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Sunday, February 5, 2012

White Picket Fence and Porch Swing

Sesame Lodge
Joe and I were driving yesterday and I saw that gorgeous saucer magnolia tree blooming and I screamed "turn around." 
Joe made a quick u-turn and I got out of the truck and started snapping pictures in the middle of the street.

It is lovely.
I wanted to go inside the gate but I behaved myself.

White picket fence and a porch swing...oh my goodness.

Enough blabbering here's more:

Thanks for visiting Sesame Lodge .

I also photographed their neighbor's huge camellia bush that is full of blooms but
maybe tomorrow with some flea market snaps.

I really enjoyed your comments about my photograph in the previous post.

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may joy and peace surround you


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I had one of those swings in my old house up in the country; spent many an hour reading blissfuly on sunny afternoons.


  2. Okay, girlie, are
    you just trying to
    rub it in?? Seriously,
    magnolias and camelias
    blooming, already?
    And how gorgeous is
    this farm house?

    Thanks for bringing
    a little spring into my
    corner of the world : )

    Happy Sunday,
    xx Suzanne

  3. Oh I cannot believe blooming trees, already~ gorgeous! I want a porch, just like in the good ol' days when everyone had one. Alas, it doesn't seem to be in the cards...
    hugs, Sue

  4. Oh, my. That porch and the magnolia are stunning!

  5. Oh my, that tree is stunning and I want to just move into that house. What a fabulous porch. Hugs, Marty

  6. The color of the Inn reminds me of the color of our lakehouse! Now we need a swing and one of those gorgeous trees!


  7. What a gorgeous place! The blooming tree and fence, porch swing and color of the house are wonderful!

    I really liked you pic in the pickup! Cute! Cute!

  8. The blooms of the magnolia tree blend so well with the colour of the house.

  9. How beautiful are those colours - baby pink, blue and white. Really makes you feel in the mood for Spring.

  10. OMGosh, the saucer magnolia is gorgeous. When I saw your post, I ran outside to check mine. It hasn't bloomed yet, which surprises me..and sure looks dead..nary a bud on it.
    Thanks for sharing the cute house (Sesame Lodge?) and is that Japanese holly in the last photo? Wow!

  11. I am in love!... I want to live there... right now!... love the color of it, love the white picket fence, love the magnolias, love the swing... sigh... xoxo Julie Marie PS I already follow you sweet Olive through blogger followers and your posts always come through my dashboard!

  12. That home and magnolia tree are beautiful. And, your photographs are stunning!

  13. Beautiful images! And how nice that your hubs stopped the car for you. Love those gorgeous blooms! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh, I so have a love affair with porches...that one is a peach :)


  15. Love the color of the magnolia against the blue house-very pretty:@)

  16. Olive , Is it early for those blooms or are they on time?? I am amazed. Thank you for all those good happy photos. Cheers us up to see blooming trees. Smiles, Susie

  17. I would have gone in the gate and knocked on the door!! Looks absolutely charming1

  18. Wonderful pictures, Olive that bring a smile to my face! Ann

  19. I just LOVE your photos, Olive!
    There are a few daffodils blooming here in NW GA but haven't seen anything like you have in your neck of the woods...yet!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is amazing. We have them here, but usually no blooms till April. Spring is a coming. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  21. OMGoodness, how stunning. Thanks for the beautiful pics. I'm following your Linky. Just added mine today.

  22. Hi Olive! Oh, how pretty! Nothing like faux grilled chicken! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Oh yes it is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these lovely images and the laughs this morning. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  24. Some day soon I will walk across the garage walkway to the hospital and I will see the magnolia's in bloom and know spring has come...thanks for the peek of what I can look forward to!

  25. Oh my goodness is right! The picture with the picket fence and porch swing is PERFECT. Love it!!
    Mary Alice

  26. OMG!*!*! I can hardly contain myself!!!
    Just GoRgeOus!!! ~ EVERYTHING...
    Olive - where do you live???
    Thanks for sharing Mother Nature's Wonders...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  27. Love this house and its plantation shutters, that tree is a treat for my eyes. Waiting for the one across the street to bloom. I hope my neighbor does not mind me standing in the yard to take a photo.

    Its there a trick to training hubby's to STOP and TURN AROUND? hum??? I have yet to train mine....

  28. Love the boot scraper!! Love it...

  29. Gorgeous! How perfect for such a home.

  30. Just beautiful! We won't see flowers around here for some time! Thanks for stopping by to comment recently!

  31. Wow, what a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing, liz

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