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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cat Puppy

 Good morning friends. 
I hope you had a beautiful Christmas day. 
We did.
 I scaled back the festivities to brunch for four. 
It was a relaxed and lovely meal.

Sheldon Cooper Shepherd Puppy is now over 80 pounds
 and we are never bored. 
That is why Clovis is on the dining table (where he in not supposed to be). 
I still call them the Fight Club with Clovis being the aggressor. 
Shelley wants to play.

This is my normal shot of Shelley and why you do not see him often. 
He is a large motion machine.

We had grits casserole, hash brown casserole, and biscuits for brunch.
Followed by mimosas. 
Then we all, including Shelley, took a nap. 
CC wanted to see Les Miserables. 
I read Victor Hugo's classic in my twenties (loved it). 
This movie adaptation of the Broadway musical was pretty good.
 Be warned it is long. 
They gave us the senior citizen and child discount.
 CC is not a child and I am not a senior citizen
 (Joe does qualify).
Grey hair strikes again. 

Tell me about your holiday.

joy and peace


  1. LoVe your PETS!*!*! ~ But I'll have to say ~ *CLoViS* wins my heart EVERY TIME!*!*! Sounds like you have a very relaxing HoLIDay !*!*!
    Hugs-Jeanine Burkhardt

  2. Your pictures make me want a new camera. I can't blieve that puppy is that big already.
    We have lots of little get togethers......I'd love on big one but it doesn't happen for us. We skped with our daughter and her kids. Te three year was squirting us with his firehose from his new truck. We kept acting like we were getting wet. It was just like being there with him. Overall a wonderful holiday even with some sadness.
    Sounds like your was just perfect.

  3. Brunch sounds delightful, followed by a movie. Love the discount story, LOL!
    Wishing you a happy and blessed new year, and the fur babies, too.

  4. sounds like a wonderful way to spend Christmas. we too have cats vs. dog at our house. ridiculous! I want to see Les Miserables too, probably will have to wait for the DVD, if you know what I mean. xoxo

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! We went to my niece's house for an afternoon dinner and ate way too much food. It was so much more relaxing for me than cooking dinner here, so I might make it a new tradition. I was going to go to a movie this afternoon, but it looks like we're supposed to get a mini-snowstorm. So far it's been a lot of talk, and not a lot of snow though.

  6. Sounds perfect Olive. We had a nice time with just the four of us yesterday, eating , watching movies and laughing all day. Trying to clean up now, this disaster of a house. Your pets are adorable.

  7. MMMM I love hash brown casserole, my favorite! Poor Clovis. I can not believe Shelly is 80 pounds now, wow!
    Glad Christmas was good.

  8. Good morning Olive... so glad you had a nice Christmas... your brunch sounds delish, yum!... love seeing Clovis and Shelley... so adorable!... my how he has grown!... enjoy your day... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I love Clovis ~ she can do no wrong. Our Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner were both with a mob of family and friends. The BEST Christmas in years. Look out 2013, here we come.

    That's pretty funny about your movie discounts (**

    1. Haha Susy as Cc says all the time that our darling Clovis is Gangster!

  10. Quiet. Just me and the pupsters. Listened to CNN much of the day, keeping up with weather forecasts and humanity awards later in the day. Cold. I'm staying in!

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I spent Christmas Eve at one of my daughter's. All my kids and grandkids were there and it was a wonderful evening. I spent Christmas day with my mom at the nursing home.
    Today I'm just relaxing.

  12. Poor Clovis! It can't be easy being the only one in the house not in love with the newest member. Love that pedestal dish!

  13. Just lovelyl. Clovis may be the poster child for exploited cat of the century. "He made the house a home and then that dog showed up...."

  14. I understand Clovis. It's a trust thing and it's not established yet. What a beautiful photo that first one is. Frame-worthy. I am ready to chill after a very hectic and fun-filled Christmas. Left-overs, my new tea book in hand and a cat on my lap. Right after I cat-sit, of course. :) Hugs, Deb

  15. Love Clovis and Shelly! So happy you had a relaxing Christmas. We're enjoying the day after!

  16. love your pet I am seeing why your pictures are always so wonderful...learning this new REBEL camera....hahaha...I really love the name of it because I always thought it was bad to be a I have an excuse!! hahha we spent Christmas Day with my son and his new bride of 3 weeks..their first Christmas as a family...and loved on his new stepsons and in was such a fun day..and everyone enjoyed being together...quite an accomplishment for my family..wink, wink.I didn't have to cook a thing and the food was awesome..and lots of it..glad you had a good Christmas. Love, Mona

  17. Hi, Olive

    I love looking around your lovely blog. You pets are too cute. I've enjoyed stopping by and I am a new follower. Thank you too for stopping by my blog today.

    Have a great week.


  18. That's a great shot of Clovis, Olive. Goodness, Shelley has grown into a handsome fellow! 80 lbs? - wow. He is beautiful.
    As well as our dog meant, there was always a communication breakdown between him and the cats.
    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

  19. Glad you all had a happy relaxed day together - enjoy the rest of the Christmas break.

  20. Olive,
    sounds like you had a lovely, peaceful Christmas day! Sometimes less hectic is so much better! Ours was just us, but unfortunately, Kate & Josh spent most of it in the emergency room with Kailyn, she had a temp of 103. It turned out to be a bladder infection, gave her a antibiotic shot, she slept most of the rest of the afternoon once they got here. Even with her sleeping, we had one of the best Christmas's ever. Today she is much better and back to her little happy self.
    Have fun with CeCe and Happy New Year!

  21. Sounds like a great day...we had a fun Christmas, too...I am needing to rest up from all the celebrating lol! Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Looks like everyone is getting along just fine:@) Glad you had a nice Christmas! Everyone came here for dinner and was happy with their gifts. I'm sitting here wrapped in my new Slanket enjoying the peace that comes the day after:@)

  23. Fabulous photo of your cat! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and your discount story made me laugh. Gotta take the deal when it's offered!!

  24. Quiet holiday here. We had a family Christmas Eve dinner at our home and then went to friend's for Christmas Day. Wonderful all around!
    Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!

  25. Does Shelley like for you sing him "Soft Kitty" at naptime? LOL!
    I scaled back on the food last year to just apps and did the same this year. It made for a perfect Christmas of just being together without the extra stress of being on time for dinner.
    I take a senior discount whenever and where ever it is offered...a penny saved...
    Merry Christmas (2days late) and Happy 2013!

  26. The dog is a pretty dog. The cat looks mad. Grown cat...growing know that dog is driving that cat nuts.:):) I would love to know their thoughts. Makes me laugh thinking what some could be. Glad you had a fun Christmas time. Hey, our blizzard died out about 6 hours earlier than predicted, that saved us. xo,Susie

  27. Your furry friends are beautiful. I'm glad to know my cats aren't the only ones who get up on the table where they're not supposed to be. I love Christmas brunch and prefer it over a big dinner. We had breakfast at home with my son (Raspberry Stuffed French Toast and Scrambled Eggs with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus) and then went to my daughter's where we had dinner later in the day. I hope to see Les Miserables this weekend. I'll remember to visit the ladies room first, though. :)

  28. Your fur babies are so cute Olive!! We had a busy Christmas Eve and Day so yesterday I spent all day in my pjs doing nothing!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  29. Tim and I saw it!! I've read the book numerous times and seen the play numerous times so of course...I think they did a nice job.

    Love that you got discounts...

    Fun shots of your fur babies and the food sounds yum!!

  30. Olive~ Your brunch menu + cat + puppy + nap = happiness :) I always love Clovis & Shelley posts :) Merry Christmas week & Happy New Year!


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