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Monday, June 11, 2012

Coffee and Cookies On the Patio

Lemon Crisps with coffee on the patio.
 The tablecloth with it's orange accents had me looking 
into my cupboards for dishes to go along with it.
I had picked up five pieces of Orange Rooster last year for a few dollars and they work. 
The entire tablescape cost less than fifteen dollars via my thrifty shopping excursions.
I drink coffee from one of these mugs nearly every day.
 Bringing me a petite coffee cup is a mistake.

Lemon Crisps-Newton Fruit Thins {$2.50}

Tablecloth-garage sale .25 cents

Aloe plant-gifted to me at a garage sale by a sweet stranger

Painted Terracotta Planter-new from a designers yard sale last weekend {$5.00}

Orange Rooster dishes-garage sale but I have seen them at Ross {$4.00}

Napkins-Target Christmas clearance {1.50}

Spoons-Goodwill .10 cents each

Basil garnish-grown by me on the deck

Total cost for this thrifty tablescape is $13.45

I mentioned that we had a family commitment on my last post on Thursday.
 We were excited to get away for the weekend as a family,with the puppy, and we did. I will not be writing in my Hold Everything Lightly series today because I am "give out" as my mama would say. Instead I am editing photos of fields, flowers, streams. mountains, and old cabins. Tomorrow I will share some of those images with you instead of the series. I cannot stay awake today.
 The unrelenting rhythm of the rain keeps me sleeping in my chair.

joy and peace



  1. WHAT a lovely setting for coffee. LOVE the rooster mugs and plates and that is EXACTLY the type of mug I need for my coffee :)

    Enjoy your nap in a chair -- sounds heavenly!


  2. Doesn't that look inviting! And the lemon crisps sound wonderful. Actually, lemon anything sounds wonderful. :-)

  3. Oh what a gorgeous tablescape. I love the tablecloth, so pretty and the plates are just perfect. The plant looks amazing, and what a great gift. Beautifully done and so inviting. Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a beautiful place to enjoy your morning coffee. I might just doze off with you! Patty

  5. Hope the roosters don't crow and wake you from your slumber! The table looks great, Olive.

  6. I am telling you I LOVE those Newton Thin cookies.....I have them in the house all the time! Your pretty table makes me want to have one right now!!

  7. Looks so good. I could be living next door to you in a minute!

  8. Your table is gorgeous. I love the coffee mugs. Thanks for dropping by and just so you know, my aloe vera plant bloomed this year. :)

  9. beautiful Olive...cannot wait to see your pictures form your little trip.....your post inspires me to get a table set and get it out there....procrastination is my name lately...maybe I need a nap! seriously...enjoy yours.....

  10. Dear Olive - your coffee mugs are lovely such beautiful rich colours, and yes, make mine a big coffee too when I come calling.

  11. Such a lovely setting, Olive. I wish I could stop by and have coffee with you out of those cute rooster mugs.
    Looking forward to the pictures from the weekend. Enjoy your nap!

  12. Another fun, attractive, inviting outdoor tablescape!! Love it!
    Mary Alice

  13. Olive,
    I do like your table setting! And I agree....bringing me a small cup of coffee is a mistake too! I do love pretty teacups but for coffee, they are just way too small!
    Orange Rooster looks great with the tablecloth. And now I want some cookies.
    Hope you're re-energized soon!

  14. Beautiful tablescape! Looking forward to the photos tomorrow!

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  15. Beautiful Olive! The cups are so colorful. I prefer my tea in the largest mug I can find!

  16. Colorful tablescape! Wonderful it is thrifty.

  17. Lovely table, Olive! I love how your rooster mugs pick up the color of the Aloe's pot color. What a great spot for a nice afternoon snack.

  18. Olive,
    What an amazing tablescape with a punch of orange!!! I love the vintage tablecloth!!!..and I, totally, get that coffee mug! Thanks for your sweet visit and comment from Marty's today! Have a blessed week!

  19. I want a **~Lemon Cookie~**
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  20. Gorgeous pictures as always!

    Now. Are you simply "give out"? Or are you totally "give SLAP out"? There's a difference, ya know. ;-)

  21. Fun tablecloth for 25¢! Cute setting and nothing wrong with a day of kicking back:@)

  22. Oh Olive, your tablescape is beautiful!... lemon crisps and coffee sound sooo good!... I love your big cups, I always have a BIG cup of coffee too!... that table cloth is beautiful and what a price!... can't wait to see pics of your fields, streams, mountains and cabins!... xoxo Julie Marie

  23. Hi Olive,
    Can I share that extra cup with you? What a great setting. Glad you had a great time, get some rest!

  24. Hi Olive! Oh, I have a very similar cup like yours! The table looks so pretty and you get your rest and I'll be back to see your snaps from your trip.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Can't believe that I everything is working again on my end. Except for showing the old blogger interface, all my followers are back and I can post. Go figure! I wrote in desperation my last post and pow! it's there. Oops on that one!

    I adore that tablecloth! You know I would love it! It would work in my kitchen, so when you grow tired of it, let me know. You can make some money on me, you know!

  26. Now that's my kind of it! Did I hear you say rain...send some our way please!!

  27. What a lovely table! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :)

  28. Love everything about the table - the cloth, the aloe, and the rooster dishes...lovely...I would join you in a heartbeat...

  29. Great looking china... is it from Pier One perhaps?

  30. What a fabulous setting. Beautiful!! See you at My Dream Canvas. Have a great day. Anu

  31. This is a gorgeous setting and place to have your morning coffee, the cups are beautiful and colorful, enjoy your coffee, thanks for sharing.

  32. Beautiful table setting...!!Looks soo warm and inviting !! Love the rooster cups.... and the lovely flowers at the background...!!

  33. What a pretty table, Olive! Lovely tablecloth, can't believe it's only .25 cents:)Gorgeous orange-rooster dishes and cups, perfect for a summery tablescape with a beautiful backdrop of blooming roses.Thanks for sharing coffee and yummy lemon crisps with us and for your sweet comment on my garden party!Have a wonderful day!Hugs,Poppy


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive