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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold, Homesick, Glass

It is bitterly cold here for our part of the south and our heat pump is having a difficult time keeping up with the frigid temps. The water stopped flowing this morning after I had been using it for hours. Curious yes? A street pipe had burst and now I am boiling water. It may be contaminated. Woot.

The happy, happy good news is CC will have finished her exams by tomorrow and I am fetching her from college and she will be home for a month! We will snuggle and boil water, no matter she will be HOME.

We have big plans. Baking gingerbread cookies, pound cake, toffee bars, and making fudge just for starters. Most to give away. Plus a tiny bit of shopping for her. She is homesick. She tells me on the phone every day she wants to come home.

I am frankly dizzied by all the blog parties. All of your homes are gorgeous. I am inspired every minute I read a blog. I am trying to catch up or maybe I will give up and just watch all of you and enjoy my kiddo. That sounds wonderful to me.

I do have two cloches photographed for Marty's cloche party and some snow globes.

The dining table vignette is kind of growing. No room for actual china. Who needs to sit down and eat? We have baking to do!

I have snow globes in the window seat. They have objects under glass. Not a cloche but I am overly fond of them.

Most of the snow globes play music. Did you you see Jack from "A Nightmare Before Christmas?" We love that movie and all of Tim Burton's movies.

Do visit Marty at A Stroll Thru Life  for far more beautiful cloches than mine. I am posting one day early because tomorrow is sheer craziness that should last until about Saturday.

grace surrounds us


  1. Great cloches Olive! Enjoy your daughters time at home. I am WAY behind this year and I might not get caught up...I am making peace with that :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  2. Dear Olive,
    Here's me going on about the snow that we've had and the freezing weather but, it's nothing like yours !! I hope that you thaw a bit by the time your daughter comes home.....not that it will matter. It sounds as if you will both have a great time catching up and geting ready for Christmas.
    Enjoy your time with her. XXXX

  3. It would be apparent that you daughter is a gift! Love the decorations.

  4. Hi Olive! So glad to hear your daughter will be coming home. It's tough on our kids sometimes being away from family! I know it was with my children.
    Now I love the sound of all of baking about to start! Hmmm...I can almost smell the cookies.
    I love seeing all of your Christmas decorating. I'm still trying to catch up!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Love it all!!! But I especially love the snow globe collection!!!

  6. Get under that beautiful new quilt girl, and stay warm! Boiling water......ughhh. I hope that is resolved in time for the baking. Glad you'll have your girl with you soon, enjoy!

  7. I love your snow globes!! I have always loved them since I was a kid. They are just magical to me. Maybe that is why I love cloches so much, too. I love the big gold ornament and the vignette on your table is pretty. Keep it there, eat at the counters!

    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time with your daughter. These are special times to savor. :-)


  8. Olive, it all looks great and very Christmasy. Oh, not a word. It is now. It is way too cold here isn't it. Our pond is frozen over and this is very early for that. It has not even melted. I know you are excited to have your daughter come home. Enjoy that time with her.

  9. Aw that was sweet thank you mom. I'm so excited for tomorrow! :)

  10. Olive,
    Hope the water issue is fixed soon. Glad to hear CC will soon be home!
    I love the cloche with the big gold round ornament in it, and Farmer Santa!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Love the cloches!! I have always wanted a few....but just haven't ever purchased any!!
    You've re-inspired me:)

  12. Hooray for family time - enjoy every minute with your daughter!


  13. Your snow globes are fantastic! Love them! Heat pump... what heat??? Up here in TN I'm calling mine ugly names...

  14. Dearest Olive-
    You just enjoy .
    It is all good and you are right on target.
    Now that I have been bossy-
    have a wonderful time baking and share your recipes!
    What are toffee bars?


  15. Hi Olive. How wonderful that your daughter is coming home, and I know you will enjoy your time together. All the baking sounds lovely too. We certainly don't do cloches here in England, but what a nice idea. I loved your snow globes collection. They look so effective. Hope your daughter gets home safe, and keep warm.

  16. I'm in NW GA & it's cold here too! I'm an IA transplant so I do enjoy the brisk weather (my GA husband thinks I'm CRAZY!)! We still sit on the front porch each AM & have a (quick) cup of coffee before we go off to work. Hope your house gets warmer & your water gets back to normal.

  17. Enjoy the time with your daughter. How sweet that she is homesick and misses you. Don;t you love it when they come home!

  18. I can just FEEL
    how excited you
    and CC are to be
    able to be together
    and enjoy this
    magical season.
    My girl collects
    Christmas snow globes
    and I just set her
    collection out,
    yesterday. My heart
    is already aching
    at the thought of
    her graduating HS
    in two and a half
    years and not having
    her with us for the
    whole holiday season.
    Enjoy your special
    time together!!
    xx Suzanne

  19. Oh I am so thrilled CC will be home and you can really enjoy Christmas. Your cloches are fabulous and the snow globes are just perfect for the party. They are the perfect cloche. I hope the water gets fixed, and enjoy all the baking. Such fun and what sweet memories. Thank for joining the party and God Bless your holiday. Hugs, Marty

  20. What is with the weather nowdays? Hope it gets a little warmer for you, so you won't be living in your very own snowglobe of a house.

