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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pottery Barn Outlet

We visited the Pottery Barn Outlet in North Georgia last Thursday and Friday. 
Also Williams Sonoma Outlet and Restoration Hardware Outlet.

To see my visit to Pottery Barn Store in June go here
It has been one of my most popular posts.
 Pottery Barn Outlet always has tons of furniture at discount prices.
 I saw a sofa for $799.00 
The yummy slip covered sofa would have been perfect for the den. 
Sadly it would not fit on top of my Mini Cooper. 
 I did not have that kind of money even though that is a very good price.

An autumnal tablescape.

Teals and soft greens.

Fancy purchased this Beachcomber basket. 
There were only four in the store and they were half price.

This is an incredibly simple vignette but I really like it.

Miscellaneous vignettes in the store.
 What did I buy?
 I am boring.
 I bought one down pillow insert.

All images taken with my iPhone. 
Definitely not the quality of the Rebel camera but easier to handle and less noticeable.

 I took my friend Fancy with me on this two day trip.  
We stopped at my daughters college and she crept away from her total immersion Korean class for one hour. Imagine being in class from 8 AM until 9PM, minus meals, and having Korean activities on weekends.  That is what her experience has been. She has enjoyed it somewhat but is incredibly tired and has stated it felt more like an awful dictatorial summer camp than college. She is ready to go back to college and starts fall semester in two weeks. 
We pick her up in the morning after a brief ceremony. 

I have been having difficulty linking images into parties lately. I think my laptop is in it's last days as it gets industrial use and was purchased not with blogging in mind. If I am unable to link I hope the hosts of parties understand.

joy and peace


  1. Oh what fun! I would love to have a Pottery Barn Outlet near me! Your daughter is quite a trooper to endure that class. Sounds challenging. We just helped my son move his stuff from one apartment to another this weekend. All I have to say is "boys are gross" :)

  2. Ahhh...I just drool when I go into pottery barn, How nice to have an outlet. Great pics with your phone!

  3. Oh, I wish we had one of those outlets here - probably a good thing we don't, even half price their stuff is pricey, but sooooo nice. CC has been quite the rigorous course, good for her and even though it was exhausting I hope she got lots from it! Ann

  4. Thanks for sharing the PB outlet...I'm hoping to check it out labor day weekend.


  5. I go to this awesome garden store in Amarillo and head straight to Hobby Lobby to recreate for $10 what I might spend $100 on there. If I had a $100, I still would do the same thing. Pottery Barn is the can recreate their cool look if you give it a try!

  6. Thanks for sharing these pics. I need to go back. Love those pillows.

  7. I sometimes if we get inspiration from PB...or if they get it from us. Either all looks fab. I adore orange.

  8. Wow I am sure I would go nuts! I can hardly handle Home Goods!

  9. I love the PB outlet - I need to run over there, soon!

  10. I'll bet your repurposing self was in sensory overload.

  11. Oh so much eye candy. I would be in real trouble if they had one here. So glad you got to visit you daughter too. Hugs, Marty

  12. You need to pick your not-so-fancy friend to go with you next time. wink wink:)

  13. I like that pillow with the teal circle on it. I may have to make a trip to our outlet (60 miles from here) soon.

  14. Such fun....I once won a Pottery Barn gift card and still enjoy the great patio umbrella I was able to bring home.

  15. I can imagine it would be completely exhausting...learning new things in an intense atmosphere always fried my brain.

  16. Now this looks like a fun day! I love seeing the autumn goodies! Thanks so much for your nice comments on my magazine and Junk Bonanza posts!

  17. Olive,
    i could live at Pottery Barn, love it!! Hit their outlet once but it was pretty empty at the time.
    Thanks for the sweet comments about the baby, we are going to have so much fun with that sweet little girl!

  18. Lovin' that three tiered galvanized tray! Sounds like a fun trip... A Williams Sonoma Outlet-yum:@)

  19. Olive,
    Oh, dear friend, I am lovin' all the orange and blue in the autumanl tablescape!!! We have no Pottery Barn Store I just drool over their catalog each time it arrives...for days! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment and visit!
    P.S. Thanks for letting us know you're having "techie" problems...explains why your comment published twice...I omitted the repeat comment!

  20. I love those places just to go look at all they have to offer but to purchase? Not so much as the prices are a bite steep. I then come home and try to make what I have seen.

    Prayers for rain your way.

  21. I don't even know if there is a Pottery Barn in the 3 Outlets here in Minnesota. They are nowhere near me so I never get there.
    Thanks for you sweet comment today.

  22. I'm really loving all those beautiful vignettes. The next time I'm in Austin, I'll have to insist that we (my sisters) go to San Marcos where there is an outlet!

    So happy you had a great time with Fancy!

  23. I would love to visit a PB Outlet! What a great price on the baskets... I'm starting to look forward to Fall looking at autumn decor!

  24. I've been to a Pottery Barn outlet one time. It was like heaven on earth. It was actually hooked to a Williams-Sonoma outlet store so you got two for the price of one. :o) I didn't buy much either but it was so fun looking. Glad you got away for a few days...enjoy the rest of your week.

  25. I loved "shopping" along with you at the outlet. I don't live too far from this outlet since I live in Cumming! You would think that I would go there more often. In fact, I often forget it's there. You reminded me of all the great deals they have. Pottery Barn can get expensive, so the outlet prices are a nice break. Glad you were able to find a little something for yourself (even if it was a boring purchase). ha! Just kidding.

  26. I have never been to a PB Outlet but it does look like allot of fun. Wonderful vignetts. Thanks for sharing.

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