are way ahead of us, but I am happy to see my crocus blooming. Such a welcome sight :-)

  12. Spring in Georgia is beautiful. Thanks for inheartening us. Your animals are so at peace with their universe!

  13. Happy Anniversary! And you know what you can do with all those pine cones? Put them in the bottom of pots you're planting in and the weight will be MUCH lighter.

  14. I had to laugh about your chubby cat, my cat weighs 24 lbs now !! he was my rescue cat and he was starved and ate and ate . I have him down to 1 cup dry food a day now, hopefully he will play some off when we can go outside. Which he doesn't want to go outside.
    Anyway your yard is looking wonderful and the geraniums also, that reminds me to get mine out of the basement. I am so happy spring is here, not out tornado season however.
    Take care of that shoulder

  15. Happy anniversary to you and Joe dear Olive!... I hope it is a wonderful one... love seeing all of your garden photos, and I especially love seeing Shelley and Gremmie... Gremmie looks so cute in the birdbath!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Hope your shoulder is feeling better...

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!
    As for Sheldon, it seems such a short time ago he was just a puppy. He's a beautiful boy.

  17. I'm so jealous of your warmth and all that is in bloom. We are still rather grey and cold here in PA. But spring can't be far off. Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!


  18. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many many more wonderful years!! Spring is looking so beautiful where you are. Ours should be a green one with all the snow and rain we've had this winter.
    Mary Alice

  19. Well, I was packing my bags to make the trip up to find you and make sure you weren't buried 'neath a pine tree, when suddenly, this message came through. Good to hear from you! I planted geraniums yesterday too, but didn't have to deal with a bum shoulder. Be careful! Telll Shelley to move over. You need to be lounging in that chair!

  20. I believe I said "wow" out loud at the thought of 85 degrees! Happy Anny and enjoy the flowers:@)

  21. Hi Olive! Your grounds look wonderful and I'm wishing you and your mister a very happy happy!
    Be a sweetie,

  22. Wow, that first photo is so beautiful and inviting! It makes me want to see more :)

  23. Happy Anniversary Olive...your yard is so beautiful and your pets make it even better..

  24. Happy Anniversary Olive!! Your yard looks so that first shot!!

  25. Love your photos Terri . . .
    Happy Anniversary . . . finding love again is wonderful . . . May there be more happy years together!

  26. 85? As in 'above zero??' Photos are wonderful. Sheldon is gorgeous. Happy Anniversary and I hope you have a lovely weekend! Can't wait until spring reaches us. We got another 6" snow. wah.

  27. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe, Olive! I'm so envious of your spring weather and blooms. It snowed again here last night and everything is white again. grrr

  28. Happy belated anniversary! I love that you said your geraniums can take the heat. Still looking forward to the day I have to worry about the heat. My have to worry about a freeze tonight! Enjoy your weekend and please, please do not work too hard in the yard! Your shoulder needs to get some rest.

  29. Happy anniversary to you and Joe. It is wonderful you found each other. Loved your pretty photos. Makes me want to have flowers now. xoxo,Susie

  30. Your yard is looking good this Spring! I bet it is comical to see your cat messing with your dog from time to time. My dog chases cats if he sees them. The cats usually win though, so we try to keep him from doing that. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Hope the therapy is helping your shoulder. Don't reinjure it with more yard work now!

  31. I love these pics! Happy belated anniversary! So sweet that you found love again :)


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