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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Hollyhock

I have waited with much anticipation for the hollyhock to bloom. 
I had no idea what color it would be.

Pink is delightful don't you think?

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Have a lovely weekend.  
I may be somewhat scarce this weekend as I have a family commitment.


  1. oh my goodness this is beautiful!! I planted hollyhock seeds this spring...still have about 4 hanging on..don't know if they will bloom this year I will just lust after yours...why do we love them so???

    have fun weekend...


  2. Love hollyhocks... they seem so old fashioned and always remind me of the dancing ladies we would make with them as children.. sooo sweet!

  3. What a gorgeous color pink! Have a wonderful weekend. Patty

  4. It's a beautiful color, Olive. Like Diane, I remember making ladies out of them when I was a kid.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. How pretty and I love the color. It's so thick with petals too. Brings back memories from my childhood.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Just gorgeous Olive... and soo worth the wait... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. What a lovely double pink hollyhock - the last image would make a wonderful fabric design.

  8. I love the pink hollyhock. What a wonderful surprise! That was the cutest comment you gave me "Bomb Diggity" about the pitchfork, so cute, just like you...Have a great weekend!


  9. It's a pretty little thing Olive, that's for sure!!! I love the water color effect too : )

  10. Oh I have them in all white. We should trade seeds this year.

  11. Just beautiful. Hollyhock's grew along the side of the garage when I was little.

  12. Very pretty! And I agree, when I buy them at the garden center you get what you get and it's fun waiting to see:@)

  13. Olive,
    I planted just a few hollyhocks last year and am hoping for blooms this summer. I think the colour of yours is fabulous! Wowie! A few years ago, a friend and I were driving by some cornfields. Along the side of the fields, parallel to the road, was a long line of hollyhocks that went on for a good distance. It was one of the prettiest, unexpected things I had ever seen.

  14. It's exciting, since they
    are a biennial, right?? I
    have always wanted them,
    but alas, have not had
    the perfect spot for them
    to flourish!


    xo Suzanne

  15. Ooooooooooooooooh! So pretty!!!!
    When I was little, we made hollyhock dolls using toothpicks, flowers & flower buds.
    That was such fun...did you ever do that???

  16. How pretty Olive! I love hollyhocks and use to have them but through the years they have all died out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  17. I LOVE hollyhocks!! Yes, pink is delightful :)

    Happy Weekend :)


  18. Olive, Love hollyhocks. I have some growing and they are all colors. I hope they come back next years...because some of these grew last year.Smiles, Susie

  19. Gorgeous hollyhock and beautiful photos~ the color makes me swoon!

  20. That's a beautiful pink. Worth the wait. Enjoy the weekend!

  21. Obviously that beautiful Hollyhock was worth the wait. Love that last photo, it could be put on fabric and framed it looks so gorgeous! Hope your weekend was good. Ann

  22. It's a beautiful deep pink...I'm wearing that color right now! Enjoy your week! Summertime is HERE!

  23. Don't you just love the beauty in the spring and summer. You certainly have some lovelies in your gardens! Thanks so much for stopping by, Mary Alice

  24. Hi Olive, what a gorgeous bloom! My plants are huge and the blooms will be arriving soon. I can't wait. Yours is such a lovely shade of pink. the last shot is cool. Now a new follower of your sweet blog.

  25. WOW! So that's what a hollyhock looks like! I thought I had one (given to me by a friend) but the blooms are more like Morning Glories, although the color is the same as your hollyhock. The rest of the plant looks the same though. Hmmm....wonder if Romeo peed on it and shocked it into a shadow of it's former self.....

    Hope you had a grand weekend!

    "Her" and Romeo

  26. I am back at last, hurrah I have missed my visits! The hollyhock turned out to be a gorgeous colour.

  27. Such a lovely colour. I've got a volunteer hollyhock plant growing and I'm wondering what colour it will be. The flower heads are just developing.


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