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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Mirror mirror on the wall we love you best of all.

Joe and I have had a gold mirror here and various large prints but we think this is the best focal point so far. We really are searching for an old rusty gate but it escapes us.

Now you may ask how do we switch out so many objects up there?
Do we have a huge budget? 
No, we are cheap.
Joe found this mirror last Saturday, covered in dirt, at a yard sale, and paid two dollars for it.
Yes $2.00.
That is our budget.
What is your best find?
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  1. I love that mirror and it looks great hanging there.

    My best find.....the $100.00 Mackenzie Childs pitcher for $1.25 at my favorite thrift store...and this was just a couple weeks ago. :)

  2. Hi Olive! Your mirror is gorgeous and love the reflection! Your living room is beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Beautiful mirror. And you can't beat the price. Ya'll must be good yard sale shoppers. I love yard sales but I hate getting out so early on a Sat morning. I really should as I know there are always a bargains to be found. You have set a pretty table. It is so festive and inviting.

  4. Unreal find. I love the mirror, what a beautiful shape. Looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  5. Olive, what a lovely mirror. It looks wonderful above your fireplace and the price can't be beat! I know I get so much more enjoyment out of things when I find them on the cheap or if they have a family story behind them. It's so much more fun than going to the mall! Ann

  6. Oh I love that mirror, and I love it even MORE that it was covered in dirt and cost two bucks.

    Cheap and dirty, that's how I like 'em. :-P

    My best find? Oh yikes ... that's a tough one! I'll have to get back to you on that!
    Merry Christmas, Cass

  7. PeRfeCt place for that Mirror!*!*!
    My BeSt Find: Vintage Blue Bottle Brush Tree at a thrift store - $1.00 ~ OMG!!!
    HaPPy!-HoLiDays Olive & Joe...
    Jeanine Burkhardtt

  8. I found a gorgeous old plaster mirror on the side of the road for trash. My kids were little and I had the double stroller, which I made them get out of so I could push the heavy mirror home. They were crying because it was so far to walk....(not really) and wanted to be pushed.

  9. I think someone is snatching up all the old rusty gates in the world. I wanted one for my office to use as a bulletin board, but never see them anymore. Love the shape of the mirror.

  10. Olive, I like the fact that you change things out. I have found great things "junking". I'll have to get some pictures, since you've made me think of everything i find special. Smiles, Susie

  11. Fabulous find! It looks wonderful, Olive!

  12. Oh yes $2 is a good budget. Not sure I could top that:) Makes me wonder what ppl are thinking getting rid of something so beautiful. Maybe into some modern look no doubt. Lucky you!


  13. The mirror looks great. Love your budget. lol I switch things around constantly, and on the cheap. It just takes creativity.

  14. OMG $2??!! That's amazing! I love your quatrefoil mirror! Hmmm I've found lots of good deals (I think) but my best is probably an antique LV turn of the century trunk for $50 worth 3-4k easily *winks* Vanna

  15. What a great find! and the cost is perfect! Your living room is beautifully decorated! Merry Christmas!

  16. Thats a great find at any price but wow 2.00.. I think you win FIND of the month.. it looks beautiful and good luck on your gate search.

  17. Wonderful mirror Olive.

    I love how you photographed the reflection of the tree.

  18. Oh, wow! What a deal! It looks great, too. And see? It's so easy to change out things when we didn't have to pay much for them. Yep. Yard sales, estate sales and thrift shops are the best way to go.

  19. ha! I am back again... to say that for the last two years I did no Christmas baking -- just couldn't get into it.
    But this year, I'm stepping up to the plate, although I hope it's not a plate FILLED WITH COOKIES.

    Cause that's something I do NOT need! I think I need a padlock on the cookie tins.

    And now ... I need to step away from the computer before moss grows up my North side.

  20. $2.00 seriously? What a find! Your mirror is gorgeous.

  21. Why don't I ever find something as cool as that mirror, I ask you?

  22. Fabulous mirror! Have a lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  23. My budget too!! I like that mirror...a LOT!

  24. Woo Hoo!!! You two are always finding the best stuff. Love your find, Joe! No sales here- too cold and wet. Spring can't get here fast enuf. LOL


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