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Monday, May 26, 2014


The American flag gives me a little catch in my throat.
It stands for life, death, victory, freedom, and so much more. 

For the brave men and women who gave everything. 
We remember.

Yes, we go all out with flags on Memorial Day. 
It is not enough. 
We think our veterans deserve the best and do not get much these days.

Joes's father was in the military.
 Joe has lived all over the world on military bases. 
Joe's brother served in Vietnam when he was a young man.
 Joe wrote to him every day he was in that war. 
Thankfully he came home.
 Joe would gladly have signed up but he is blind in one eye.

"The story of America's quest for freedom is inscribed in her history in the blood of her patriots"Randy Vader



  1. You are so correct. They deserve so much more than we could possibly give them. I can't even imagine sacrificing my life for my country.

  2. Well said Olive . . .
    Flying the flags is giving honor, but not enough . . .
    Let's "give pause" and remember . . . and then, the picnic . . .

  3. Hi Olive! Great post and God bless our military! Thanks for popping in . Now 700 square feet is little bitty! I would have loved to have seen it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. My father served in WWII and lost a leg while in a foxhole. PTSD? For certain, but men of his era suffered in silence, soldiered on, even after the war. I'm on the tail end of the baby boomer family my dad produced from 1947-1957. I love that Joe wrote to his brother every day - what loyalty! I wave my flag proudly, thankfully. God Bless America!

  5. Love seeing flags myself, and I bring out the bunting and flags for our Memorial Day party. Freedom is a wonderful thing!

  6. Beautiful post remembering those who serve daily.

  7. Very nice, I love your bunting! Happy Memorial Day Olive-enjoy:@)

  8. That is such a sweet story about Joe writing to his brother. Did his brother keep any of the letters?
    What beautiful photos. Happy Memorial Day to you!

  9. Beautiful post and beautiful photos to express your heart.

  10. What a wonderful post. Such a warm expression from your heart. That is so neat that Joe wrote to his brother each and every day. I'm sure that is what kept his brother going. So glad he returned home. Happy Memorial Day to you too!


  11. We are the flag. At our parade yesterday the crowd rose and clapped endlessly for the flags, for the soldiers, old ones and young ones. But I blinked tears when a young mother sitting beside my brother-in-law said to her five year old, "This man is a veteran, please thank him."

  12. I put flags all out in my flower pots also

    We are free due to others suffering for us to make it possible however we are not free from the suffering of loosing our young men and women in in war. I am so thankful my niece made it home from Iraq after 18 months she was one of the first to go over

  13. Beautiful reminder of what is important. Love the watering cans by the way!!


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