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Monday, February 20, 2012

Horsetrading, Thrifting, and Fiddling

I have been horse trading again. 

I traded my friend a little chippy blue shelf for this chippy bust and vintage frame.
 Horsetrading at it's finest.
Chippy for chippy.

She had painted the old frame white and that worked for me.

These mini teapots under glass make me feel six years old again.

Joe and I have been shopping all over the place to restock my inventory at the three consignment stores I sell at and we found these vintage watercolors above behind the fern. I am fiddling with the pair of them in the hearth at present. Not selling them right now. Perhaps another post on these later.

This is my second vintage clock and it does not work. 
It was one dollar at a garage sale.
I would like to amass a whole shelf of them.

The next two weeks at the yellow house are going to be busy as we are going to host ten Teenagers from our church for the entire weekend of March 2-4. I need to get going and clean the upstairs where they will be sleeping, on the floor and any place they can find. We are providing breakfast and our small group is providing supper. They will be at meetings during the day. We think this will be fun. We bought this house to share it with our family and others and this is one way to do that.

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  1. GREAT trading Olive!! Your teen weekend sounds like a blast. Be sure to lay in LOTS of groceries :)

    Blessings to you!

  2. A teenager weekend sounds like fun! It seems like you are really liking your church. My husband and I have been shopping around for a church but so far haven't found the one that I feel at home in yet. Great horsetrading finds!

  3. appears that you are one mighty fine horse trader.



  4. The clock is my favourite. Gorgeous shape. Would that be Bakelite?

  5. Fabulous trading Olive! I love the bust. So pretty!

  6. I can't read the maker's name on the clock. It sure resembles Bakelite. From the 20's?

  7. Hi Olive, I love all of your new finds, especially the little teapots under glass... and how fun to have your house full of guests soon!... wishing you a beautiful day, xoxo Julie Marie

  8. I just got back on line to leave a comments about your table and here you have anew post:):) Good trade on the bust !! I was going to say Joe could add you a shelf on your new island. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  9. Maybe that's why I love mini things so much? makes me feel 6 again.
    Thanks Olive,


  10. Olive excellent job trading, the clock is gorgeous!

  11. My bust is feeling a little chippy too... great trading and the hosting of the teens at the yellow house sounds like lots of fun! Lucky kids get to eat your food! Ann

  12. Good trade! Your upcoming weekend sounds fun. Kinda. About the only time I seem to clean these days is when I have company coming!

  13. I would love to trade treasures with you
    The clcok is wonderful for a dollar

    I am just overwhelmed with small treasures and want to start an etsy shop, just not sure of how to get started etc
    the indoor flea markets around here are not doing anything in sales

  14. What a fun event for the yellow house - lucky teens!

    Love your trades, too. Isn't it fun to "need" to shop? :D


  15. Love that little clock and you did good trading. Thank you for sharing at my party.


  16. Love, love the yellow clock and your photos never cease to amaze me! Looked ahead at the green table. Absolutely divine! I am loving Downton Abbey and so hated for it to end already. It took me only a few nights to catch up. Will be looking the world over for some the pieces I saw there, but so will everyone else who adores it!

  17. Great trading. Great look with the little bust, mini teapots and the scrabble pieces. Everything is so interesting.'Have fun with the teens from church.

  18. You did good with your horse trading. That's the best when you have a willing friend! The teenagers staying at your home are going to love you!!!!
    Mary Alice

  19. I bet a shelf full of old clocks would look awesome. I love the girl bust.

    Have fun with the teens - our service on Sunday was our post-Disciple Now weekend service. It was very good. When C is in the sixth grade (she is in the fourth now) she can participate. I am absolutely positive I am not ready but she is positive she is and can't wait.

  20. Olive,
    trading is always fun, getting something you want for something you are ready to give up! Love your clock, no of mine work either! I kind of like the fact that they are all stopped at different times! Sounds like you are going to have a fun and "interesting time with not 1 or 2 but 10 teenagers in the house!

  21. What a great little bust, Olive! Trading is as good as shopping your own home for a new look. The C.S. Lewis Bible looks interesting.

  22. The bust of the young girl is delicious - chipped or not.

  23. Well Olive it's no secret I love your little girl bust! You have three you say? Did you horsetrade for all of them? *winks* That's my favorite of all..swapping without shopping!
    I'd also love to have a full shelf of those cool old clocks. That one is a cutie and what a score! I know you're going to have fun with your church group! Vanna


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