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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Noel Noel

The poinsettias are thriving still. 
 I won the Joyeux Noel banner from Kimberly Hites
She stamped it beautifully. 
The wire deer was chilly so he got a scarf. 
The vintage green Noel letters are on the buffet.
 Really, I have done next to nothing in the house as CC
 had four appointments this week and I had one. 
The holiday traffic is enough to make one wish for
 anti-anxiety medication if one were so inclined.

This Christmas is the first one in thirty years I have not baked. 
It seems strange but I cannot get to it.

I hope you are faring better than I at your holiday celebrations.

Happy Christmas


  1. no baking ... wow.... i would be in big trouble if i didn't do any ... i have lots of people expecting some goodies. i'm coming to be with your family. ha. ha!! oh to relax & enjoy!! have fun. big hugs. ( :

  2. The white poinsettia looks great in the olive bucket. I love the vintage Noel letter candle holders.

  3. Don't sweat the cookies.
    How about
    Don't let the cookies get you down.

    Have a great holiday.

  4. Gorgeous color in the white poinsettia! I have a similar green NOEL that was G-Mom-B's, very pretty-enjoy:@)

  5. Beautiful poinsettia!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  6. Everything looks great. The traffic has been horrible around here, too. I need to do a little baking this weekend, but not sure I will have time either.

  7. I may bake tomorrow. I may not. But I probably will. The times they are a changing... Everything looks wonderful Olive. Seems like everyone is very busy this year, time has flown and I feel totally unprepared for the holiday. But perhaps a little flying by the seat of my control-freak pants will be good for me. Have a wonderful weekend and holiday with your family. Ann

  8. Oh everything is so pretty, I love the scarf on the deer, so cute. I hope you are feeling better and I pray you and your family will have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love the white poinsettia in the olive bucket and the Joyeux Noel Banner. I'm not baking either. But I know my girls are so I will get to enjoy theirs.
    Have a Blessed Christmas!

  10. Ahhh.... I used to live in a traffic plagued area and remember the stress. Come live with me in Fairhope where you can get anywhere in 5 minutes!!!

    As for baking, I'm know you are so good at it, but I'm sure you will survive. We haven't even started Christmas Cards this year, and finally decided today that this year, we will just have to send New Year's Cards. People will get over it.

    Relax, and enjoy the Season! Your house is so beautiful that it would be a touch of heaven to be there!

  11. I have done nothing in the baking department either, and don't feel a bit guilty. I love your vintage Noel ceramics and the olive bucket.

  12. Love the vintage green noel letters!!! Gorgeous...nice to see the olive bucket carrying on a new role.

  13. I don't bake much at all anymore for Christmas. Three in our family have Celiac, me included. It's hard to bake for everyone else.
    Beautiful banner.
    I love that green Noel. I'm not into antlers but I am loving your reindeer.
    Happy Holidays Olive.

  14. Not much baking going on here too. Well...reason is...we are both on a diet and it's working:) Merry Christmas to YOU!!!


  15. Olive: enjoy Christmas and your family. Forget about the baking! And for goodness sake: the pointsettia in the olive bucket is just fabulous. I wish I had brought mine back from Wisconsin.
    Merry Christmas, Olive!

  16. I'm laughing WITH you not at you LOL...I can't seem to get to anything. Our house has been grand central station and we are sick.
    Who said it is Christmas? Maybe it isn't after all.

  17. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas - it doesn't matter Olive whether you have baked or not, you can always get what you need from the shops - Christmas can be whatever you decide it will be♥

  18. Good Morning Olive, Please do not worry yourself about baking, as Rosemary said in the previous comment, anything you need can be bought from the shops. I love your Poinsettia, my favourite Christmas plant and the banner is beautiful. Take care of yourself and do not stress over always turns out fine. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Best Wishes Daphne

  19. My stove is as cold as the great outdoors! I think we'll survive without a ton of calories...besides isn't that what bakeries are for. Gotta help the economy!
    Merry Christas and your NOELs are beautiful.

  20. Don't be down on yourself....I baked but other than the tree and my kitchen, I never got my decorations up. The dining room on Christmas day is going to look about like any other day. But what is important is WHO we are with. You and Joe have a Merry Christmas.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  21. I'm not a baker,
    but did bake a
    few things for
    gifts and tried
    my hand at dark
    chocolate orange
    hazelnut bark!

    It's not a passion,

    My mom is the
    baker in the family
    and lucky for us,
    we'll be with my
    folks this Christmas,
    so we'll be enjoying
    the fruits of her
    labor. Which isn't
    really labor, as she
    loves baking : )

    Hope you FEEL IT
    when you gather
    with your sweet little
    family!! It's been a
    very harried season
    for me this year, so
    I am ready to cloak
    myself in the Christmas

    Merry Christmas and
    big hugs to you and

    xo Suzanne

  22. Well done on winning the banner. The white poinsettia is beautiful and as for baking - I haven't either. Who wants to get fat anyway. Have a wonderful time with CC. Hope the appointments go well and have a blessed and special Christmas. Love Molly xx

  23. Just do what you want to. It's more important to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones!


  24. Hi Olive,
    That bucket is fantastic! Your home looks lovely! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  25. Adore your olive bucket. Some years are better than others I can only do so much. Your house looks festive, CC is home and Christmas is just around the corner. Enjoy my friend!

  26. No baking here either..We ran to Target near the mall on Friday morning and the traffic was almost grid locked. We had to go past the Honey Baked Ham store, and they had a policeman directing traffic. Yikes! Hope things have calmed down at your house and y'all have a wonderful Christmas.

  27. Hi Olive! I have really enjoyed visiting your blog during the last few months and looking forward to another great year!

  28. Olive, I've been baking much of the weekend. ;-)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family........Sarah

  29. I have enjoyed your blog this year! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

  30. I have missed you so! Have I not seen the deer before? You are sooo lucky! I think your decorations are great! I didn't do ANY baking this year unless a corn casserole passes for baking. I missed some great goodies too. Don't think anyone in my family baked this year.

    Have a Happy New Year and maybe somewhere along the way we'll hook up.


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