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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Barrel Shaped Trunk Saga

Let me tell you the story of the barrel shaped trunk.
When I was a young nurse and worked in a large teaching hospital and never had time to eat lunch there was a well known bakery up the street. Any time we had a mandated "workshop" to attend we nurses would stop into the bakery and grab an enticing confection.  Last October I saw an that the owner of the shop was ill and having a living estate sale. Her spouse was in the military, at one time, and they had traveled the world. I knew that she would have beautiful smalls and furniture for sale. Sadly no members of the family carried on the baking tradition and the bakery closed some years ago.
I saw the barrel shaped trunk in the dining room and instantly loved it.
It is primitive, handmade, old, and missing it's hardware.
Mind you, I usually buy smalls to sell and hardly ever buy large pieces for us. Not without Joe's okay. I knew the person conducting the sale and she had no one to help me get it to my Jeep plus it was way out side my price range. When I asked her for her best price she reduced the price in half. That was lovely of her and that is when being a repeat customer and a well known face pays off.
Now I had to get it out of the house.
Another woman who was admiring it said "If you buy it I will help you get it to your vehicle." Fabulous. This perfect stranger helped me navigate this huge house filled with people and down two sets of stairs and the yard into the street and another stranger, a young man opened the Jeep for us. He fished my keys out of my pocket. Oh my. Joe raises his eyebrows at that part by the way. I did not want to set that trunk down. It was a true team effort. I thanked them profusely. The trunk is not heavy but is old and due to it's curved lid is awkward to pick up.

There are two issues with the trunk.
It is nearly the same color as our floor and Clovis cannot jump on it. He slides right off. The resolution to number one is to move it to the master bedroom where we have carpet and it would look good at the foot of the bed. Problem is there is no master bedroom. Yet. Wallpaper removal still in progress-month fourteen I think. Yes, we are eight kinds of awful. I placed a fabric covered foot stool to the right of the trunk so Clovis can get into his window.

If you made it this far into the story, good for you and you are pretty. 
I am auto posting. My daughter, CC, and I are having a girls weekend together in the North Georgia mountains.
I will catch up when I can.

look for me at the PB outlet...wink


  1. I was reading so intently and holding my breath in anticipation of what was to come then.... the plot thickened.... and then like the second rise of yeast dough....the dough lost its rise and fell. I am left with my mouth hanging open thinking to myself, "What on earth happen?"...

    What happen to the trunk??? I am holding my breath but please don't let me turn too many more shades of blue, I do not look good in blue.

    I love your finds, you have a knack for this.
    GOD bless your outing with your daughter... have you seen snow... you are suppose to get some up there.

  2. I'd have needed that trunk, too.

  3. What a gorgeous piece! Love hearing your old nursing days! boy can I relate. Have a grand time with your daughter this I yearn to be able to go shopping with my mom.

  4. You are so funny to leave us hanging. That is great trunk indeed! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Oooh I just love that trunk Olive!... and how kind of those people to help you with it... your kitty is just so darn cute up in her window, overseeing everything!... have fun with CC... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Your auto posting works, my doesn't. I think my blog must be on USA time and not UK.
    Lovely trunk, and the last photo with your pretty cat is full of wonderful ginger shades
    When your master bedroom is finished, the trunk will be there waiting ready to be lifted into its rightful place.

  7. Lovely trunk, Olive and so glad Clovis could be accommodated. Hope you are having a great time. Ann

  8. I love it, and THE CLOVIS!

    He looks so regal sitting there in the sunshine!


  9. I have a weakness
    for trunks. My dad
    made me a cedar trunk
    when I was in college
    and also refurbished
    his grandma's trunk
    for me {she is my name
    sake, Susannah} which
    she brought with her
    through Ellis Island
    when she was 12 and
    came here ALONE. I
    also have a darling smaller
    trunk that I bought at
    a junk store and that I
    keep wrapping supplies
    in. Sorry for the ramble.
    Your trunk is gorgeous!

    Happy Valentine's,
    xx Suzanne

  10. awesome trunk!!!! from what i have heard, the trunks with the rounded tops were for womens items and set on top of the flat topped trunks which held mens items...that way the womens trunks were unloaded first.
    happy weekend to you,

  11. What a sweet, sweet story! People can be amazingly generous! It's a beautiful trunk and once you can use it in your bedroom, you can fill it with quilts and blankets and such! great find, Olive. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  12. It makes me happy when people are kind. Olive enjoy your weekend with your daughter.

  13. The trunk does have a beautiful shape and the window is perfect place for a resting puss.

  14. It's a lovely piece. Nice that you know a bit of the history too. I laughed about the step up for Clovis, I am always doing that for my cat too.

    She is gorgeous cat.

    Have a splendid weekend.

  15. oh joy to have stumbled upon your blog!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  16. Oh what a great trunk and how nice for others to help you get it to your car. You picked a cold weekend to go to north Ga. Wish I was at the outlet this weekend. Keep warm.

  17. I kept reading...and waiting for the fabulous end to this when you got it home inside was.... but then....
    Hope you have a great weekend with your daughter and please finish the story....inquiring minds NEED to KNOW!

  18. Hi Olive....I found you at Jane's...I so LOVE the down home feel you have here.



  19. You need to find a rag rug to stick underneath it until you can move it.

    It is gorgeous and I absolutely love the story about the purchase. Thanks for sharing it!!

  20. Okay so I can just see Clovis doing a paw drag, slide, and bump on the floor. Poor guy.

    And yes, I was following intently on the story....and then you left! For what? PB Outlet?!??! There's one?!?! WHERE?!?! Oh my!!! You must tell. I mean there should be compensation for making us wait ;)

    BTW - love the trunk!

    Hugs and purrs,

    "Her" and Romeo

  21. Your trunk is amazing. I can see where it would be a problem for Clovis though. I have a feeling that it would be filled with toe nail scrapes from my cat attempting and failing to climb up onto it.

  22. I love that Clovis has a step up to his favorite sunning spot! Great far!

  23. Beautiful old trunk Olive. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it eventually. Wallpaper removal is soooo NOT fun! And how nice to have a reminder of the little bakery you used to visit all the time. So sad nobody in the family wanted to continue it. Vanna


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