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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Sleigh

This enormous sleigh is to be found on this porch every Christmas. 
I have met the owner of this house and admire her attention to detail.
I am so happy I stopped what I was doing today to take these pictures.

Look at the tiny package filled wagon and the dollhouse.

The chalkboard is another level of detail that is marvelous.

A Christmas tree reclines in the rear of the sleigh.

This is the view of the wide porch. 
Not every one can put a big sleigh on their porch but I am glad she does and does it so well.

The Grinch lives across the street from the sleigh and a delightful couple lives in this house.

The wreath coordinates with The Grinch.
Good planning.

The entire time I was snapping these images Mr. Squirrel was making the loudest racket while eating this huge nut.

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Happy Christmas


  1. Fun decorations and I have to laugh at the squirrel, I was watching them this morning myself and they seemed even more animated than usual! Happy Weekend:@)

  2. Your neighbors certainly are in the spirit of things, Olive. Such darling displays. I peeked at your beautiful cards. Your compositions are wonderful! I've never taken enough time to do that sort of thing, but I would love it. Your subjects are spectacular!

  3. love your pics and your nut loving watcher- the sleigh is awesome- love one at the homestead.
    Merry Christmas,

  4. Hi Olive, I just love that sleigh and that they are keeping the tradition going... the other decorations are cute too, and I LOVE Mr. Squirrel enjoys his nut... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Amazing that stuff doesn't get stolen. I guess even in the criminal element world there is some point of dignity and respect when it comes to holidays.

  6. That squirrel is hilarious!

    LOVE that sled. Oh to own and have a spot for one of those! I just would not want to store it!

    The grinchy wreath is adorable. Love that checked ribbon! Thanks for scouting the neighborhood for inspirations for the rest of us, Olive!


  7. I love the sleigh! and the grinch with matching wreath are great! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm now a follower!

  8. Olive,
    What a wonderful sleigh! It is perfectly staged, even to the tree in the back and the candy cane antler-y type thing with it. And the Grinch wreath is terrific.

  9. That is so fun. I would love to have a huge old sleigh like that.

  10. Cute pictures. Love the squirrel. They are selling a big red sleigh at our Home Goods this year.

  11. Love the sleigh, it is decked out beautifully! Thanks for sharing, Laura

  12. What a fun display! Reminds me of Christmas in Iowa years ago!
    Hope you & Joe have great holiday!

  13. I think Mr. Squirrel thinks you were invading his privacy while dining. Very cute post.

  14. Love that porch all decked out like that. It's so much fun to walk the neighborhood and see everyone's handiwork. I like the grinch decor too. That's so creative. That squirrel stole the show though. I can't believe he didn't run from you. He is as cool as a cucumber eating his nut! My dog would've made a mad dash for him and ruined that shot. Ha!

  15. Oh, how wonderful to have that sleigh and all the fun things she has put with it. Love your squirrel! Ann

  16. Oh I love that sleigh. How nice you get to see that every year. Our street is the bah humbug street. I wish it were more festive.

  17. Oh I have always wanted a cart, or something to decorate in the yard...that is so cute and so is the grinch!!

  18. Wow, such a unique porch decoration...I love it! So nice when the neighborhood decorates...makes it even more special!

  19. A gorgeous post, Olive! Enjoyed seeing these homes!

  20. What a wonderful sleigh and I really love the chalkboard. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  21. I have always thought it would be neat to have a sleigh (but be real, where the heck would I store it?) My moms friend had one that went out in the front yard every christmas season.

  22. I'm glad you stopped to take these pics too. Love the sleigh, and the grinch is a riot.

  23. I bet the little squirrel stopped making loud munching noises once you took his picture. Poor thing - what a squirrel has to do to be noticed ;)

    "She" loves the Grinch. Me? Well besides the squirrel, I do like the sleigh - looks like a few good places in there still to nestle down and get a few winks of nap...

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!



  24. What a fabulous sleigh, filled with goodies! Your neighbors are certainly are filled with Christmas spirit. The wreath is adorable and so is your nut cracker!

    Thank you for sharing and linking to Potpourri Friday.

  25. Wow the sleigh is beautiful. This is so fun to see others decorations. Thanks for showing us!

  26. Thank you for sharing the season at Potpourri Friday! May you have a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!

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