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Monday, September 9, 2013

Southern Fall Porches

For those of you who like big Victorian houses this is a good  example. 
These images were taken last fall.

This screened porch is gorgeous and attached to this house. 
Please pinch me for not getting a long shot of the house. 
I believe I was trying to stay out of the road.

Across the street is this classic facade.
 I am partial to these urns.


I have no other images of this house save this one of the lone urn of lavender mums. 
Note the lace curtains.

 These houses are not in the southern vernacular but are 
located in Middle Georgia.
 I like them and thought you might enjoy them.
We southerners do like big ole urns though.
If I cannot lift an urn I want to buy it.

In Olive Out news I am having a wee minor surgical procedure tomorrow.
 I found out today I will likely need more surgery soon.
 There is a life lesson in here. I think it is-never retire at age forty five.

Thanks to all of you for the many comments about CC traveling to South Korea in the last post.

Y'all are the best.
 Many of you have emailed and checked on me and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

joy and peace


  1. Yes we do love our urns..LOL I will be praying for you tomorrow..
    Love, Mona

  2. I know I should be commenting on your lovely post, but the C.S. Lewis quote on prayer, right next to my comment box, grabbed my attention.
    Thanks for the wonderful reminder and encouragement because it's so true.
    Mary Alice

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the surgery...I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way! And I am partial to those urns, too...XO

  4. Yes I do love urns too! Beautiful shots of the home and porch..

    My prayers are with you, Olive!

  5. Beautiful porches!! Prayers for you!

  6. I wish I had a big enough porch for an urn! Gorgeous pictures. I'm wishing you all the best with your surgery tomorrow. Get plenty of rest (Ha, me telling the nurse!). Now, I have to go read your last post about CC. I hope this is sitting well with you, we mothers never sleep, we just worry with our eyes closed.


  7. Hi Olive,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Victorian houses ..... I live in one !!!! ..... and, I LOVE urns too, so this post is perfect for me.
    All the best for tomorrow Olive ..... I'll be thinking of you. Much love. XXXX

  8. Yes, Southerners LOVE urns. :) I'll be praying for you, friend.


  9. Love seeing a porch with fall decor. It makes me smile.

  10. Beautiful porches. Good luck with your procedure tomorrow. I'll remember you in my prayers. xo Babs

  11. I am pinning these to my Urned My Respect board! I once tied a rope around a huge urn and dragged it out of a yard. It was getting it into the truck that was the hard part :>)

    Good health blessings for you!

  12. Smiling at your comment about wanting to buy any urn you can't lift. '-)
    We have 4 giant stone urns that were built for our hardscape. I asked my husband if they could go with us should we move from this house. His reply: They are permanently in place. ;-(
    Yes, of southern girls like big ole urns. Thanks for sharing all these pretty porches.
    All the best to you. Hope all goes well. ~ Sarah

  13. Beautiful Olive...I LOVE the doors in that first shot!

  14. I love these beautiful porches Olive. Southerners really know how to do porches right.
    Have a great week my friend.

  15. Will be thinking about you Olive and sending you all of my best wishes across the water - the porches and urns are gorgeous, even if they are too heavy to lift.

  16. I love the metal roofs, too.

    A day off for "a minor procedure"--bummer day. See you when it's over.

  17. That screened porch - I want to have in just for rainy days - so cozy! Hope all goes well with the surgery :-)

  18. Oooh those homes are just beautiful Olive... I love the south... good luck on your procedure and prayers for you sweet friend... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  19. Yes, we do love our urns and front porches here! Hope that all goes well for you and you will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  20. Love the porches and urns, and the touches of last years pumpkins . . .
    Hoping all goes well tomorrow, I will keep you in my caring . . .

  21. Gorgeous photos of some lovely porches all ready for the season! Urns add so much elegance to a space, and they are quite versatile, too.
    Thanks for the tour, Olive.

    Hope everything is well with you!


  22. I'm loving those porches - but I think that screened porch is my favorite - it'd be an all weather room in Texas. Ooooh the possibilities!

  23. That rounded porch just took my breath away. Hope your procedure today went fine and good thoughts for what lies ahead. The lesson? I've been asking myself that too the last several months. Now that my head is finally above water (for the moment)I can see a little land and there's a sign that says: be glad you live in these times, otherwise you would be dead. I guess I will swim ashore and be glad I made it.

    Sometimes it just seems like the world is against us. It's all going to work out Olive and I've always learned the "stay calm and carry on" attitude from your posts in the past. Ann

  24. Stunning! I especially love the black iron urn.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  25. Gorgeous houses Olive. That Victorian is fabulous! Hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. I feel for you as I've just finished dealing with some "maintenance" on my legs this past year (things wear out at my age)and I finally had my last session last week. I have one final day left for "recovery". I should have a party! Will be praying for you tomorrow.

  26. Hey Miss Olive; The photo's are Stunning as usual!!! I Love these older homes which you have pictured.
    I Hope and Pray that everything goes well for you tomorrow with the procedure.
    Please feel Better, Soon!!! :-)

  27. Pretty porches.

    I hope you are fine very soon.

  28. Good Afternoon Olive, By now you will have had your surgery and I hope you are feeling a little better.
    I adore the porches you have shown us, it is the one thing I would love to have attached to my home, but our English houses don't allow for them. So that is why it is lovely to have a friend who lives in Georgia, which allows me to enjoy them through your lovely photographs.
    Take care of yourself Olive.
    Best Wishes

  29. great shots, and as I like to say, you can never have too many urns. bigger the better! I'll be keeping you in my prayers, then let Joe take care of you for a bit. hug hug kiss kiss

  30. I love porches, big porches
    and mine can hold maybe 4 people
    love those long doors on the first porch

    Olive hope you are feeling frisky

  31. What good is an urn if you can move it without a forklift or a man?

  32. I'll be thinking of you and sending all positive thoughts your way!

  33. We love what you have posted. Please come share it with us at Craft Frenzy Friday! The party starts Thursday to 7pm cst. I won't be a party without you!


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