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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Amaryllis Plus

Amaryllis are now in full bloom in the flower garden. 
All the amaryllis have been forced in past Decembers. 
Then I plant them outside in the flower garden.
The bulb is planted with half of it above the topsoil.

Lynne, my friend, at Irish Garden House mailed me a bulb 
from Michigan which is now growing in the garden.
It will bloom next spring. 
I will definitely photograph the Michigan bulb when it blooms.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea and Coreopsis 

Nasturtiums, in the large planters, will be blooming soon.
 I grew them from seed. 
If you want to try growing a flower from seed nasturtiums are easy.

This part of the garden is pretty wild right now because the primroses are blooming all over the place. I like them and let them wander throughout the other plants.

I have red flowers in many planters this year. 
Red flowers reflect badly in my camera lens but I love them anyways.

What's blooming at your house?

I want to send a big thanks to Kim @ Savvy Southern Style for featuring my Porch House post yesterday on WOW. I am glad so many like the big porch in Madison.

Thanks to Pam @House of Hawthornes who emailed me about the feature whilst I was out of town antiquing in North Georgia.

happy gardening


  1. Every time I see photos of your plants, I feel like I should run out and work in my yard! Such lovely things you have.The amaryllis is just amazing.

  2. I love the wild part of your flower garden so so pretty!

  3. You are welcome! I've yet to get my containers filled in my backyard yet. I'll just have to admire your beautiful garden for now. You're giving me ideas for what I want to plant though. I need one of the Oak Leafs!

  4. Beautiful garden. And, thanks, I need more coreopsis. The weather man says we're two and a half weeks behind schedule; the tulips just bloomed.

  5. Olive, Your garden is looking very pretty. I have only the pansies I plant last month...things are growing but no blooms, other than the crabapple. I need to get my flats of petunias and get them going. I love coreopsis. I had some in town, but none out here. Hope you are getting to sit a bit and enjoy everything. xoxo,Susie

  6. What a stunning Amaryllis Olive - when I take photos of red flowers I always adjust the darkness on the camera down which stops the reflecting and appears to help.

  7. funny I never thought about putting my Amaryllis outside in my flower beds I always just keep them in pot inside
    Also I really like nasturtiums and had put some seeds in the bed also

  8. Congrats on the deserve it! Love your flowers. We've had just enough rain to really make everything beautiful this Spring! Hugs

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous. Congratulations on your feature. I would have never have thought of putting amaryllis outside. I don't know if they'd survive here. Yours are beautiful.


  10. Beautiful blooms all around your yard. I am waiting for my pink climbing rose to pop into bloom. And hoping a windy storm doesn't come up to ruin it! Congrats on the feature.

  11. I do the same thing and plant the forced bulbs in the garden. I have one blooming now, but I think the others didn't survive our winter. Or perhaps they are just late! '-)

  12. I always enjoy seeing pics of your yard with all your pretty flowers. Your table and chairs look so pretty amongst them. Love the big pot of flowers in the center of the table too!

  13. Your photos are beautiful Olive...everything looks so pretty!!

  14. How wonderful to have flowers in planters. Our daffodils are just getting brave enough to appear. Love all the color and the green. So pretty!

  15. Your flowers are beautiful! I didn't know you were friends with Lynne from MI - so am I! In fact, I met her in person at the Midwest Bloggers Meet-up last year. Penny from At Home in English Valley introduced us.

  16. Oh Olive, your flowers in your garden are just so pretty! I love how you let your primroses wander around! You've got a green thumb Missy! By the way, love your garden swing!
    Hugs to you sweet friend,

  17. So pretty and springy looking...nothing blooming but the dandelions in the neighbor's yard...but we are getting closer to green leaves on trees!! :)

  18. I'm a HUGE fan of the amaryllis flowers, did not know that you could grow them outdoors this time of the year. It's really lovely! Welcome home to CC!! You must be elated.

  19. Beautiful garden Olive......welcome home to CC.. I know your heart is singing over that...
    Love, Mona


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