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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chippy White Chair With Edits

Fiddling with the white chippy chair and Photoscape.
I used the Refection Filter and framed it in a too dark red. 
 Playing and learning.

Nothing fancy here.
I have worked out the watermark, Thank God.

I am two cups of coffee away from recalling what filter I used here. Dang.
By the way I found this funeral pot/wreath at an estate sale and am loving it.
I now have four.
The others are wicker.
Joe rolls his eyes at them.
He'll be fine.

This has an antique Filter on it (#5 I think).

 Claudia from Mockingbird Hill Cottage told me that Photoscape is not available for Mac users.
That is a definite negative as I will be buying a Mac next time.
I am still planning on checking out the BeFunky editing program.
I have not had time yet as sun and 72 degree weather draws me to the flower garden.
My muscles are sore today but I am fine and thank you all for your comments yesterday.

Please go visit Claudia and The Frugal Five (sounds like a cool gang) as they continue their Thrifty Living Series today.

may joy and peace surround you


  1. Yes get out in that garden as 72 is the perfect temp don't you agree? Love the textures and the way you finished this photo.

  2. I love what you're doing with Photoscape! The filter really gives that photo a terrific look. I'm jealous of the temps in your area. The very fact that you can go out in the garden is so wonderful!

    Thanks for the link to our series!


  3. Love the effects on the beautiful pics.

    Oh, how I`d love to be outside playing in the dirt! It`s 32 degrees here, brrrr!


  4. Love your fiddling around with the white chippy chair! I'm glad you're not as sore as you thought you would be today. It's raining here so no outdoors for me today. Enjoy your day, Gail

  5. I'm interested in Photoscape, too! You took some great photos! ♥

  6. Goodness you have been busy since I last called by, good to be here again and catch up with you. Always such interesting things to share, very interested in your editing experiments as with Picnik closing I need to find a new one to use.

  7. I haven't played with filters. It's on the list of things to do!

  8. You are being so clever with your camera. I just point and shoot and what ever happens, Happens. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  9. I like the reflection filter you used in the first photo. I'm going to have to try Photoscape.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  10. Great photos - you can get bits and pieces to help on the Mac via iphotos.

  11. I really really want a funeral basket and my husband thinks I am nuts. I just like the shape of them and will try to not think off where they have been. Love the last photo. Very artsy.

  12. Beautiful pictures...all of the techniques are foreign to me...I need someone to sit down with me and show me how it all works. Love the chair!!

    I would be gardening, too, if it were 72. It is 37! Maybe you just need to relax your sore muscles today.


  13. Olive, I am envious of your beautiful weather!... love your shabby white chair!... hope your back does not ache too much today from all that gardening... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. Thanks to you Olive, I am loving using PhotoScape. It is really cool, and you can get some great results. I love it that it's all there on the one page.

  15. as long as his eyes don't get stuck!!

  16. Lovely, Olive. Thought of you today as I went junking with my friend who is the ultimate junker - I like to watch her "work". Ann

  17. My hubby and I will be on the road in an RV for a loooonnng road trip, and I find that I am suddenly drawn to all these lovely blogs about cooking and quilting and crafts and home - they will give me my dose of homey things along the way!

  18. I'm a new follower now, too! Hugs! ♥

  19. Olive, I see we are both playing with our cameras this week. I like the photo filter you used. I have a Mac which I love and have just moved to Picasca for making photo collages and watermarks. Not sure if they have different filters like you used, still learning. It was in the 50's this week, unusual for Jan. and Michigan. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  20. Haha! "Two cups of coffee away from remembering . . .". That's me, too, Olive! I have got to start writing things down. Your pictures look great; I need to take a day just to play with the photo editing software I have. I have two and you'd think I'd be able to figure out at least one of them!

  21. I love editing too though up until yesterday hadn't done much with my photos. I spent too much time yesterday deciding on actions. Too many to choose from that I ended up buying none. It's one more thing this old girl has to learn I'm telling myself but I want them.
    I always love your photos.
    ps Hubby doesn't get my funeral baskets...I tell him he doesn't have to:0


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