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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hidden Treasures At The Old House

I have lost an important quilt. It was on my daughter's bed when she was a small child. I believed it to be packed in a box somewhere here in the old house. We cannot find it.

Do you know how old houses in the South have rooms added on to them? This house has several. One was a beauty shop in the fifties. It has it's own porch. The current header photo for this blog is a picture of it's little window with Lady Banks Roses. The room itself is small with low ceilings. Unlike the thirteen foot ceilings in the rest of the house. The beauty shop is dark and full of curious artifacts. Two light bulbs dangle over the spider webs. Joe brought out three fabulous lamps. I have been looking for lamps at yard sales. I need to ask Joe to look in the innards of this old house before I buy anything!

We located three plastic boxes of mine from when we moved here. Apparently I never unpacked them. I think the contents must not have been critical. They have been fellow shipping with the spiders for seven years . The quilt was not in them. But HOLY BAT SHEETS ROBIN we found CC's Bat Man sheets. I always put them on the bed when she came with me to camp when I was a camp nurse.

There was gnashing of teeth and some mild wailing about the quilt. Regardless. It was not found. I do like that my child has a love for things from the past that have meaning. We have quilts made by my grandmother and Joe's mother(pictured above). Dishes from every one's mother. I try to tell CC how treasured they are. I think she's got it.

grace surrounds us



  1. Oh, I hope your quilt shows up!

    Your home sounds so interesting, there's nothing like living in a home with history and character.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Hi Anne,
    Well interesting is one way to put it. Another one is spooky and spidery...not a word...but the webs freak me out. The quilt may show up when I am not looking.


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