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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lemonade Lunch On the Patio

Lemonade and lunch on the patio one week ago.
 If it were today we would be wet and needing HOT coffee. 
Now let's assume Olive knows how to tablescape, which she does not, 
and follow her into the flower garden. Remember recently I did a Near Tablescape
 This one is it's cousin.

Do you see those pale pink poppies just in the background? 
I planted one last year and now have a hundred and fifty. 
How's that for multiplication and invasion?

I am using mixed silver plate flatware and Red Willow dishes.
I recently found them and could not leave them at a garage sale. 
I made room for a set of eight blue and red in my pantry. 
The food is secondary to the classic, and yet scrumptious plates. 
It must have been a set of about fifty or more pieces and the sellers
wrapped each piece and carried them to my Jeep.
That was kindness and they were thanked profusely.

The pink glasses are so sweet to me and we rarely use them.
 Must correct that.

Lemonade-Trader Joe's (we travel 90 miles to get there)
Red Willow Dishes-garage sale (for ten dollars, crazy I know)
Silver plate flatware-my Aunt Judy's
Vintage Tablecloth-Catholic Thrift Store
Pink Glasses-garage sale
Lenox Vase-Granny's (CC's Grandmother's)

Another Near Tablescape By Olive and goodness gracious I forgot napkins. 
 My bowls are crooked too. 
I cannot be trusted with fork or spoon placement.

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Tomorrow May 15, 2012 Hold Everything Lightly #10 will post. 
Title and topic yet to be decided. 
I keep telling myself deadlines breed creativity .

joy and peace


  1. Very pretty. Love all those poppies.

  2. I love your "near tablescapes"! They are always relaxed and comfortable and oh so pretty!

  3. I think your table top is beautiful! Great pieces. Can u come plant a poppy here? I can not get them to grow...drats!

  4. Looks like a great table setting and a beautiful spot to enjoy it. Yes, little wet out, but clearing here.

  5. I think your tablescape is just beautiful Olive, and I love your dishes!... all of your flowers are so pretty too,and so is the new look of your blog!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. you have inspired me..I think I might have to try a near tablescape too...not so good at the whole tablescape thing....but I love to gather and mix and plan.....hmmm.
    your pictures are beautiful as they always are..looking forward to your post tomorrow.....
    p.s. what kind of camera do you use? one day I will purchase a better one than I have now....
    hope Joe is much better..

  7. Thanks for the memories. The forks were my grandmother's table service. All from a big wooden chest. We're down to the last couple of forks now. My grandson is confused by them, putting the silver away, as if it must go with castoffs somewhere else. I tell him "That's grandma's favorite fork," and he puts it in the fork place in the drawer.

  8. Your tablescape is WONDERFUL!! It couldn't be more perfect ~ even without the napkins. Your red willow is a steal in my part of the country! :-)
    Your garden is such a lovely spot for your outdoor table setting. Love it!
    Mary Alice

  9. Your table setting and patio are beautiful! What a nice way to enjoy a glass of lemonade! I just love the mixture of silverware, so pretty!

  10. A-plus, over the top, pro tablescape. (No "near" about it!) Every single shot is delectable. Who needs food? That first shot is delightful.

  11. My kind of tablescape, Olive! It's really lovely. I'm smitten with the poppies, too.

  12. Just delightful Olive! Pretty setting and great photos too.

  13. Beautiful. Love the red cloth. I have that patio set too.

  14. I am loving your beautiful near tablescapes, Olive.

  15. I can't make things straight either so I didn't even notice. ;)

  16. Looks good to me. The pale poppies are very pretty too.

  17. It's perfect; inviting and elegant. When I read about how far people travel to TJs I geel guilty ~ we have 3 in our town. I'm going to appreciate them more!

  18. Save a seat for me Olive. That is just my kind of tablescape and that lemonade looks pretty and delicious. The garden setting is so inviting. I hope you enjoyed it. Patty

  19. Your table is beautiful. I love the colors. I would be happy to come and have lemonade there with you.

  20. I'll be over with the fake champagne and strawberries and we'll give those pink glasses a workout!

  21. I LOVE this cheery and colorful table, Olive....
    and I love your adorable personality even more. :))

    I just pinned your table, by the way.

  22. What a happy table, Olive, and now you've got me craving that lemonade.
    I really do need to make a trip to Trader Joe's - only 30 miles for me.


  23. Oh, what a lovely tablescape -- I'd love to enjoy lunch and lemonade in that setting :)

    Wishing you a belated Happy Mother's Day :)


  24. Hi Olive! foot! Honey, you've nailed it. Your table looks so pretty all set up out doors! I love the red willow and have some myself.
    The pink lemonade looks perfect!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Beautiful table!! I love your tablecloth and I certainly would have grabbed up those dishes as well, what a great deal! Those pink glasses are so pretty.

    Have a wonderful evening!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  26. Olive,
    This is adorable!!! I am smitten with your pink stemware!!!I do believe that everytime I photograph the flatware on my tables...they adjust themselves! Always, always, mine are Crooked!!! Just goes to show my chosen blog title is so~o~o fitting! Ha! Thanks for stopping in with your sweet visit and comment!
    P.S. Visiting from Table Top Tuesday!

