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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sharing My Garden

 Welcome to my garden.
Recent tropical rains have it looking lush and overgrown.

On rare occasions I find a plastic pot I can live with. 
These two purple and green ones are cute with aloe in them.

 The hydrangea lab is moving along nicely. 
Two blooms make me smile.

This is our massive Nikko Blue from which I layer the baby specimens for the hydrangea lab. 
The Oakleafs were given to me.

His Royal Highness Clovis has to make an appearance.

The lantana that we call "The Monster." It is creeping up on the roses.

If I actually thought about how many gardening tasks I need to be doing I would cringe. 
I am not thinking about them.
 I did push mow nearly an acre of grass this week. 
That is enough.

happy gardening


  1. But you are doing a better job than I - I am afraid my garden is worse off than yours...

    Your garden is stunning.

  2. It's all looking gorgeous. Love the green and purple pots, too. I don't blame Clovis for wanting to spend time there. Deb

  3. Oh I think it looks amazing. Ours is such a sad mess on one side and the grass is a mess on the other. Hate that. I love your purple pots. Hugs, Marty

  4. Looks good!
    Hope you are enjoying the Hunger games. Be sure to read all three. They are now my favorite book(s) of all time. And that's saying alot. Will always love Stephen King.

  5. Finally catching up! Jealous of your hydrngeas-mine are a mess this year. As far as thoughtful blogging goes... I think you are one of the best. Honest. Funny. Slice of life. Those are the blogging qualities I like best. Ann

  6. Hi Olive! Oh, your garden looks so beautiful! Your plants and blooms are gorgeous! I'm so impressed you make baby hydrangeas! I can tell Clovis is the King of the Garden!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Your garden is glorious, Olive, and seems to have a master plan behind it; things are rather hodge-podge in mine. The whole thing may be blown away by the wind today!

  8. Clovis looks to be enjoying the garden. Your hydrangea is a great color of blue!

  9. Beautiful gardens. We have had right much rain. Better than a drought though. Beautiful hydrangeas.

  10. Can you tell me about making the new hydrangeas???? We are moving and I now have 10 hydrangea bushes. Would LOVE to propagate some to take with me to the new house!!! My e-mail is: Thanks!!!!! XO, Pinky

  11. Oh so lush and green and you have so many nice garden ornaments.

  12. You push mowed an acre of grass? Yikes! We are getting our tropical rains today and it was sorely needed. ~ Maureen

  13. Your garden is so pretty, Olive. The hydrangeas are gorgeous. I have the Annabells and they haven't bloomed yet. I wish we could grow the lantana here as a perennial. What zone do you live in?

  14. Hi Olive. Love it how Clovis always manages to sneak in somewhere!! Wonderful images of your garden for us to look at today. Like you, I do cringe at the amount of work sometimes, but I am making a real effort this year (especially as we had a couple of weeks of such glorious weather) to actually SIT and enjoy the garden instead of working in it all the time, and I feel better for it. Enjoy your weekend my friend x

  15. Oh...your garden is so pretty...especially the hydrangeas!

  16. Beautiful garden Olive - it doesn't look as if it needs a thing doing to it. His Royal Highness gives the impression of being king of the castle and all he surveys. Relaxing weekend to you all.

  17. Thanks for the wonderful garden tour olive

  18. You folks have been getting more rain in your part of GA than we have...lucky girl!
    Your garden looks so pretty!

  19. What a beautiful way to start my day by seeing your gorgeous garden Olive! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  20. So lush, Olive. What a gorgeous hydrangeas! Love the blue!

  21. Olive your gardens are just gorgeous. Very pretty for this early on. They can only get prettier with your touch. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Your garden is beautiful! I miss Lantana - I used to grow it in California.

    I did the same thing - push mowed about an acre and a quarter. My body is feeling it.


  23. Olive, That's a lot of mowing. I do not mow here.Ted does it and I shovel the snow, when needed:):) I used to mow when we lived in town. that was good exercise. Love all your hydrangas. They are so pretty. Smiles, Susie

  24. Push mow an acre! Wow, now that is impressive, Olive. Your gardens are lovely. I enjoyed taking a tour. Thanks!

  25. Olive, your yard is gorgeous! I love the blue hydrangea. Wish mine would turn and I have heard I can add something to the soil to get them to do so but have to do that one of these days!

    Little Clovis is so sweet out there. We had to stop letting our cats our about five years ago when the coyotes started to get very aggressive here in the Chicago area. They have been so bad they have been attacking dogs on leashes and most recently have attacked joggers in Illinois. Yikes. We cannot even let our dogs out after dark... if they have to "go" it is on a leash!

    Your roses and the over zealous lantana look so pretty side by side!
    Thanks so much for linking up this month, Olive!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  26. What a lovely garden! That lantana is wonderful!


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