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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Buffet in Green

I bought a green ruffled pie plate.
 Obsessed  with ruffles I am.
The pie plate lead to this concoction on our buffet.
By the way I do not bake pies.

The old buffet is good looking with spring green touches.
I think so anyhoo.

The platter is Wedgwood fine bone china. 
The bowl, creamer and knives were all picked up at yard sales.

You might be dizzy after viewing these images.
I swear I was not inebriated.

Minerva is still on the right side of the buffet with the vintage riding helmet.

Joe and I ran across a stash of letters recently.
I will show you more in another post. 
We were glad to get the @.

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pie and ruffles


  1. Your vignette is lovely and the spring green is perfect. Love the new pie pan. Hugs, Marty

  2. I am drooling over your buffet', mercy you have an eye for finding outstanding pieces.
    A touch of Spring has sure come to your home.
    We have bright sun today, so through open the windows and breath deep.

  3. It's gorgeous, Olive!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Olive, your buffet looks great! I love the touches of spring green you added. You and Joe find the neatness little things. I need to go thrifting with the two of you! Have a wonderful day, Gail

  5. Oh dear! I have a riding hat just like that which I wore as a young girl - vintage! I must retrieve it from the wardrobe it looks rather good on your buffet.

  6. I am in love with your pie plate! The ruffles are cute. I love to bake pies and this would be perfect with a hot apple pie in it! :)


  7. The greens really pop! Such an interesting grouping. We like the pottery don't we?

  8. You are clever and Joe find such lovely pieces and, I bet that they don't cost too much either.
    I think that you should now break with tradition and bake a pie !!!! haha. XXXX

  9. I don't bake either, but I still would have bought the pretty green ruffled pie dish. It's really pretty!

  10. Lovliness Olive. Green is one of my favorite colors and you have used it beautifully. Love the pie plate - and the @! Ann

  11. I love this Olive. It's beautiful!

    J's appointment is tomorrow afternoon. Hoping for an answer to the dilemma.

  12. Oh Olive, great post!! I'm crazy about Minerva on your buffet with the vintage riding helmet! That white pitcher, now that I'd love to have along with your ruffled pie plate!! Great treasures!

  13. Olive,
    your green touches are so "happy" and a great start to spring! No baking here either but love the dish! The buffet is lovely and you know I'm loving that riding hat! (just picked up another one, couldn't resist)! I may have an addiction problem, do you think DR Drew can help? (how many is to many)?

  14. Great pics, but that buffet is gorgeous! Love it! Linda

  15. So pretty, Olive! And the cookies remind me of a gineger cookie recipe that I have which I dare not bake or I shall eat them all!


  16. I do not bake pies either. What I do is get one at the bakery and transplant it into my pie pan and it looks like I did it. Who needs to know. Well, I guess anyone who reads this will. Have fun. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  17. I LOVE baking pies and think one would be LOVELY in that ruffled pie plate. I love your vignette :)


  18. Your buffet IS looking great! Yeppers I too am a sucker for ruffles of any kind *winks* And may I also say I love your Minerva! Busts make my heart skip a beat lol!

    You asked about my personal style?
    I would label it as classic Goodwill label ho...Lol! I really don't buy clothes in regular stores any more. With the exception of Costco for underwear and socks.*winks* What's your personel clothing style Olive? Vanna

  19. Lovin' the @ figure and the pie plate is cute too-enjoy:@)

  20. Vanna darling, my personal style is just as yours. I wear a lot of grey to coordinate with my hair and usually have a ruffle on me somewhere. Oh and lots of silver and turquoise. All second hand save one bracelet Joe bought for me.

  21. That green is so very, very happy - still loving the riding hat.

  22. Your buffet is gorgeous! I love the vignette that you put together. Who says you have to bake with it?!

  23. Olive, I love the pie plate and the fact that you don't make pies!! But It makes a beautiful serving piece. The green looks fresh and spring like, thanks for stopping by, Laura

  24. Love it all! I'm always so interested in seeing how other people decorate buffets, coffee tables, dining tables, etc. Those are so hard for me. Your buffet looks great!

    It's taken me a few days, but I'm finally getting the Linky thing. Thanks for suggesting that.

  25. Your vignette is charming and I adore your new "ruffle"! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!


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