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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Buffet, A Work In Progress

The buffet, at our yellow house, got tweaked after that moving sale we swooped upon last week. I do not consider it finished yet and we are currently at our old house but I plan to add holly greenery and pine cones from our yard.
We scored this vintage riding helmet at the sale for two dollars. Can you stand it?
I put it on the swan just for a lark and sort of liked it there and so it stays.

The oval print is old and chippy, just how I like them. 
Also found on frat row in Athens, Georgia.

The Santa mugs are vintage and from our local consignment store that we sell at.
The ironstone teapot is from a local thrift store. 
The ceramic cherub urn is from another moving sale last Saturday. 
The small metal urn was one dollar at Goodwill.

The live topiary is from Trader Joe's.
  The buffet needs something. 
I think it's more greenery.
When we return to the yellow house I will work on it.

You, my peeps, are the experts give me some help with this buffet.
You cannot hurt my feelings, remember I used to run a clinic, as a RN, in a state prison.

Linking with Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

Honey at 2805 for Potpourri Party.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. No wonder you are such a tough nut, Olive. I want to know about the metal wings???? I think, in my very humble opinion, some more red is needed too. A small wreath hanging around swan-the-riding-student's neck perhaps?? You got some great finds. Ann

  2. A runner to hold the collection together...

  3. A state hospital, huh?

    Your buffet is lovely, but I do agree that a runner will hold the collection together. You know me, I love red!

    Thank you for sharing and linking to Potpourri Friday!

  4. I vote for the runner...

  5. The buffet looks wonderful...that is a neat hat!! Those Santa mugs look very familiar...were they popular back in the day because I think we had them growing up.


  6. Olive you always score the best stuff! I'm hankering for those darling angel wings *winks* Wouldn't they look great on one of my boudoir dolls? *Hinty Hiney* What a great score on that riding hat too. I don't think I've ever found one that cheap and I have a few of em.
    I'm agreeing with the others about a runner (How bout burlap?) and some tall topiaries would be nice. As it currently sits you have too many things and they're too close to the same size (JMHO. And you well know I'm no decorator so take all advice from me with a grain *or possibly sack* of rice *winks*) But I'd keep that swan and helmet front and center *winks* That's just perfect! Vanna

  7. Goodness, what a hat! Olive, love your runner! Your work in progress is perfect! I'll be back!

  8. Love your buffet, the swan is fabulous and that hat is a fantastic buy. Everything is lovely. I agree, maybe a runner or greenery. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Olive! You were? Wow, I'm impressed! Okay, I'm in agreement with the others, a runner would look so nice! ;)
    Love all your pretties! I like your new Christmasy header!
    Be a sweetie,

  10. That hat is a hoot. Love it. You find the best stuff.

  11. Thank you so much for visiting -- I love making new friends and finding new blogs, and you are new to me.

    I like that hat and what you did with it. I have my Daddy's old bowler and I am thinking of doing something with it this year in the holiday decorating frenzy. I don't have a duck, but...

  12. I love that you bought the riding helmet for only a few bucks! Love that swan, too. I agree with the others who suggested using a scarf or runner - diagonally scrunch it underneath everything. Here are some other ideas- take them with a grain of salt and then tell me to go jump in the lake if you think they are lame!
    I think using some books for some elevation would help. Place that wonderful candlestick on them and place the teapot in front of it, with the spout facing inwards. Move the plate directly beneath the picture. Turn the swan to face the opposite direction and elevate the topiary slightly behind it. Just play with positioning until it looks "right." Have fun with it! :-) Sue

  13. I had santa mugs like that when I was a kid, I loved them and felt special when we used them. Thanks for saying that good memory, also thanks for stooping by, Laura

  14. Now $2 for that hat was a it!!! Can you find one for me?


  15. I vote for a runner too...just a bit more color...looks great!

  16. I like it as is, but I'm a sucker for swans in riding hats!
    I tend to lean towards smoke and mirrors when it comes to Christmas deco. I use flat mirrors under everything and lights laid around. A little greenery goes a long way.
    P.S. When I first read "state hospital" I thought "Oh Law...she'll be coming for me next!"

  17. My daughter wanted
    me to get those same
    topiaries at TJ's last
    night! I wasn't sure
    where they would go,
    so told her to sit tight
    until I do! We did buy
    one of those cute mini
    cypress trees and some
    great evergreen swags.
    LOVE that riding hat!

    xx Suzanne

  18. The black and white is a great backdrop. I am anxious to see it all done and your home sparkling for the holidays. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  19. That helmet was made for that swan! Your buffet looks wonderful. If you want to add anything I agree that a runner or some candles would look great. The swan and the riding helmet is really the focal point. You are amazing with all the wonderful treasures you find.

  20. Girl, you crack me up! Lovin' the little Santa mugs. We had hot cocoa in them during the Christmas season when I was a kid. ahhhhh nostalgia...(probably not THOSE exact mugs, but you know what I mean)xoxo

  21. Ok asked. I love the idea of a wreath around the ducks neck. I think some books giving the items all different heights would be great too. Everything is wonderful...I have learned so much about vignettes on the blogs...I always battle with heights!! Have fun playing!!

  22. Olive, You found some GREAT treasures at a GREAT price! I'm impressed as always!!!

    XO, Aimee from


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