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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Living Room Vignette

Good morning friends. 
I am happy all of you enjoyed yesterdays post with Shelley, Gremmie,and CC. 
We do love our babies. I drank in all of your comments.

When those photos happened I was actually attempting to take photos of the living room. 
The playful cat and dog would not have it.

The vignette of Marie 
 on the old white TV table changed a little bit. 
I placed an urn of faux flowers with sunflowers there.
 Then added a pair of white finials.

This flower arrangement was for sale in our booth and did not sell.
Do you like it? I am thinking about it still.
 I am partial to fresh flowers from my garden.

  Remember the thrifted lamp and Target shade? 
The finials were a birthday present.

I am still happy about this thrifted small oil painting dated 1951.
 It is older than me too. 

Straying over to the dining table to a lone image of a huge Charleston seagrass basket 
that I bought at Ridge Antiques.
 Shelley had been eating the vintage blocks which were closer to the floor. 
My Chuckle Heads keep me on my toes. 
No wonder I am tired.

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joy and peace


  1. Very pretty, nice light, and great photos, Olive!

  2. Just gorgeous. You really do have the knack.

  3. The oil painting is splendid. You have a great bunch of color and texture going on for a great look.

  4. You should work as a stylist. Love the large oval frame. I need to send you a Mardi Gras mask for your lady to wear during the festivals!

  5. Oh what a great basket!!

  6. Really pretty vignette. It looks beautiful.


  7. Olive, I like the new vignettes. I adored the photos from yesterday's post. Hug your CC for me and I wish her a blessed trip away from home. xoxo,Susie

  8. I love the look of this vignette, Olive. And I have been off my game if I missed a furkid post, so I will scoot over there next. Our new town has lots and lots of antique malls and consignment shops. I am on a waiting list with my good friend Sue, at Country Road Antiques, the one I feel suits my style best. However, in the meantime I was going to give the consignments a try. Which do you prefer? Ann

  9. Hello vignette are one of the best there is!!
    love, Mona

  10. Love Marie by the mirror. My favorite vignette is the seagrass basket with the antlers and the blocks distressed by Shelley.

  11. Hi Olive. I've always loved your vignettes. You certainly have an eye for putting things together and making a real statement. Love the bust of Marie !

  12. So pretty Olive... I love those flowers and also the oil painting (it's not older than me)... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. That is a pretty vignette you put together. I like how you hung a framed picture inside an empty frame. That flower arrangement is very pretty. I think you should keep it.

  14. Olive,
    it all looks great but my favorite is the sea grass basket with the blocks and the antlers. I have a thing for antlers and use them a lot around the house.

  15. Very pretty! Enjoy the antlers in the basket!!

  16. Hi Olive! Well poke me up on the wall because I was born in 1951! :)Now this is just a beautiful vignette! You are so good and I think you're an interior decorator and just not telling us! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Your vignette is beautiful. Now I'm thinking I maybe should have bought something similar to what you have in there today at TJ Maxx.

  18. Gorgeous, Olive! I like the floral arrangement. The bust is just beautiful!!

  19. Shelley would have a field day with those antlers! They actually sell those in the pet stores for dogs to eat you know. I don't want to start out dogs on them because 1) that's gross and 2) they'd be attacking the deer in the cornfields then :)

  20. Beautiful vignette. I normally don't like dried flower arrangements but this one looks perfect with the bust and gold mirror.

  21. I see so many pretties here. I have major #BustEnvy right now, mainly. I'm drawn to these golden tones, too, so I like it all!!


  22. I love that little oil painting you found, it looks wonderful in your display. Have great week, Laura

  23. I love the floral arrangement ~ it makes for a nice addition to your vignette. Love that bust! I found two small ones recently at a garage sale. They are actually included in my post today. They are a stark white, but I love the color to yours. Did you glaze it?

  24. Everything looks the little oil painting! It looks like this vignette will go right into Fall too...have a wonderful day!!

  25. Yes...I really, really like it Olive!!! I always love your vignettes! You did get a pretty oil painting my friend.
    sending hugs...

  26. Lovely vignette! Sad to say, I'm older than your painting. Ha! It's a pretty one!

  27. I always love the bust, the gold frame. This vignette is my favorite.

  28. Love your vignette Olive! The mirror reflecting the back of the sunflower arrangement is such a fun and unexpected touch!


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