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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mysteries and The Mail

We drive by this little house often and why I like it is a mystery. 
I have a fabulous amount of disdain for cobwebs as we have so many real ones at our old house.

It is cute...okay I said it.

Now we do not know about you but we can barely get our house decorated for Christmas so how these folks accomplished this is frankly amazing. 
Amazing and very cute yet again.

The mail has been wonderfully exciting lately. This pin arrived from Jan at Gracie's Cottage just because she thought of me. That is so sweet.

These lovelies also arrived in the mail from Gail at Faithfulness Farm. I won her giveaway. She made the towels and they are long and generous in size.

Both these bloggers are friends of mine and I am proud to know them and follow their excellent blogs. Thanks bunches to both of you.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. Both houses have gobs of personality...that's a good thing for a house! I often dreamed of having Christmas wreaths hanging in each window with a candle, but it has never been the hubs dream...;-D

    Hurray on your gifts...I LOVE Gooseberry Patch!!

    Have a great weekend, Olive!


  2. How I love the USA. (I really mean that, by the way! )

  3. I love all the color with the second house.

  4. How sweet Olive,the homes and the gift. Have a great weekend.

  5. Those are great looking houses and I especially love the first one...there are no Halloween decorations at my house, no fall decor...I just haven't been able to put my happy summer sea colored stuff away this year for some reason. (might as well wait til Christmas now!)

    Glad you like your pin and congrats on your win!


  6. I love that first little house too, and the second one looks just like our last house only the colors are different! I used to be good about decorating the outside of my house for all the different holidays...but I've gotten lazy!

    I love your wonderful wins and gifts, congratulations!

    Kat :)

  7. Wonderful decorating on these houses..I do good to get just a LITTLE decorating INSIDE, much less outside. :))
    I love Gooseberry Patch and these little ones look great....

  8. Have a wonderful Halloween.
    Boo to you!

  9. The houses look cool! Congrats on the wins! So... whatcha baking? Happy Halloween Weekend:@)

  10. What lovely gifts you received Olive.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Love that first house. It is charming.

  12. I love both houses -- porches always get my attention as do lots of windows but I am with you on the cobwebs, lol.

    The pin is lovely -- enjoy all your goodies sweet friend :)


  13. congrats on the win!
    Thanks for being there for me recently, appreciate your friendship!


  14. When I first looked at the top picture I thought those cobwebs were real and I thought - by heck, they've got some blooming big spiders over there :0)

  15. Lovely gifts in the mail, I especially like the pin! I haven't done one thing for halloween - I feel like an old grump that I have not. I need to buy a pumpkin and get with the program. Ann

  16. Love folks who really get in the holiday spirit. Those houses are both fabulous, thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Oh I love that first house -- even with the cobwebs. (Right there with you on the old house/cobweb thing. What IS it with that???)

    Lovely things you got in the mail. Our big delivery today was about 7 inches of snow! Nuts.

    And -- question: How do you make pimento cheese?

    Happy Halloween!
    PS Those people with all the wreaths on their house? Very cute but YIKES . . . I'll bet their sock drawers are frighteningly well organized.

  18. Hahahaha -- me again!
    I just commented (above) and didn't realize that the computer was on my Husband's Gmail account....

    So it's not really HOWARD ... but Cass, from That Old House, in a cunning disguise.

    Since I figure you probably know dozens of other people names "Cass."


  19. I love how these houses are decorated. I am such a slug when it comes to holiday decor. SO I really appreciate the effort these folks went to. I love the cobwebs on the first cute house.

  20. I've got plenty of cobwebs of my own, and they're real! I love looking at decorated houses, but I too struggle to get mine decorated for Christmas. That's about it for me. Maybe some mums and pumpkins strewn about for fall.
    Glad you caught these great pics and shared them. Both houses are awesome.
    (love that necklace!)


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