  27. I love how the red tones pop against the greenery. It all looks fantastic.

  28. The colors are great and I'm lovin' that tablecloth! Looks like a lovely spot to enjoy a sip:@)

  29. Hello Olive:
    Just found your blog...
    Such delightful shots...
    You are a girl after my own heart...
    Perhaps you will visit me...
    Linda :o)

  30. Olive,
    The color alone and everything else makes it such a pretty table. Very pretty.

  31. LOL at the poppies, Olive! Probably something you least expected. Isn't that always the way? I LOVE those dishes! What a score! They are beautiful and I love your tablescape. The glasses are great, too.

  32. No expert here, but I would say you NAILED the tablescape. I love the tablecloth!!! Can't wait for the next one!

  33. Very pretty and I love that color!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  34. I love eating outdoors outdoor and your tablescape is beautiful! I love the red and white tablecloth. Thanks for visiting, Laura

  35. Such a pretty table...and a great place to eat outside!! Wonderful colors!! Have a great day!!

  36. How lovely, Olive! I'd love to join you at that table! Wonderful finds, too!

  37. You tablescape is fabulous. I think you do an amazing job. Love your garden also. The pink is so pretty and I love your red transferware. Gorgeous tablecloth also. Love it all. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  38. I thought the crooked bowls were charming! Your setting looks "real"! That tablecloth is such a great color and I have a "thing" for pink glassware, so I love yours!

  39. Ah, loved this little
    getaway into your garden!
    Beautiful in every way,
    my friend....

    xo Suzanne

  40. I'm in heaven here at your table. The multiplying flowers in the background make it perfect. I found your post at Savvy Southern Style's link party.


  41. How lovely...especially the beautiful tablecloth! Enjoy your week!

  42. Olive, I LOVE your tablescape and the bright pink color with your black wrought iron patio set. I love using that color on my deck, since I have so much black, gray and white there. What a fabulous buy on your red willow. I'd love to go to Trader Joe's but it's a bit of a hike for us too. I like their "two buck Chuck" wine. (Charles Shaw). :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  43. I just love your red tablecloth and your red transferware together! I would feel so comfortable having lemonade and lunch at your table.

  44. I can never find anything at garage sales. You really scored here. Your whole set up is very pretty and I love the colors.

    Robin Flies South

  45. You are a lucky woman to have all those beautiful poppies! I have a similar story...I planted a few forget-me-not plants, and I think I have 200 this year. I love your cheery table that is filled with lovely bargain pieces. Visiting from Let's Dish. Have a nice week!

  46. What a pretty setting! love your tablecloth and pink stemware.

  47. Your tableware & flatware is lovely. I found you through Savvy Southern Style and I'm now following you, I would love for you to follow back. Tx

  48. OK, let's go back to this thing about the pink poppies. Seriously? You planated just one and they have multiplied that quickly and profusely? I NEED some of those!!! What kind are they??? I love poppies for arrangements, but I have never attempted to grow any. I am probably as gardening challenged as they come! :-) Your tablescape is lovely. Even if the dishes aren't all laid out and the napkins are missing, it still counts as a tablescape! I'm totally in love with those pink glasses!!! Are you sensing a pattern here? Love the pink poppies, pink glasses....!!! Well done!

    1. I bought one of those pink flowers late last summer and this spring they have taken over. I thought, initially, they were weeds until they bloomed. I do not remember the name of them and I just started a garden journal.

  49. I love your bargains! Oh how I wish I had some red willow...what a deal!!!

  50. I love this table Olive! Between your silver, pink stems, red willow dishes, and blooms in your garden~ spoon & fork placement are immaterial :)

  51. Well Olive, I don't know what you are talking about when you say your don't know how to tablescape! This is lovely, happy and inviting! What could be better? Beautifully put together.

  52. "Near tablescape?" Looks like the real thing to me!

  53. Who says you don't know how to tablescape? This is great! It looks so relaxed and just thrown together when clearly it wasn't.

    - The Tablescaper

  54. Very pretty outdoors table! You did a great job. I do plain and simple tablescapes, but love to see the big time tablescaping artists, don't you?

  55. Gorgeous.. Lucky you on the dishes! The tablecloth is a perfect backdrop. Xo marlis

  56. Olive, I don't know what you are talking about! You are a terrific tablescaper. I adore that red and white table cloth and all the red details of this tabletop. Simple is always a great approach. Kudos!

  57. Everything looks so wonderful!

  58. Love your beautiful table! A tipped bowl or crooked piece of silverware makes a table "real" and all the more endearing. Visiting from Let's Dish,& now following you.

    Please send me a poppy! :-) Pam

  59. oooh, I hope the poppies we planted spread.... fingers crossed.
    Visiting from Let's Dish this week.
    Lovely setting for lunch. And what a bargain for those dishes!

  60. Olive DOES know how to scape no doubt abOUT it! :)
    Being a Catholic, and having gone to Catholic school right through Graduate School, I am asking to Pope to ask you to send that cloth from the Catholic Thrift Shop to me. It is gorgeous! What wonderful color and design. Love your almost scape, and the poppies too. I need some of them too! :)
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish, where you are always welcome and where the link is always up at 7! :)

  61. Olive, do you know the name of the pink poppies in the background? They look like they would go great with the wildflower called pink primroses in Texas. The table is beautiful!


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