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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pink Thoughts Please

CC and I are having some lazy days. We are going to enjoy some girlie pursuits! She has six days off before summer school college session one starts. Then we pack her up and off she goes again. We are packing some fun into four days on a mini vacation at the yellow house. The C- Cat is with us. Joe could not come but he would tire of our girlie pursuits anyway.

Today is dye CC's hair pink day. Yes PINK. She will not wear most shades of pink but having her hair pink is entirely acceptable. We are going shopping in search of the perfect shade of pink. Wish us luck! Not to mention I always am anxious about my coloring skills.

Chicken salad is under construction. I roasted the chicken last night. It's a purple grape, lime, and garlic recipe with curry that all of us love. I make a vat of it. We always eat it all. Joe says he has to fight for his share. Not true, I save some for my Joe every time. Last night CC ate on the patio for the first time here at our little house. It is in the midst of the flower garden and is peaceful and lovely. I found an old chipppy black patio table with four chairs at a yard sale. I like them so much and have decided no paint is needed.

After supper last night CC swung in the swing and I lay in the hammock. The cat was beside me. It is so very quiet here. The most wonderful place for Joe and Olive to land after all.

Y'all think some pink thoughts for us please.

grace surrounds us


  1. You are amazing Olive, my friend, I love reading your posts! Please come back for a visit soon.
    Best of luck with the color job. Pink is something I've never tried, although mine has been "purple" as my nephew once told me! LOL,

  2. Hi Debra,
    I am thrilled to meet you. I love Common Ground. I am honored you follow my beginning blog here as I often have no idea what I am doing!


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