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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Warm&Fuzzies

Do you feel more accomplished some days than others? 
Yesterday was a wash out. 
Today is a great improvement.

The good news is my Blogroll is up and running 
at the top of the blog under Daily Blog Reading.
I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I manipulate HTML code
 and I do not crash the blog. 
If you do not find your site there let me 
know and I will add it. 
Two or three folks I know I follow are not appearing on the list.
I prefer a Blogroll to a Reader.

The second warm and fuzzy thing that happened today
 is that my house got a deep cleaning. 
 My little sister Terrible T (an old nickname) did it.
 She washes cabinets, cleans baseboards, and ceiling fans.
I paid her of course.
I cannot get the entire house clean at one time any more. 
Could it be because I am blogging?

No, that cannot be it.

Do you prefer a Blogroll or a Reader to find your favorite blogs?

Happy Christmas


  1. I like blog roll - I think. A totally clean house! Nice.... Ann

  2. Good Evening Olive, What a fabulous sister you have (paid or not). My sister in law is exactly the used the words "deep clean" we say we are going to "bottom out" a room or a cupboard, which does mean deep clean. I'm not sure where the phrase comes from, I'll have to ask my mother in law who was born here in the North of England. We have had lots of snow the children are getting very excited ...I think Christmas is on it's way. Have a lovely evening, Best Wishes Daphne

  3. I have a blogroll but usually go into the reader bit first. If I could borrow Terrible T she would be Wonderful T. Olive you're so lucky to have a brilliant little help like that. She's worth her weight in gold

  4. I need to try that blog roll...I went on yours and I was right there at the top! Oh I wish I could pay my sister to help me!! I don't think that's going to happen...I am trying to finish up cleaning here so I can get my Christmas decor started...hard to do with hubby napping on the couch! I love the picture of you tree in the mirror...very clever you are!!

  5. I like a blogroll.

    Your photo of the tree captured in the mirror is fabulous.

  6. Does your little sister travel? I'd love to hire her to do a deep cleaning for me, which I used to do every year. But Usedto doesn't live in my house anymore. I think blogging kicked her out!
    Mary Alice

  7. Please send Terrible T my way, I can use all the help I can get!!! Love the pic:@)

  8. Will gladly send plane fare for Terrible T and provide some good south Louisiana cuisine. Let me know! I have a blog roll, I think! (that's how much I know!)

  9. Hey lady, I don't see me on the blogroll..hidden art of homemaking..
    I will have to think about a blogroll because I am not loving my reader lately...hope you are doing reading your blog....Mona

  10. I like a blogroll, too...I have more than one! lol And I agree...I clean every day but never get it all done at the same time. I'm having too much fun! lol

  11. Bloggers with dirty houses UNITE! LOL

  12. I prefer a blogroll, Olive. Just lack the know-how to set it up. (and motivation)

  13. There is nothing like that feeling of a completely clean house! That of course is a rarity around here!!! LOL I didn't accomplish much around here today....hopeully tomorrow will be better?!?!?!

  14. Hi Olive! Love the snap of your tree peeping in the mirror! Now I need a sister who cleans. I seem to have the same problem. I get so distracted any more. I'm sure blogging has nothing to do with it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Hi Olive... love the little glimpse of your tree!... I quit worrying about if my entire house is ALL clean at the same time... I was fretting about it so much... and decided the world was not going to end if there was a little dust on my coffee table... and if little muddy pawprints get on my kitchen floor... well then... I kiss my doggie first then clean them up... I use the dashboard to check my blogs daily and it seems to work for me!... glad you are having a better day today, xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Olive, Does your sister hire out?LOL. I used to clean like that every spring...pretty much hit the high spots now. I honestly clean as I something everyday. Your tree is nice. xoxo,Susie

  17. The reason it takes me so long to accomplish anything is that perfectionist me has to clean as I decorate! LOL I've been at it for the past few weeks in between work. I shoulda started a month ago. Hee Hee
    I use my Reader to keep up with my subscriptions,Mobutu have my blog roll on my sidebar, as well. I used to have it as a separate page, but put it back where it was more visible.
    Your tree looks so pretty in the mirror. :-).

  18. Blogroll for me. Girl I feel good if I can accomplish anything on my blog! Can I also adopt your sister? And how does she feel about plane travel? *winks* Vanna


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