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Monday, May 24, 2010

Joe and Olive Lost in the Country

This is a divinely lazy cat. Unlike this cat we were not lazy today. Y'all we had far too many errands in a short time period to get them all done. All this getting lost business that occurred later just slowed us down. It started this way. Joe went to an appointment while I walked around one of those huge manly store's. It usually exhausts me. I do dig the plants. Today I was beyond good as I did not buy one plant.

Then we got divinely lost. Twice. I will only share the second time here. Joe, bless him has a math-mind. I do not. He is so very scientific about getting from point A to point B. He speaks like this "You go east on the Interstate Olive." What? I don't get around that way. Give me a landmark. Tell me to turn at the gas station or to go right at Louie's. Anyho I had in my mind we could get to this office in the center of the county one way. Joe peered at the map looking something akin to a college professor and proclaimed we would go another way. Fine.

We took off. Down country roads. Wooded roads. Long beautiful roads with little railroad mill towns. Fifty miles out of the way. I did not gloat. I know I had an excellent "told you so" moment. My path could have gotten us there in twenty miles. Our relationship is such that we laughed at ourselves. Joe says he planned it all along. Right.

grace surrounds us


  1. Oh Olive, what a cute story! Ahem, he had it all planned, right!!!

    I am so happy I found your blog!


  2. I think I may be married to your husband's twin.

  3. Oh hi Nancy! I am thrilled to meet you!

    Debra, if he has a twin I am scared but no really he's a dear husband.

    xo y'all,

  4. This is great and so like yall. I miss that lazy cat!

  5. Lazy Cat misses you I presume. Who really knows what he thinks Butterfly! He's been asleep for hours in the man-chair.


  6. LOL! Love it! Reminds me of the time Rusty was driving us to Myrtle Beach & we ended up in North Carolina!

  7. Hello Dearest Ann and welcome. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Hi Olive-
    I am so glad I found your blog this evening.
    I will be back!
    I enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  9. Oh my gosh, I am EXACTLY the same way when it comes to direction!!! East and West mean NOTHING to me!!!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!


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