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Friday, February 10, 2012

Road Trip

I am going to see my college girl.

I have posted this image before.
Because many of my new followers have not seen CC I am posting it once more.
It is my favorite image of her taken by me. 
It was taken with my wee Kodak Easy Share camera.
Her hair is not purple now but it flattered her while it was.
.CC's hair color changes every time I see her. 
Surprise Mom.
She is taking a Chinese Literature course and she may be grey like me. 
She currently has more papers to write than I probably ever wrote in college. 
 It was always science and nursing for me.

I may or may not be auto posting while I am away this weekend. 
CC has to study much of the the time so I will have down time.

Joe and Clovis are keeping each other company at the old house.

joy and peace


  1. Olive,
    Have a wonderful visit with CC! I am sure Clovis is happy to stay home.

  2. Have a wonderful time with your beautiful girl!

    Kat :)

  3. GOD bless and keep you safe on your trip to see your daughter. She is lovely and has such warmth in her smile.

  4. Your daughter is lovely. So glad you can have some time with her.
    Just signed up to follow you on Linky, Mary Alice

  5. Enjoy your time with your girlie -- she is a beauty :)


  6. CC is so beautiful; and just as pretty on the inside I'll bet. Enjoy your time together!


  7. Olive, what a pretty daughter you have...I know how much fun it is to spend time with a grown up daughter..have fun this weekend....see you next week...
    p.s. thanks for visiting me.. :-)

  8. Have a great weekend . I loved the color of her hair

    Happy Valentines Day

  9. she is just beautiful. enjoy your trip. travel safe. i'm a new linky follower ... would you please follow me too. thanks a bunch. (:

  10. Your daughter is so pretty! Look at those eyes! Gorgeous picture, Olive! Have a wonderful weekend visiting CC!


  11. Have a lovely time with your daughter. Mine is coming home tonight. I can hardly wait...such a treat. My daughter put blonde streaks in her hair a while ago...I loved them!

  12. Olive dear, you just squeeze that beautiful girl to pieces and enjoy every second with her. She is such a beauty!!! I laughed when you said her changes every time you see her...I have a couple of daughters that way to. They don't live close like my other two girls, and I am always surprised.
    Have a wonderful visit with CC.
    Thank you dearest for your lovely meant so much!!!
    sending many hugs...

  13. What a beautiful picture! I love her hair, this is the time in her life to do those kind of things. Enjoy your weekend with her. I'm visiting me daughter next week in NYC I can not wait. Enjoy, Laura

  14. Lovely to share 'girl time' together. You daughter is very pretty and although her hair in now a different colour, I think that colour suits her really well. Enjoy yourselves.

  15. She's so pretty, and your photo does her proud, Olive.

  16. Olive,
    Have a wonderful visit with your beautiful daughter and Happy Valentine's Day!


  17. Have a wonderful time with your CC. She certainly is a beautiful girl and it sounds like she is very busy. I know you will have a fabulous time together!

  18. What a beautiful daughter you have. Enjoy your time with her this weekend.

  19. Your daughter is beautiful Olive. Enjoy your weekend with her, Gail

  20. Have a wonderful time and be safe!
    Love this image and the hair!

  21. I really like this photo of your daughter too - she makes the purple look down right classy. I think one of the aspects of the photo that make it so great are how the flowers in the background pick-up the color of her hair.

  22. That's a beautiful picture of CC! And I love her hair color! Vanna


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