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Thursday, February 23, 2012

House Plants

I spent yesterday fiddling with this and that.

 Sunny, sunny 74 degree weather. 
Perfect for digging in the garden.

Potting houseplants.

I placed this Kimberly Queen fern in the Haeger planter. 
It had no drainage hole so I shattered a chipped terracotta pot and placed about two inches 
of the shards in the bottom of the planter creating some drainage.
Indoor ferns do well in low filtered light, about what you would require to read a book.

The odd pictures in the fireplace were found at a local thrift store and are from the 1940's we believe.

I bought this curly variety of snake plant at a neighbor's plant sale last year. 
It has tripled in size and filled the planter I placed it in. 
It really is effortless to care for. 
I water it once a week.

It is in the window seat at present but it has been in a darker room and was happy there as well.
I also planted more ivy. We shall be over run with ivy very soon.

joy and peace


  1. I love your curly snake plant ~ very pretty! 74 degree temps sound great. It's still cold here.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Oh I have one little fern htat is just getting so leggy. Yours looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  3. I didn't know about the light requirements for a fern and I have mine right smack in front of a window that gets sun most of the day! Oops!


  4. Beautiful plants and the weather was gorgeous today, but very windy.

  5. Hi Olive, your plants all look so pretty, ferns are my favorite!... I love to mist mine... I am envious of your beautiful weather!... it is bitter cold here still... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Your plants are their containers too! My fern is not doing well :o(

  7. I am so ready for some new plants! Yours are lovely...inspires me to head to the nursery!

  8. 74 and you're in the garden?....No fair!! Your plants look so hale and hearty Olive, and mine look anemic.....Come to think of it I probably look anemic too from lack of sun *winks* Vanna/the winky fiend LOL!

  9. I've never seen a curly snake plant...I have a regular one that's so big I moved it to the front porch and it loves it there...I love ferns but I don't have any luck with them in the outside they go! Yours all look wonderful!

  10. Love the way you group things together, you really do have an eye for it.

  11. Oh Olive, I LOVE ferns. Our garden is north facing and ferns and hostas do so well ..... I'm not so good with them indoors though. I think that's because our Victorian house is quite dark in places !!
    We love our house, which has so many of the original features left, but the downside of old houses is that they don't have a lot of light.
    I think that you obviously have green fingers and are very good with plants .
    Have a lovely weekend Olive , which you will probably spend in the garden. We are off to visit friends in the beautiful Cotswolds. XXXX

  12. Your house plants looks beautiful Olive. I wish I had a green thumb for house plants:( Enjoy your weekend, Gail

  13. I envy your temperatures. Woke up to snow on the ground this morning! I don't think it will last, though. Your houseplants look healthy. I have a green thumb, but the one plant I can never grow successfully indoors is a fern. Darn it!


  14. I like those prints - very pretty I would say 1940's is about right.


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