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Sunday, May 6, 2012

~celebrating happy accidents and youth~

A happy accident happened on this tray.

I placed the boy bust and cream and sugar on the tray while dusting and thought them appealing.
More than appealing, somehow soothing.

Please forgive me as I have been blogging and worse yet commenting on the fly lately.
 CC and I have been having fun and enjoying each others company. We saw The Hunger Games on Friday and I asked her why the price was reduced. 
CC looked at the tickets, as I hardly ever go to a movie, and I got a senior discount (grey 
hair) and she got a child's discount (she looks like she is twelve).
 So I took my grand child to the movies!

 I am 49 and my daughter is 20.

I plan on taking photos of Shelley Puppy today and doing a report on him later.
 I am miserably behind in my regular irregular schedule.

be blessed


  1. I love your little boy bust Olive. How I laughed at your senior ticket! Ha ha!! xx

  2. Hi Olive, I love your Roosters and Roses set!... and I love "happy accidents"... yes, it does look very soothing... I also love the movie from your book "Bridges of Madison County"... it's my most favorite ever!... anxious to see and hear more about Shelley!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Sounds like you're having such sweet times with CC. Your tray looks great ~ always fun to be able to play (as I call moving things around) even when cleaning! And hey, I don't care what I'm labeled, I'll take a discount any day. :-))
    Mary Alice

  4. Awe--great flying post, especially the extra movie treats.

  5. I have no problem with being given a senior discount. Enjoy your time with CC! ~ Maureen

  6. We went to the movies yesterday and they gave us the senior citizens' discount. We are 53, husband has grey hair and this has happened every once in awhile for the last 10 years. I love how you say you took your granchild to the movies - haha! Hope you enjoyed The Hunger Games, I loved the books and liked the movie, it stands on its own quite well. Ann

  7. I never remember to ask for my senior discounts. I'm old as dirt and have earned it,hehe! Hey my oldest son is almost 40... How did you like HUNGER GAMES???
    I LOVE your tray and I REALLY REALLY (((LOVE))) the sugar&creamer! Who is the maker(Italian?)
    Have a FUN SUNDAY!

  8. I did smile about the cinema tickets. Good that you got the discounts I say! Loved the items on the tray, especially the little boy bust. Don't worry about blogging so much at the moment. Enjoy your special time with your daughter. It's lovely to be able to hang out together and do fun things. Make the most of it my friend.

  9. Who knew there were so many benefits to letting your grey hair go natural. Pretty soon you will be getting that magical AARP card and can be a card carrying member of the old people's club (I'm President, I think).

  10. Olive,
    Just caught up on your blog. I am so glad you and CC enjoy each other's company so much. It is a true blessing.

  11. Enjoy your daughter and pooch. You can NEVER get this time with your daughter back. Savor every minute and don't you dare worry about your blog. Happy Sunday Olive!

  12. Hi Olive! Wonderful accident you've created. Just enjoy your family! Life is too short not too! I so love your Roostery things!
    Be a sweetie and yes, show your Pyrex.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Olive, I love your post. So glad you are enjoying your daughter. I spent time with mine many laughs. Smiles to you, xoxo, Susie

  14. I'm crushin' on your vignette Olive!!! I am glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time with your girl. and saving money doing it :)!!!!
    Do you know the comment you left for me made my day!!!!
    love you!

  15. Well I hope you enjoyed some popcorn on the house:@)

  16. The happy accident is beautiful, Olive.

    Your afternoon at the movies with senior discount sounds delightful.

    I have also been blogging on the fly and commenting sporadically. But sometimes life intervenes when you least expect it. It seems this last week or two J and I have been on the run with one thing and another and we are both beginning to show some wear and tear. I am taking a little time this evening to visit bloggy land. I think I am going to have to do short trips through the blogosphere for awhile, until we get the house painting and fixing finished. The old grey mare ain't what she used to be!

  17. Lol! Did you get your AARP card yet? Somebody wasn't paying attention...but it's nice to get a discount since going to the movies cost so much!

  18. That is way too funny - take it as a humorous blessing I guess. :)

  19. That is too funny! You and I are close in age, but I color my hair, so I'm not gray. I never thought of the silver lining (forgive the pun) of having gray hair though. Ha! I saw that movie and liked it. I had to get over the fact that kids were killing kids though.


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