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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Olive In The Pick Up Truck

Here I am amongst the creeping juniper in all my non-glory.
Joe snapped this picture with his dumb phone and insists I post it.
I deny the man behind the blog very little because he is fabulous. 
Do you see my favorite rusty wheelbarrow upside down there in the bed of the truck? 
We have a newer one but I am sticking with the rusty one.
To read more about my less than fascinating juniper adventure scroll down to the last post.

Our plans today are that we have no plans.

What are you up to on this fine Saturday?
peace and joy


  1. It is a fabulous picture of you. You look happy and relaxed.

  2. Having a fabulous hubby is one of the best blessings! You two have so much fun together - wonderful!
    It's nice not to have plans for the day sometimes, isn't it? I am going to the gym (working up the motivation) and Saturday is our date night. That's about it for us.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love it! It is a great photo.

    Thanks for clicking the new widget. I put another one on yesterday, that had a big ol' glitch. Thankfully not many followed before Sue let me know about the mix up. You clicked the correct widget this morning. Thanks so much for Following.

    As for our Saturday...we are having coffee, at the moment. Later, we will venture into town to see what we can see and pick up a few provisions.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Howdy there gal, you sure have been up to your armpits in junipers that is for sure. BUT golly you look awesome even after your hard do you look so good? did you sneak off to the shower first? hum?

    LOVE old rusty things, guess that is why I love my hubby. I have an old wheel barrel like that too. They just keep going and going.

    We went to Wilkes last weekend, got a bunch meat and chicken; this week, I replaced the burners and grill racks on the old Weber... so we will be grilling this weekend.
    Next week I am putting my new chainsaw to the test on some stubborn Privets. I can assure you I will not bee looking fresh as a daisy like you do.

    GOD bless your weekend and keep you all safe.

  5. Hi Olive, you look adorable!... and I would choose the rusty old wheelbarrow every time too... my sister has the one that was my daddy's for his entire life, and it will always stay in our family... I love that you treasure objects from the past like I do... Joe sounds like a wonderful guy!... and the photo he took is great! I also love a day where the plans are NO plans and you just go where your heart takes you... enjoy!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Cute picture. Looks like you two have been doing a ton of work. Hugs, Marty

  7. He said "tilt your head to the side so I can get the wheelbarrow in the picture". Right? How great he wants in on the blogging fun. My husband doesn't get it /~"

  8. Adorable picture! I bet you two have a wonderful time together every day! Humm, my plans are to just enjoy a wonderful Saturday! No big plans yet!

  9. Great photo! As for hubby, he looks like such a friendly guy in the photo of both of you.

  10. Nope... no plans other than buying groceries which is my 'every saturday job'. Hubs is working out of town today and my time is really my own. Love your wheel barrow AND love seeing your fabulous face! Muah!

  11. Dear Olive,
    That photograph of you is wonderful.
    We have a rusty old wheelbarrow that is so old and the wheels squeal so much that they set your teeth on edge. Our daughter bought my husband a new one a couple of christmases ago and yet, my husband insists on using the old one !!
    Today it is SO freezing cold here (we are expecting snow tomorrow) that we have battened down the hatches and my husband is watching the rugby and I'm on the laptop !!
    Have a lovely weekend Olive. XXXX

  12. Cute pic! Good for you for having a day to do whatever you'd like to-enjoy:@)

  13. What a great photo of you my friend. You look so happy! I love it that you cannot deny Joe posting that picture - as you say, he is a real keeper. Looks like you have been SO busy. Don't go overdoing things, because I know how easy it is to do just that. It's raining hard here today, after all the blue skies earlier in the week, so I am just relaxing and catching up on blogging.

  14. How sweet of you to post the photo your dh wanted you to share.
    Today I go to exercise in a warm water pool and usually see a friend or two while there. That is my Saturday morning routine.

  15. Looks like you are working way to hard. But, you look great. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  16. Going out with my youngest. Wish I had that wheelbarrow to plant in!

  17. Our GA weather has been pretty good for the last couple days, hasn't it??
    I've been busy in my shop...playing!

  18. How cute! Hope you are having a fabulous day doing nothing.

  19. Olive,
    looks like it took some hard work to fill up that truck! Cute photo!
    Rusty is so much better then new!
    Sometimes it's fun to just go with the flow and do nothing or what ever you want! Me, today, it's rainy and I'm staying on the couch under my blaket with the TV and computer!

  20. What a fabulous photo! You are absolutely adorable. I love your wheelbarrow story because I keep using my old rusty wheelbarrow too.
    My artist friend painted wonderful flowers all over it with rustoleum so it wouldn't rust anymore. I have a new wheelbarrow but(like you) I much prefer my old one.
    PS. You are so right about the long work hours being awful on my knees...they are really hurting. I so appreciated your understanding!!!

  21. Give him a big ol' Texas hug from me. Do you have any idea how much I love seeing the face behind the voice...and yours is precious.
    I can tell just by the smile...we could cause major havoc together.


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