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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr. Smirk

I have decided to name my old concrete pumpkin.

He is now Mr. Smirk.

A fitting moniker don't you think?

I believe I showed him last year but he is worth another look and hey now he has a name.
He is a tad sinister.

Clovis the C-Cat had to get in the image.
Photo hog.

This is our yellow house for those new to the blog.

The side door wreath, all garage sale items. 
There is a rusty jack o' lantern face in it that is difficult to see and we keep thinking there is someone at the door.

 We do not have elaborate outside fall decorations but we do have fun as usual and we are thrifty.
The two wreaths cost less than six dollars for both. I have had Mr. Smirk for maybe twenty or more years.

Linking to Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday,
Honey at 2805 for Potpourri Friday.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. That is a perfect name! Looking very nice on that porch!!

  2. I just think it's too cute that you name your pumpkins! Great name too, Olive!


  3. Nice to meet you Mr. Smirk. Clovis has your number I see and isn't afraid to sit right by you. All the pumpkins look lovely. Ann

  4. Hi Olive, I just love your porch and all of your Autumn decorations, especially Clovis checking out Mr. Smirk, too cute!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. He is a bit sinister looking :)


  6. Great name Olive! Beautiful photograph there with Mr. Smirk and your sweet kitty! Perfect fall touches!

  7. Love Mr Smirk (super name for him!!) and I love the display on your front porch.

  8. I love Mr Smirk. Cute as can be. Love the yellow house Olive. I don't decorate much. I have just a few things I put out inside. The change is nice. Hope you are having a good day.

  9. I have Mr. Smirk's cousin, but he's made out of clay (I think). I love your thrifty decor.

  10. Lovin' Mr. Smirk, that's my kind of fun Halloween decoration! Love your fuzzy little camera hog too:@)

  11. Mr Smirk is so lucky getting to live with you. As always your images are stunning!

    I appreciate you linking to Potpourri Friday! You are such a big help in making it a success!

  12. Oh I like Mr. Smirk, Olive. I think he is cute...Stop by and sign up for my giveaway if you have a chance....Christine

  13. Oh Miss Olive, the face at the door is a hoot -- I would be jumping every time I passed that door. A rusty iron face, no less.

    And you have a see-ment punkin? Wherever did you get him? He's really neat. Mr Smirk is a rock star.

    Haha -- rocks. Cement. Yeah.

    Meanwhile the cat is a supermodel, you can just tell.

    And I think it's bedtime for me. I'm getting blog loopy.

  14. Love Mr. Smirk - so cool a looking dude...

  15. Glad you're not looking at Mr. Smirk's face in your door, that would be very creepy...eeeck! Love those Georgia clay pumkins! xoxo

  16. Hi Olive...

    Hehe...I love Mr.Smirk! Yes, a very befitting name for that fellow! My friend, your autumn porch is looking lovely. You caught some great photos with the sunlight too! Love your grapevine basket with the old rusty scarecrow face! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your beautiful autumn with us!

    I also checked out your last post as well! I just love that pretty white pumpkin vignette with the deer antlers...gorgeous!!!

    Thanks so much for coming by yesterday and taking a peek at my autumn table! Sure enjoyed your visit and sweet note, my friend!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  17. The name fits...
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. I'm Loving Mr. Smirk~ I think he maybe the Coolest Pumpkin I have ever seen.... That Kitty Cat Clovis is Pretty sweet too ~ My Cat Elliott, always seems to walk into the photo too...
    Have a wonderful weekend

  19. Love his nose. It's an upside down heart. Have a great weekend!

  20. Mr. Smirk is a cutie and I don't remember meeting him last year!

    Enjoy your evening,

  21. I like him! Your kitty looks like a sweetheart too.

  22. Love the cement pumpkin!
    That photo with the tree shadows is so cool too, Olive!
    Your kitty is so sweet.



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