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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Painted Coffee Table

I painted the top of this small coffee table a creamy white color last week. 
I finished it this past Saturday. 
I paid next to nothing for it because the top was damaged.
I found that cute bottle at Goodwill.

I like how it turned out. 
Slightly distressed and not perfect. 

Shelly Cooper Shepherd Puppy has come out to play. 
He and Clovis throw down.
 I call them Fight Club.
Clovis (my cathas a no puppy tolerance policy. 
Clovis would make Garfield seem cheerful and friendly.
Shelley, as I pen this, is destroying a pool noodle. 
We have to channel his ripping and shredding into
 ripping and shredding objects we have no affection for.

Life is sweet here with both the fur babies.

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Back to the table...can you believe I painted a piece of furniture?
I am starting to paint a round coffee table today.
That is if I get out of my pj's.

joy and peace


  1. Shelly looks so big from behind! Poor Clovis. just had surgery you have reason to feel like not doing to much..what is my excuse? :)

  2. Beautiful dog - and table too! Was Clovis named after Jerry Clower's friend?

    1. No, from a Stephen King cat character. I read too much:} Or was it a movie?

  3. Shelley is huge!!! At least she's not chewing on the table, right?

  4. Su funny, Olive! Our cat and dog are best buds! Thankfully!
    LOVE the table find and the way you brought it back to life!

  5. It really is amazing what paint will do. I know I said it before but so true! It's so nice. I love things that are not so "perfect" it just gives it all character. O...Shelly is beautiful!

  6. It is possible to carried away with painting Olive, Joe had better watch out.
    Shelley is a big dog now, will he grow any bigger?

  7. I love how you describe Clovis! I'm glad to see Shelly is not chewing on that table.
    You table turned out great! I love painting on furniture. I just painted a little table red and antiqued it. Love how it turned out. I haven't taken a picture of it yet.
    Love your new header too!

  8. Shelly is getting so big, like a gangly teenager! The table turned out great and nothing will be safe from your paint brush from here on in. How do I know this? I'm in the middle of painting my kitchen cupboards. ~ Maureen


  9. OHHHHH I LOVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE dogs and miss mine, when I fully retire I will have 2 pugs for sure

    I love painting furniture and so fun to find things cheap at yard sales and goodwill here is not cheap , that table would be $15. and I would want to give $2.00 ( maybe I'm cheap )

    Oh and your previous post with that lamp is wonderful I am a lamp person also

  10. Shelly sets off the table beautifully.

  11. The table looks great, Olive! You have caught the painting bug! I really like it. Shelley has really grown! Maybe it will never be love between her and Clovis, but I hope they can be friends!


  12. Love the jar, and the coffee table is so cute! Love what you have done with it. I've been trying my hand at 'distressing' some little pieces of furniture, and I'm loving doing it. Hope you are back to full, good health now Olive. Take care.

  13. So cute!! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  14. Wow Shelly got BIG! Your table turned out cute, sounds like you've been bitten by the paint bug:@)

  15. Olive, That dog is getting BIG. I like the table like that. I have seriously been thinking of making my dining table top black. I like wood tone and painted tops. You did a very good job. Smiles, Susie

  16. I do believe Shelly is striking a pose. I like the white top with the wood base on the table, Olive. Looking forward to seeing the coffee table.

  17. I want your energy, you always seem to be into so much. I too like that kind of decor.

    OUCH on the puppy chewing, that can get scary.

    HOPE you are enjoying this weather, its awesome! But next week, brrrrr.

  18. Your table turned out so pretty Olive!... and the little jar is really sweet... LOVE that pup of yours, my, how Shelly has grown!... xoxo Julie Marie

  19. Live is good, full & chaotic with fur babies :) Love your finds~ happy painting!

  20. You've been a busy lady!
    Just one suggestion...go ahead & paint in your pjs!!!

  21. I paint in my pjs often it makes for the perfect day! Table looks great..
    hugs, Cherry

  22. The table looks Great! I love simple projects like that....the painting makes a world of difference. Love the story about Fight Club...too cute!
    Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston, Texas!

  23. Your table looks great! I do love painted furniture and paint things all the time if they aren't worth much...have a great day!!

  24. I love the simplicity of the table, but yet some shapely legs.

  25. Love how your table came out. I love the paint furniture have painted lots. The worst thing to paint are spindle chairs! Keep painting, thanks for stopping by, Laura

  26. The table turned out great, Olive!
    I love what you did.
    Your pup is so sweet. My dog, my four year old dog, I should say.... just shredded a fabric sample I need to take to my client tomorrow!!!
    I too need to get her to be more selective and NOT to shred the things I actually NEED!!!

    How did the other table turn out?
    You are so motivated! I wish that was
    contagious. I have four things to paint
    and keep putting it off.

  27. I think the table looks great, too! The painted top really makes it special! Pets sure can be entertaining...and naughty, too lol!

  28. Yay! You painted a table and it looks great. Love your little bottle too. Now I have a picture of your fur babies rolling all over the yard! :) No fur is flying though.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Love your little table and the photo of your mischievous dog! And just for the record, painting is best done while wearing pajamas. :@

  30. Painting furniture is so much fun! Looks great.
    And Has he turned into a handsome fella or what?
    But my money is on Clovis. After all, he IS Clovis.


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