  21. Olive, I understand your excitement for your daughter's return. Mine too comes home this week and my son in two weeks. It's always nice when everyone is together at last. Love all your snow globes and your mention of gingerbread has my mouth watering. Hope that water issue is over soon. Cold here in FL too! But I love it! Ann

  22. Your cloches are lovely. I'm so happy your dear one is almost home. Have a wonderful time with her - baking and snuggling!


  23. Olive, I love your cloches and your snow globes are so cute! Thanks for sharing and I'll be joining Marty's party as well. Enjoy your time with your sounds like you will.

    Have a wonderful day,

  24. I love the vignette in the window seat. THose are the cutest snow globes. I found a cute one for my MIL at Hallmark...thanks for the tips!

  25. Hello Olive... I do hope you have a nice time relaxing with your daughter and just enjoying having her home... have fun baking with her too!... I love all of your snowglobes... there is just something so magical and enchanting about them!... xoxo Julie Marie

  26. Go and have fun with your girl!!

  27. I can tell you and your daughter are so excited to be able to spend the Christmas season together again...and absolutely nothing else is important except that you are together.
    I know you will enjoy every minute of it.
    Your snow globe collection is wonderful and magical. I love the gold ornament under the cloche. Have a fabulous time with your daughter and share lots of hugs.

  28. Looks great Olive! Sorry to hear about your water, hope it's back to normal soon! We're dealing with the cold in Philly too... it's just beginning I'm afraid. Enjoy your time with CC:@)

  29. Olive,
    Your cloches are very cute! Love the snow globes too. I am very dizzied by all of the blog parties. I joined a lot of them and now I can't keep up with the commenting. I will give it a stab. Have a Merry Christmas.

  30. Your snowglobes are so cute. I have one.....and they are so cute with the mini figures inside!

  31. Hi Olive!

    Oh, your snowglobe collection is wonderful! And your table looks so festive with the Santas! Enjoy your time with CC and have fun baking!

  32. How fun that you will get some time with your daughters!! I wish my mom were near so I could get some Mom time with her!

    Love you cloches!

    Enjoy your time!

  33. Enjoyed seeing all your holiday decor - so pretty. When I saw your pretty snow globes, I remembered mine that I forgot to get out this season.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  34. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your kido! Pass on the blog parties. Mine will be home on the 16th and I can't WAIT! :)

    Stay warm!


  35. Love your post! This is my first Christmas season blogging and I wondered how it would all go! I so identify with you. I want to play, but I feel too little to hang with all the big kids! ha! I know you will love the time with your sweet girl. Best to you, Jacqueline

  36. Nice to hear the total christmas enthusiasm. Love the snow globes. It is cold, windy and dark here in Washington. But, have a jolly, happy winter anyway.

  37. I love your cloches and snow globes, Olive. Do you know you cannot hand carry snow globes in the airplane? I bought my son with a superman in it once and it got confiscated at the airport. I was so upset cause he collects supermen and I will never see one like it again....Christine

  38. Love your post! Your display is so whimical and I love snow globes too; especially the SnowBaby snowglobe since I collect SnowBabies myself! Thanks for sharing.

    Christmas blessings,

  39. Ah snowglobes think you might like my post for later today :) I am sorry you are having such cold and water problems and hope they are resolved soon. Have a wonderful month with your daughter, precious quality time.

  40. Love those Christmas globes!

    Susan and Bentley

  41. Have a wonderful time with your daughter, Olive and to heck with the water problems!

  42. Precious treasures gathered together in a precious home...


    Hope everything's OK when your daughter comes home.

    We have an early winter this year and it's freezing to -20 below zero degrees. If this winter stays long, the electricty bills will riff me off §;-)

    But for now, let's get party...

    Happy Paryt!

  43. Olive, your snow globes are soooo cute! I love snow globes too. That ornament and the stand it is on are beautiful under the cloche. And you have an entire little vignette under the other cloche - so unique! Your table looks so festive. Enjoy your time with your daughter. laurie

  44. Who needs china when you have such great Christmas decorations. Have fun with CC while she's home.

  45. Hi Olive...

    Ahhh...I love all of your pretty snowglobes! My daughter collects them so I am always on the lookout for a special or unique snowglobe! I think your Christmas table centerpiece looks fabulous, Olive! I agree...who needs to sit down to eat! Hehe!

    Well dear lady, it sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady...with CC coming home from college and all the activities that the Christmas season brings...enjoy sweet friend!!! sorry to hear that your water line broke...hope that it's fixed by now!

    Warmest Christmas wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  46. Olive, I love your cloches and your snowglobes and am so happy I found you through Marty's party. Your Santa holding the cat is similar to the one I have under my cloche. Mine is bending over, petting the cat. Happy holidays! Annie

  47. Oh Olive, I hope you have the most wonderful time. You sound like such a brilliant mummy. Really you do. So full of warmth and love and excitement.


  48. Oh Olive, I hope you have the most wonderful time. You sound like such a brilliant mummy. Really you do. So full of warmth and love and excitement.


  49. Hi Olive,
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter. My son came home yesterday...made it through his first semester of college and will be home for six weeks. Unfortunately he won't want to bake with me.
    Love all of your pretty cloches and snow globes.


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive