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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Neutral Christmas Vignette

My second white bottle brush wreath was hung from the oval chippy wreath.
 I found that chippy wood piece at an estate sale. 
I like it's patina. 

Every item on the table including the table itself is thrifted.

The bottle brush wreaths came from Big Lots two years ago. 

In Olive Out news CC is home.
 That sentence seems far too mild as the actual act of getting her home involved twelve hours of hard hard work. We moved her from a dorm to an on campus apartment yesterday. We had Shelley Puppy with us to add to the fun. Then drove back in the rain. I felt as if I had been thrown down the stairs today. I need to shut up and quit my fussing because she will not be in the country this time next year. She will be a student in Korea and will miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. We are still in our pajamas and may not move further than the coffee pot today.

Happy Christmas


  1. My kids will all be home this weekend. Can't wait. That vignette is always so beautiful. I love the big frame and the lady bust. Super cool pieces.

  2. Dear Olive - I don't think that our kids have a clue what we do and how much we put ourselves out for them. CC will in turn do the same for her own. That is the way of the world and how the cookie crumbles.
    Love your honesty, and you do make me laugh. I have been out to a lecture today, bought some more Christmas food, and I am now in my dressing gown with a large mug of coffee. It so much more cosy and relaxing don't you think?

    1. Oh yes, I am too exhausted to think of getting dressed.

  3. Your simple vignette is lovely, Olive, and love that it is all thrifted things! I think I will go simple next year for Christmas.
    Relax and enjoy your time with CC!

  4. oh you KNOW I'm lovin' this, girly! I feel for you with the moving thing, but how wonderful to have her home this most important time of year!

  5. Oh, you're so wonderful! I know moving is hard and is tiring and hurts! :)
    Now your vignette is beauty just like everything you do! I like your idea of the painted beadboard. I have some beadboard wallpaper! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Beautiful vignette of thrifty finds. I love that chippy piece of architectural salvage. Gorgeous!!

  7. This is such a lovely vignette! Enjoy your special time with CC!

  8. I'm so happy to hear that your daughter is home safe and sound Olive. I know you will enjoy having her about for the holiday!
    I love the beautiful Christmas decorating you have been sharing in your last few posts! This vignette is so beautiful and I am crushin' on your frame and chippy wood piece : )
    sending hugs...

  9. Good for CC studying abroad. Hard for the parents but the best opportunity ever.

    Love the wood piece (finial?).

  10. Olive, this is so soft and pretty. Amazing what you can do with thrifted goods! This is fantastic! Enjoy your Christmas together. I am sure it will be a special one :)

  11. Lovin' the pretty bottle brush wreath-enjoy:@)

  12. I came over from your comment left on my ornament post (Fatman's). I read and I read and then I just became your latest follower. I love your vignettes.

  13. Oh, I like that idea of not moving further than the coffee pot! Love your neutral vignette. Glad to hear CC is home. My niece moved to New Zealand about 4 years ago and only comes back to the States every other Christmas. It's been hard for my sister. My niece doesn't ever expect to move back here. :(

  14. After all that work you need to sit back and gaze at that beautiful, serene vignette!

  15. this is my kinda neutral palette! lovely.


  16. Love your vignette! So glad your daughter is home with you for the holiday.


  17. So pretty Olive, I love how the mirror looks!... glad CC is home for the holidays... enjoy your time together in your jammies sipping coffee... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. Just gorgeous Olive. Your home is looking so pretty and so very festive!~

  19. Your rooms are so festive these days! There are beautiful details everywhere, but I love this gorgeous arrangement. Chippy wonderful and all perfect elements together. Glad you got your girl home!

  20. Oh that BUST!!! Completely and utterly enchanting!

    You are a clever and crafty little pixie!

    Have a holly jolly day!

  21. What a gorgeous vignette!! Have fun with your girl!!

  22. What a job! Moving is exhausting.
    The bottle brush wreath is wonderful.

  23. I thought that bottle brush wreath was vintage. Love it!
    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my home. :)

  24. Olive I just love this gorgeous vignette! The oval frames and mirror are just the perfect backdrop for the bottle brush trees. Love their patina. Fabulous!

  25. Helloooo Olive!*!*!
    Just Vamping over your "Chippy-Wood-Piece" of Architectural SaLVaGe!*!*! I think the love of a natural time-worn P*A*T*I*N*A is catching on...
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  26. Love how pretty that looks! Those neutral colored bottle brush wreaths are so cute. That was a good find. Glad to hear that your daughter is home and y'all are catching up. I know you will treasure this Christmas with her!


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