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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fruited Rice

 We like the many varieties of rice we can find now. 
 Many are organic and combined with quinoa. 
We do not eat white rice often but when we do we prefer jasmine for it's fruity notes. 
Yesterday I showed you my rice station in our small kitchen (scroll down to last post).
 Today let's make fruited rice.
 Do not fret if you cannot find puffed organic rice and quinoa (found at Costco).
 Any favorite rice of yours can be substituted. 
We like jasmine rice with dried fruit, citrus juice and zest.

This is the Fruited Rice above, it also has quinoa in it.
 Quinoa gives the dish added protein.

Step 1: Prepare whatever rice that is to your liking. (I use a rice cooker which I cannot do without)

Step 2: Chop whatever dried fruit that is to your liking while your rice is cooking. 

Step 3: Add dried cranberries and nuts if you so desire to your assembled dried fruit.

Step 4: Zest a citrus fruit and juice it. (I often use the juice and zest of a navel orange or a lemon)

Step 5: Add chopped dried fruit, zest, and citrus juice to cooked rice and stir lightly and fluff

Note: To make a curried fruited rice add the best curry powder you can find about two to three teaspoons to the finished rice. We love a curried fruited rice.

Note a: Dried fruit is expensive and sweet but a little goes a long way in rice

If you do a lot of zesting a microplane is the tool for that task. It is sharp and does the task quickly. I found mine at a garage sale but they are at Williams Sonoma and at

Linking with Yvonne for On The Menu Monday for the first time because y'all know I post recipes every third full moon on a blue Monday (recipes cause me great anxiety). Yvonne is eight kinds of awesome do visit Stone Gables as her blog is lovely and she is as well inside and out.

happy cooking


  1. When I start back adding some starches to my diet, this one I will have to try. I have always loved rice. This recipe looks like something even hubby would eat.

  2. when you do a recipe it is so delicious even if they are not often, it is worth waiting for......


  3. This sounds delicious! Now I'm going to go see your rice station.

  4. Olive, Your rice dish looks so good. But I have to confess...I had to look up quinoa, to see what it was. It was defined as a pseudocereal. A plant related to beet, spinach and tumbleweed...well I had to laugh at the tumbleweed part. I like dried fruits, so I would probably like this dish. Smiles to you, xo, Susie

  5. This looks so good. I usually jazz up our rice with veggies...this will be fun!


  6. Olive, This recipe sounds so yummy and healthy. I'm going to make some quinoa with dried fruit this week. Thanks for sharing and have a fun week!
    Love your photos too...


  7. This looks and sounds delicious, but is new to me. When I was growing up we had sweet rice for breakfast a lot of school mornings. guess my mom never thought of adding fruit...prunes maybe...but that would have been it. I'm going to have to try this...yum!

  8. I was just looking at your rice fabulous! I love rice and when I don't feel good, I like brown rice with just a little milk. I know I would love this dish! I have got to try it! Please visit me soon. (I'm having a giveaway!)

  9. Okay, Martha, I mean, Olive. This one looks worth a try. I have never in my life (that I remember) had fruit with rice! This sounds like it would be good even served cold. Do you serve this with anything in particular? Meaning meat or other? I'm going to give this a try soon and see what my picky eater (not child, husband) thinks. Ann

    1. I serve it with chicken, pork, or salmon. It is good cold or room temp.

  10. That looks amazing, I can see why it's a favorite! For some reason the almonds in it really look beautiful to me. Might just have to give it a try-thanks:@)

  11. What a sensational side. I like to use short brown rice with quinoa, but I'm going to make this just as you have because it's so pretty. I know we will love it with the crunchy almonds. Thanks for stopping by Olive!

  12. That looks so good and healthy and I am trying so hard to eat right. May have to try this.

  13. Mmmmm, I've been waiting for this. Thanks for the recipe, Olive. It looks yummy, and healthy.

  14. That looks and sounds wonderful!! We love different rices here...wild rice our family sends from Minnesota is my favorite...but this I will have to make!!

  15. Hey Olive! Let me first tell you that
    I love your new profile picture!
    You look gorgeous, friend.
    Thanks for all these tips on adding
    flavor to rice. I am going to try some
    of them.... when the kids are not home.
    They are so doggone picky!


  16. Sounds delicious. My youngest adores beans and rice - I swear she was born to live in the third world!! I will have to try this for her.


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