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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Paint Projects

This urn was seriously ugly. 
 It had tacky gold paint on it.
 I gave it a coat of Valspar Satin Churchill Hotel Vanilla.

Paint project number two is a little wooden spice shelf.
Churchill Hotel Vanilla brings a coat of pretty where there was none. 
I have difficulty finding this spray paint. 
I tell Joe if he sees it to buy four of them.
 He has the number memorized.
Oh how I love that man.

This had blond wood and was crying out for paint.
 You can see I am using it for tea bags. 

I have been painting items off and on this year.
 I painted several candelabras and a tray turquoise and all of them sold.

The urn has found a place in the living room and I will be posting pics soon.
The spice shelf is in a dark spot in the kitchen and photos are impossible there my darlings.

Maybe I will get braver about showing my little paint projects.

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joy and peace


  1. Hi Olive, I am new to your is so lovely here. I LOVE them both! It's is something what a little paint will do? I will be back to visit soon, Shari!

  2. Yes, get braver!!!
    I love to see other paint projects, besides the make believe ones in my head -- which really I should get done. Soon. Maybe.

    LOVE that color -- never heard of it.
    I will have to scout it out.
    I've got some chairs to spray paint for our sunroom.
    And I want them in a nice soft creamy white.
    Does that sound like your Churchill Hotel Vanilla? (What a name! I wonder what the back story is.)

    Happy Fall -- Cass

  3. Both pieces are beautiful, Olive...I have been wanting some urns for my mantel and front porch. Love this paint color. Where do you find Valspar?


    1. We get ours at Lowe's but I have seen it at other places too.

  4. Oh come us what you've done!!!

  5. I love what you've done with your projects, Olive! And now I want a cup of tea.


  6. Those are great Olive, I especially like the spice rack. I need to start my painting projects now that weather is cooler here. They lock up the spray paint in these parts. Make you show and ID. What is the world coming to! Question: I have joined Blogher, how do I get the banner at the top of my blog? For some reason I can't seem to figure it out. Ann

  7. These turned out so great! That urn might have started out tacky, but it's a beauty now! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Hallo Olive. I love your little spice shelf. It is just so pretty. You've done a good job both with that and the urn.Hope you are recovering well my friend. Hugs.

    1. I love them both! Please DO show your paint projects. I've been doing a bit of painting too, and the things have sold. There must be something appealing about painted stuff. Yay!

  9. These really turned out nice! I think you should show us what you've painted! I've painted a couple of things and have a ton more to do. Do you think we could add a couple more days to the week.

  10. That looks beautiful Olive! Absolutely beautiful.

  11. Love that color Olive! If I find it now I will always think of you... That shelf for tea is adorable, such cute drawers! Have a great weekend.

  12. Be brave, my dear. Your updates look great.

  13. I would LOVE to see your painted pieces Olive! What you just showed us looks fabulous!! Hugs, Gail

  14. The projects came out great! I do love seeing paint projects. Show more, please! Bet the chandys came out great. And the tray.

  15. Olive, You have done great job with your painting. Love the spicerack, so cute. Show us more.Smiles, Susie

  16. This paint is new to me, as well! I usually use Heirloom White, which has become hard to find. The spice rack is a cute piece. Wish I could find some new pieces to re-do, but they seem to be very few and far between these days. Not that I have tons of time to transform them, anyway! LOL :-) Sue

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