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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flinging Open The Doors

It is 72 degrees outside and I know you, dear friends, are saying she has posted twice today.
Yes, yes I have.
 I have been raking pine straw, weeding, and cutting back spirea shrubs. 
I pulled so many weeds that my back is hurting so I fear for what tomorrow may hold so I am posting this right now. 
The doors to the house are flung open.

This weekend I am cutting back all our monkey grass ( lilirope) with the lawn mower. 
If you are in the Deep South February in the appropriate month for that. 
Some of variegated monkey grass that I cannot get with the mower I trim with scissors.

Opening the front door warms the house tremendously.

I re-potted this ivy and I am constantly getting cuttings from him.
I think it is a male for some reason, with shaggy hair.
It came from Trader Joe's  and I should have bought one more. 
I was not thinking or I was more likely thinking of Stilton cheese with apricots.
On another unrelated subject, pain gives me flight of ideas, a friend gave me a kind of folksy oil painting yesterday.

It is painted on two wood boards and I really like it and for now it is in the kitchen in an odd place beside our command calendar which I must see daily.
I cannot use electronic calendars. I am archaic, just say it I know. 
Oil paintings are far better for me because they have no glass and therefore no glare and glare is my enemy.

I rarely take a photo of the little kitchen as it is functional, white and kind of plain. 
I am very grateful to have it and would not trade it for another.

Thanks bunches for listening to my pain induced ramblings.

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may joy and peace surround you


  1. Oh! Bless your heart!!!
    Hope you feel better tomorrow!
    It's cold & rainy in NW GA!!

  2. Everything looks fresh and lovely!

    We have the same dishwasher.


  3. Oh I know that back pain....try to give your back a rest...and enjoy the beautiful weather!!

  4. Sounds like you had a productive day! We made it into the 60's here but I was at work and missed it. Would have been nice to open the windows for a bit-enjoy:@)

  5. I can ONLY IMAGINE the warmth... I long for the day we can once again open our windows & doors...
    Hope Clovis Cat didn't sneak out the door!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  6. Hi Olive, I love your photo by the sink with the ivy. I just bought one too at Lowes the other day. I love IVY and it is pretty hardy even in my hands. Enjoy the weather and I hope you rest up.

  7. Love, love, love the view from your front door. Wonderful to be able to fling open the doors in the middle of winter!
    Such a pretty oil painting -- blue is my favorite color. Looks so fresh in your kitchen.
    Mary Alice

  8. Actually I was just going to say how cute your kitchen was! I think it's charming. I live in GA too so I know how great today felt (before the rain). It was nice to be able to go outdoors and not have to wear a coat. When the rain finally goes away, we're planning on doing some much needed yard work. It's long overdue.

  9. I honestly don't remember a January being as warm as it was. It does feel good when you can open up and let the outdoors in. My door is open right now. Love the kitchen by the way and the picture looks good hanging there.

  10. Wish I could air my house out too. You sound busy Olive. I am ready for spring. After today,only 48 more days hooray. Smiles, Susie

  11. 72 degrees! Incredible! I am coming over to you for a vacation!! Tropical!

    Love your ivy plant. I'd love to make a topiary myself. Was it already started for you?

    Feel better soon, Olive!


  12. How about this weather we are having, it was to have the windows open, even with the rain its great.

    I ADORE your kitchen and your friend's painting fits it to a "T". Your kitchen is so cheerful and your ivy looks right at home there. Myers cleaner? Will have to look to see what that is.

    God keep you all safe and dry. Looks like we will have a few soggy days.

  13. I love your ramblings! I love your white kitchen to. And your painting. And your pretty ivy.

  14. Well you're doing pretty darn good for a pained girl. And are you trying to torture me? 72 degrees?.....NO FAIR!! Lol! We're doing good to hit 50. *winks* Sweet painting from your friend! Vanna

  15. I hope you haven't over done it! Your open doors look beautiful. Your kitchen too! Your new painting looks perfect there. I need a calendar I can write on too! Use a heating pad. Works wonders.

  16. I hope you haven't over done it! Your open doors look beautiful. Your kitchen too! Your new painting looks perfect there. I need a calendar I can write on too! Use a heating pad. Works wonders.

  17. Slow down girl...don't be a weekend warrior! Enjoy the sunshine first...then start working.
    P.S. I think we have the same kitchen layout.

  18. I hope your back will be rested by tomorrow. We had 50 something temps and sunshine in my little corner of Minnesota today. Most of the rest of the state was cool and cloudy.
    I am getting spring fever. Yesterday I cut the top off my geranium that was trying to out climb Jack's Beanstalk and planted it in a pot. I hope it will root and grow.
    Enjoy your spring like weather.

  19. Olive,
    I'm with you, opened both my front and back door! It's been warm here too, love it! Your kitchen from what I could see is adorable! Sorry about your back, boy were you busy! Hopefully you'll be better soon!
    PS. If there's an intervention, tell me and I'll whisk you away to the nearest coffee shop and we'll indulge in our "addiction" together!

  20. WOW! Sounds most lovely! It rained here all stinking day and now I am crabby because "she" wouldn't let me out. Don't know why because "she" always dries my off when I come back in. Hmpfph! I should have come to visit you!

    Crabby pouting purrs,

    Romeo, the DRY cat

  21. Hi Olive,
    I am soooo envious of your view from your front's beautiful.....and also there is much envy for your warm's freezing over here !!
    Many, many thanks for your kind birthday are a lovely blogging friend. XXXX

  22. O, Olive, I adore you. Your thankfulness come thru every post and I love that about you.
    Now, your little white kitchen is adorable...
    Don't be working too hard in your will look beautiful, come spring. MINE, on the other hand, is in for such a bad time. No water out here so we are being rationed. Can only water once a week...and will be fined if we let it run into the street. I am not concerned with a pretty yard...I AM concerned that we could easily run out of DRINKING water. Oh, dear..... please pray for us.

  23. here is hoping your not tooooo sore today!
    just love to have the door and windows open, makes me feel alive.
    Not warm enough here but 60 is good in Feb in IL!

  24. I hope you are feeling better today..that's a lot of work! I use Meyer's products, too! They are the best, aren't they? Enjoy your day! ♥

  25. Hi Olive. What a fantastic post! Do hope that your back is a little easier now, and don't go overdoing things at the weekend. How wonderful to have those lovely warm temperatures, and to be able to open the doors like that. Take care.

  26. One of the many reasons I love you... a dish drainer!

  27. glad you can open the door my allergies would kill me if my back didn't after i raked the yard, however I need to get that done , the raking of the yard

    my little kitchen (51 years old)is all white and functional , i had it updated a few years ago
    I am sure we are both very happy with our little white kitchens, dish drainers and all


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