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Friday, December 2, 2011


Note the reflection of the tree in the ornament.
 It was not planned but I am liking it.
I trained at one of the stores I consign at on the square today.
Just to help out on occasion and have fun in the process.
Surely if I used to administer morphine drips I can run a cash register.
That is what I keep telling myself.
I do know how to make change.
Many young people have no clue how to make change these days thanks to everything being digital.
On a completely different topic I managed to add PAGES (under the header) to this blog this week.
I surprised myself. If you slog through and read the novella ABOUT ME you are pretty.

Joe and I hope you have a terrific weekend. 



  1. I love the pretty milk glass vase with the single ornament. So simple, yet so elegant. Enjoy your extra duties, but always have fun!

  2. Hi Olive! Good for you to help out at the little shop some! Look at you, you're the smartest one adding pages! :) I added some too, but I had a complete tutorial from another blogger! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That is pretty and I do spy your tree in it. Don't work too hard.

  4. OK, I read your novella. Very nice. I never knew those bullseye shaped things are called bullseye molding. Make sense now. Hope Joe approves of your photo, because I love it. Very artsy.

  5. I love when those reflections happen!

  6. I consign too! I love making money off of things I no longer use. I enjoy knowing other people like my stuff enough to pay for it too. Ha! That's great that you're going to be helping out there. That should be fun. You'll get to see things that come in the door before other people do. That's a bonus!

  7. I love the reflection in the ornament. You are so creative and artsy, Olive!
    I hope you enjoy helping out at the consignment shop. I think that sounds like a lot of fun. Very cool. Have a great weekend.

  8. Thanks so much for the kind comment on my toolbox window sill decor! Now I'm checking out those new pages of yours!

  9. I like your Seasonal header and I now know a little more about Olive and Joe. :)

  10. Oh, what a wonderful surprise to capture that reflection.

    As a homeschool family I taught my children how to make change -- I hate having my change handed to me in a wad with a *here's your change*. Youngest ended up cashiering in a grocery store for a while and they were flabbergasted when she was training that she already knew how to count back change -- still makes me shake my head, lol.

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  11. Very pretty! And I see your tree reflected in the ornament!


  12. are u sure? seems like most of us RN's hate math! :)
    sounds like fun actually!

  13. Oh, I LOVE the reflection! Perfect! Good luck with the register. I'm sure you'll do well. It's not one of my fortes. I'm terrible at anything that has to do with numbers. LOL

  14. Gorgeous vase - great idea with the ornament.

  15. I get a bit out of comfort zone trying new things too. You'll do fine with the cash register, I know you will. Love the reflection too.

  16. your blog looks really good...don't you just love those little surprise photos that turn out way better than what we were looking at thru the lense? I do...

  17. I read your little novella and learned a few things- like Joe reading blogs! How fun that he shares that interest with you. My own husband likes to go thrifting and shopping w/me and loves it as much as I do. Like seeing your tree's reflection in the ornie! I'm taking a break from my own decorating. I'm starting the tabletops now that the trees are finally done! Halleluia~ Amen!

  18. I love that reflection...:)
    I would LOVE to work in a consignment fun that would be.
    xoxo bj

  19. This is a beautiful shot Olive! Love the milk glass and ornament..the reflection is icing on the cake.

  20. I know what you mean about making change. At the school where I work counting money and making change are both still in the curriculum. Once the kids learn it though it's probably forgotten due to lack of use. Sort of like Geometry (not my best subject!) Have fun but don't work too hard...Happy Sunday Olive!

  21. Olive,
    your hat is fabululous, looks to cute on the swan! Now that, I never thought of! Your little oranament with the reflection is sweet, a little sparkle is always good, one way or another! Love your holiday header and you've added pages,you are the clever girl! Even though I get little twinges every once in a while for change, I'm not savvy enough to do much of anything on my blog so just leave well enough alone! Looking forware to seeing more Christmas!

  22. A beautiful reflection, Olive, and a lovely image!


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