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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Windswept Ridge

Hello everyone.

I have missed all of you.
 I am popping in to share a party and some news.

Windswept Ridge is the home of the former owners of Ridge Antiques 
where we have our four booths. 
They sold the business and are moving. 
They gave a dealer and customer appreciation party on Sunday. 
I thought you might enjoy seeing the house and some of the antiques inside.

They love Victorian antiques.

The staircase is tall and narrow. Yikes.

This is a gorgeous Oriental piece of art. 
They once sold Oriental antiques.

The food was spectacular. 
That punch had a kick as well as being pretty.

In Olive Out news the summer has got away from me in a hundred and fifty ways. Thank you all for checking on us. Joe is having a total hip replacement on July 29th. It was more than a shock to him that he needed this surgery. Joe has never had surgery or ever spent a day in hospital. 
Please pray for Joe this Tuesday.

Because of his surgery I will be away from blogging for a while longer. 
Do know I miss all of you. 
I can be found on Instagram almost daily.

Love you, Miss you


  1. Wow! How beautiful! I've missed you, but glad to touch base on Instagram. Your photos on Instagram continue to amaze me. Your garden is beautiful and know it has been a refuge for you. I'd sure like to enjoy your view from the patio. Will be praying for Joe.

  2. I know they are happy about moving, but it would be hard to leave this behind. Prayers for Joe - and for you with a new patient to tend to.

  3. So happy to see this post . . . I always miss you when you are busy tending to fallen trees, storms, surgeries and such . . . please let Joe know I will keep him in my caring on tuesday and you too Olive! What is that yummy looking delicacy piled on that plate . . . tempting!

  4. We'll keep Joe in our prayers and wish him success and a speedy recovery. This sure is a spectacular home. Will you still have your booths in the same location? We'll probably drive through there again soon. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Miss you, too, and all the best to Joe.

  6. Prayers and blessings to you and Joe. I hope all goes well on Tuesday and into recovery.

  7. What a pretty home! I bet that was a nice party. My mom had hip replacement many years ago and it solved her problem. I hope your husbands procedure goes well.

  8. so good to hear from you, I'll keep you guys in my prayers, I know you're the best nurse ever!

  9. Poor, poor Joe! I know the anticipation of the surgery is agonizing, but please know it is a much better procedure than it used to be. I have friends that have sailed through it and felt great afterwards. I'll be praying every day including Tuesday for peace and calmness (for you, mainly!) And quick speedy healing for Joe.

    Great house and shop. Is it completely closing, or will there be new owners?

    Miss hearing from you, but take good care of yourself and hubby.

  10. It's a beautiful home!

    Wishing Joe and you a great recovery and all the best!

  11. It looks a wonderful home and great party food - I shall think of Joe on the 29th July - I can well imagine how he must be feeling as I have never had surgery either.

  12. Oh no, I hope Joe's recovery is quick and easy. I'll stalk both of you on Instagram. No surgery photos thought, please :)

  13. Great to hear from you, Olive. Trusting that Joe's surgery goes well without any complications and that the healing process goes smoothly.
    Mary Alice

  14. Sending prayers Joe's way this week. I'm sure he'll come through it with flying colors, but I know that the prospect of it must be a bit daunting.


  15. Be brave, Joe! Hope you like jello! :-) If you've had any trouble with your hip and walking, you'll be so glad you had the surgery. We know your sweetheart will take wonderful care of you! Good luck !

  16. Olive, I sure will be thinking of you and Joe on Tuesday. Please take care.

  17. Yes, I will pray for Joe. For all of you. The house with the antiques full of wonderful things. I have missed reading your blog very much. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  18. Joe will be in my prayers. I miss reading your blog, too!

  19. Sending prayers your way! Glad to see your post!

  20. Olive,
    what a beautiful place! Great to see you back even if only for an update! Wishing Joe a fast recovery, know he'll have the best care!

  21. I'm so sorry to hear that Joe has to have a hip replacement. I'll definitely be keeping both of you in my prayers tomorrow.

    Lovely house, by the way. Good to see a post from you again.

  22. Joe is in my thoughts all day and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  23. I have missed all your blogging however hope Joe pulls through real fast in his recovery .
    Keep us posted on all your where a bouts

  24. I love the Victorian sofa, my heart was ooohhhh... as soon as I seen it.. Yep, love me some Victorian Style for sure.

  25. HI Olive ! I love your blog ! You have a new follower from Chile

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