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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dish Cabinet

When I saw this tall painted cabinet in a junk shop I was immediately interested. 
Could it work in our dining room?

My friend Beth gave me those pretty Staffordshire knives.

It was not made to hold dishes. 
 Originally it was a gun cabinet. 
Someone built shelves in it.
It's narrow profile works in this walkway perfectly.

The whites, red transferware, and David Austin roses seem at home.

One huge negative to this cabinet was it smelled terrible. 
I have worked on this issue relentlessly. 
I might do a post on removing odors from cabinets if y'all are interested.

What do you think?
 Is it a keeper?

To see our kitchen island filled with transferware go here.

joy and peace


  1. I really enjoyed this post. Love it all!

  2. It works beautifully and I really like it - it's a keeper.

  3. I love cabinets like this and could spend all day arranging and rearranging things inside. I say . . . Keep it!

  4. Keeper! You've made it beautiful.

  5. Definitely a keeper. I like the narrow profile. Pinning your shelf display for inspiration. Great mix of items, shapes, and textures.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT the pretty displays inside it too!!

  7. So, so charming! LOVE it . . .
    What pray tell was the odor . . .

  8. It's definitely a keeper...and it's styled so beautifully! It looks like it was made for that spot.

  9. Oh definitely a keeper! A post on removing odors from cabinets would be very interesting!!

  10. Hello Olive:

    It really does fit extraordinarily well and how interesting that in a previous life it was a gun cupboard. Your arrangement of attractive items on the shelves certainly creates interest and everything fits so well into the surroundings.

    Most definitely an item of furniture to be kept.

  11. Hi Olive! Oh, I love your little cabinet. It's really pretty and I really like your pretties you've put in it. Yes, I'd love to know how you got rid of the smell. I've encountered that before and was at a loss on how to get rid of the yucky smells! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Ah, it makes more sense now that you say it was originally a gun cabinet. So tall and slender! But it is perfect for how it's being used and definitely a keeper!!

  13. It looks good Olive, and definitely one to keep. Being so thin is a definite asset for somewhere that is narrow.

  14. Looks like a keeper to me!!! Lovely and I think the transferware is beautiful!!
    To rid the cabinet of smell.....squish up a BUNCH of newspaper and stuff that cabinet. Seal it up with a sheet of plastic and let it sit for a few days. stink-um!

  15. Love the cabinet and how you decorated the shelves. Looks like it works well in that spot. too. xoxo,Susie

  16. Oh yeah, this is definitely a keeper, especially all the work you did to get the smell out. It's wonderful and styled to perfection!
    Mary Alice

  17. It is perfect, perfect. Did I say perfect??? You know I'm crazy about your pitchers. Yes, it's a keeper and it's great in your space. Please tell us about odor removal. There's a piece at the shop that I want, but afraid I can't get the smell out!

  18. Well, I love it! What did it smell like? Guns? Lovely styling! Cindy

  19. Yes, it is a keeper! And please do a post on removing smells from furniture. I'm forever sniffing stuff at the thrift store and if it smells, I don't buy it. Would be nice to know I could reverse that problem.

  20. It is definitely a keeper! I love how distressed it is. I like how you filled it too.

  21. Oh Yeah- THAT is a keeper. I love how skinny and narrow it is. Very different and rustic and lovely. Yes- share your de-scent secret!!! xo Daian

  22. I love it! Me thinks it's a keeper! I wish I could find something like this for a little space I have. I love little cabinets like this.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend.
    hugs from here...

  23. Looks great, Love the cabinet and how you decorated the shelves. I was a bit sad when you said you wanted to paint them, but figured it's your house and was happy to play along with the color game. I hope staining works out - they are gorgeous.

  24. The cabinet is pretty and I love your knives:@)

  25. Oh yes I like your cabinet and you dolled it right up with your treasures

    and for smells I use lots of vinegar and usually put the item in the sun for a few days taking it in at night so the moist night air won't get on it ,I have done this with several items

  26. What a gorgeous cabinet and YES it is a keeper. Hope you got t he smell to go away. Love the way you have it displayed.


  27. I. LOVE. IT....!!!
    and...Mr. Sweet has a gun cabinet a whole lot like this...SOMEDAY......:)

  28. Definitely a keeper! I love the way you have everything arranged in it, too. Beautiful. How is your shoulder doing?

  29. Oh my. It's WONDERFUL! I love how narrow it is. Makes it so much easier to fit it in!
    And the way you have filled it is perfection.

  30. Love the picture of CC.....GLAD she is home!

  31. That would be the perfect size for our dining area in the condo! That not too deep profile is something I would need here. I think it works well. Are you getting much storage in it? That is something I would have to consider here. It needs to be able to work as well as look pretty. What will you do for the smell? I have always heard that cat litter was a good thing to use, but have never had to try it myself.

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